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10 Really Useful Fonts for Bloggers, Beauty and Otherwise

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One of the classes I went to yesterday here at Photoshop World was a class on typography for professional photographers — as in text titles for wedding photo album covers, online galleries, photo books and things like that.

The lessons translate really well to movie poster text and pictures for blogging, too, like when you add a caption or title to an image at the top of your blog posts, which a lot of us do.

The course was taught by Scott Kelby, an awesome photographer and the author of more than 50 books on photography and Photoshop, many of which I love and own.

10 Really Useful Fonts for Bloggers

10 Useful Fonts for Bloggers

  1. Helvetica Neue (Target, MTV)
  2. Trajan Pro (probably the most popular movie poster font)
  3. Futura
  4. Gill Sans (official font for the UK Underground tube signs)
  5. Trebuchet (Microsoft loves this font. It’s a good option whenever you think Helvetica looks too stiff)
  6. Adobe Garamond (the original Apple font, also the Google logo font, but it’s not great for long blocks of text)
  7. Bickham Script Pro (a great font for scripty effects)
  8. Copperplate (looks great, elegant with a lot of kerning/space between the letters)
  9. Minion (Adobe loves Minion; it’s a good alternative to Times New Roman)
  10. Myriad (Apple loves Myriad and uses a version of it for practically everything)

For your next blog post, or if you ever have to create a document for school or work, give one of these fonts a try. Most of them should already be installed on your computer, as a few of them are decades old. Some even predate computers.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. While not makeup related, I think fonts are beautiful, which falls under the purview of “makeup and beauty” to me. :) I’m filing this post under my “blogging” category, and there are quite a few other posts in there as well, if you’re interested.

Touch Up After You Touch Down: Benefit Introduces New Automatic Kiosks at 25 Airports This Fall

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“This way to baggage claim…and this way to Benefit!”

Ever your find yourself in Austin wishing you had Dallas?

If Benefit is your jam — as it is mine, says the girl who went BAT SH*T CRAZY when she saw this pink Benefit vending machine at the airport! — now you can get glam on the go with Benefit’s glorious new Glam Up & Away automatic kiosks.

I’m serious, seeing one of these right when you step off the plane is like being greeted by an old friend. “Ahh…” :)

These luxe new kiosks are landing at 25 airports this fall, including Austin, Houston, Savannah, Cleveland, Raleigh and yes, Vegas, baby!

As you can see, against a backdrop of uninspiring airport design, the cute kiosks are hard to miss.

Like little cosmetics candy stores, each one is stocked with 30 Benefit bestsellers, and you can even get tips and suggestions on the user-friendly touchscreen while you peruse.

There’s even a mirror



They’re Real Mascara…

Fake Up and liquid blushes…

The Porefessional, with some other Benefit goodies

Boxed blushes and more (yay, my favorite Hoola bronzer is there!)


(read more…)

3 Ways to Update Your Fall Makeup Bag for $20 or Less

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3 Ways to Update Your Fall Makeup Bag for $20 or Less

Find out 3 Ways to Update Your Fall Makeup Bag for $20 or Less in my latest post on the Ladies’ Home Journal beauty blog, Gloss Daily.

Fall makeup is like the Super Bowl of beauty, far as I’m concerned. The boldest and best makeup for eyes, lips, cheeks, skin, brows and lashes take the field…or rather, the tops of makeup counters, all coming together for a major makeup event.


Best thing about it is you don’t have to make it rain to switch up your fall makeup game. These 3 updates — each one $20 or less — will get your makeup bag in fighting shape for the new season.

Head on over to Gloss Daily, the Ladies’ Home Journal beauty blog, to read the rest of 3 Ways to Update Your Fall Makeup Bag for $20 or Less.

And if you feel like it, hit one of the buttons beneath the title to show some love. I’d really appreciate it!

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10 Minutes With Actress Emma Roberts and Celebrity Makeup Artist Amy Oresman

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Actress Emma Roberts and Celebrity Makeup Artist Amy Oresman

Actress Emma Roberts and Celebrity Makeup Artist Amy Oresman

Hey, love. I attempted a product review with some face shots this afternoon, but to be honest, I just wasn’t feelin’ it. Instead I thought you might enjoy this phone interview I recently did with actress and Neutrogena spokesperson Emma Roberts and celebrity makeup artist Amy Oresman.

You might recognize Emma from the TV show Unfabulous or the movies It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Celeste & Jesse Forever. Oh, yeah, she’s also Julia Roberts’ niece!

And makeup artist Amy Oresman has beautified a bunch of big name stars like Heidi Klum, Madonna and Victoria Beckham.

Both gals were sweet as pie and had some interesting beauty tips to share. I hope you enjoy.

KAREN: So, Emma, your everyday makeup routine — what’s it like? Are you a beauty minimalist, or do you like to go all out?

EMMA: I really feel like less is more. I feel like, day to day, I want to look like myself, and I want to feel like myself, and not do too much, or worry all day long about fixing my makeup, because that’s, like, the worst feeling. And especially because it’s summer, I like to keep it light.

I use Healthy Lengths Mascara. It’s amazing! You can wear it all day without having to worry about it flaking.

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara Review, Swatches and Photos

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascaras, Emma’s favorite!

And I use the Moisture Smooth Color Sticks. Those are great because they’re really moisturizing but also give you a little bit of color, and it looks totally natural. That’s kind of my thing. [SIDE NOTE: Emma's favorite shade is Sweet Watermelon; she carries it around in her purse.]

Of course, SPF. Other than that, I’m pretty simple.

KAREN: What beauty products do you absolutely love, like, you’d totally freak out if they were discontinued?

EMMA: I hate it when things are discontinued! That’s the worst!

Um…Healthy Lengths Mascara. I’d be really upset if they ever discontinued it. I use it in black, and brown, and it’s amazing.

Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara Review, Swatches and Photos

The Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara brush

I always have a red nail polish on my nails, so if they ever discontinued the red nail polish I wear from OPI I’d be really upset.

KAREN:Do you remember the color?

EMMA: I don’t. I’m the worst [laughs]. But I need red nail polish. I love it.

KAREN: Me too. It’s classic! You can never go wrong with red.

EMMA: Now I’m looking at my nails and thinking I need to get them done. The red’s chipping off!

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks

The Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks

(read more…)

2 Awesome Alternatives to Reading Makeup and Beauty Blog on Google Reader (BTW, Google Reader Goes Dark on July 1)

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Update your RSS reader before July 1

Google Reader goes bye bye for good in a week! — so don’t forget to update your blog RSS reader (and export all of the blogs you subscribe to) before it’s too late, and you succumb to the zombie horde…

I recommend Bloglovin’ or Feedly. I like the look of Bloglovin’ a little better, especially if you follow tons of blogs, but Feedly makes it easy to import all of your Google Reader subscriptions. They have a big “One Click Google Reader Import” button right there on their home page.

You can also say hi on the regular social media suspects…

My favorites are probably Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I pop on Twitter throughout the day and love Instagram, but I have some good friends on Facebook, too. Tabs love Instagram.

And subscribe to my RSS feed and daily email newsletter right here.

See you around, you social butterfly. :) Don’t let the zombies get you!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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