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With Long-Wearing Matte Liquid Lipsticks, My Lips Are NOT a Winter Wonderland

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How my lips feel today, in a nutshell...

How my lips feel today, in a nutshell…

Man, oh, man! Long-wearing matte liquid lipsticks look sooo good, but they can also be sooo drying.

I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday by swatching the 15 new MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours in friggin’ winter.

Well…almost winter, and even though it doesn’t get real-deal 30-below cold here, it’s still been cold for California (is that also ’cause of El Niño?), and the heater has been kicking on every five seconds, so I don’t know why I thought my lips would come out of this swatch-fest unscathed.

YOU SO CRAZY, KAREN!!! What the heck were you thinking? After removing the last of the swatches, my lips felt like I’d been tongue wrestling a cheese grater, and they’re still a little tender today.

That’s what I get for thinking that I could try on 15 matte liquid lipsticks…



The lesson here? This time of year, consider the condition of your lips before reaching for the long-wearing matte liquid lipstick because, by nature, they can be pretty drying, even though the MAC Retro Mattes are no more drying than usual (in fact, I think they’re slightly less drying than usual).

It won’t be an issue if your lips are in good shape, and you aren’t contending with dryness or flakes (and if that describes you, can I please have whatever you’re having?).
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Purple Smoky Holiday Makeup Tutorial With Boots No7 [SPONSORED] #MyBestSkin

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There should be a video in this post, but if you can’t see it, you can click here to watch it on YouTube.


We’re basically on the cusp of December, so from here on out it’s all holidays, all the time, and that definitely means more holiday makeup.

This purple smoky eye might look more complicated than it really is, but you can totally handle it. If you can blend even just a wee bit, you can follow along with this tutorial, which shows how to do the eyes, complexion makeup and cheeks. And there are also four different ideas for lip combos.

purple smoky holiday makeup tutorial

purple smoky holiday makeup tutorial
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Try This Tip for Bangin’ Brows: Use Your Brow Gel BEFORE Your Brow Pencil (or Brow Powder)

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Are you ready to have your brow-loving mind blown?

Because it’s about to happen. I am about to blow your mind right now.

OK, are you ready?

Here we go… I want you to give this a try: when you get a chance, try applying a brow gel to your brows BEFORE you use your brow pencil or brow powder, instead of doing it after.

I know it sounds cray, but hear me out. Yes, it’s unconventional, but I’ve been doing it this way this month, and I swear it works better for me than doing it the other way around, where you start with your brow pencil and follow that up with your brow gel.

And here’s why: when I apply the brow gel before using a brow pencil, the gel thickens my little brow hairs and makes them slightly stickier, so that when I then use my brow pencil (or whichever other filler I choose), the product has something more substantial than bare skin and hair to adhere to. The pencil product clings to the hairs and skin better and even lasts longer.

Plus, when I do go the conventional route and start by filling in my brows with a pencil before setting them with a gel, I inevitably end up with bare patches that I end up having to re-fill with pencil again, as the gel inevitably disturbs what I previously did with the pencil, gah!

I don’t know if this is just because of me and the way I do it, but the re-filling doesn’t happen when I start with the gel, so it also ends up saving time and product.

The key is to wait for your brow gel to be almost completely dry (about 80%) before you use the pencil, because if you go in with your pencil while your gel is sopping wet, it’ll just look messy.

I’ll usually apply the gel, then brush my brow hairs into place and wait until the gel is about 80% dry before using the pencil to fill in the sparse spots. Then when I’m done with that, I’ll do a light brush through once more to mellow out any overly dark areas.

By the way, my go-to holy grail brow combo has been Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Gel and Urban Decay Brow Beater (I wear the shade called Neutral Brown) for the past six months, and I think it’s a great combo to use with this method.

Give it a try sometime! I hope you like how it works. :)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Quick Makeup Tip: Fill In Your Brows First

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fill in brows first final

Here’s a quick cosmetics contractor tip to help with your look construction: try filling in your brows before you start applying your eye makeup, instead of filling them in after you’ve finished with your eyeshadow, liner, mascara, etc.

The reason? Well, you may have heard the phrase, “Brows frame the face,” which they do by creating a strong reference point around which to build the rest of your look. When my brows are filled in, it’s easier to tell how far out I need to take my eyeshadow, or how far up I can bring my transition colors, or how long I can make the wing for my winged liner.

Since my face and my brows aren’t perfectly symmetrical (seriously, most aren’t), filling in my brows first and getting them to look symmetrical sets me up for a more polished, symmetrical finished makeup look.

Mastering Cat Eyes, by Jeremy Renner and Tabs the Cat

I know you wish this book was real!!

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Don’t Be Afraid to Use Multiple Primers to Address Different Issues Around Your Face

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make up for ever primers

Mix and match your primers!

One of the beautiful (but sometimes frustrating when you can’t control yourself) truths about makeup is that you can make it as easy or as complicated as you want.

Case in point: primer. Most of the time, either because I’m inherently lazy or because I’m almost always running behind, I’ll use a single un-tinted pore-minimizing primer all over my face, except for on my lids, where I’ll use a separate eye primer, but sometimes I’ll feel like going the extra mile, so I’ll use a combination of multiple face primers, and sometimes I’ll even incorporate an additional color-correcting primer.

Make Up For Ever’s Step 1 Skin Equalizers are good for things like this.

make up for ever primers

Make Up For Ever Radiant Primer (left) and Smoothing Primer (right)

When I feel like going that extra mile, before applying my main face primer, I’ll use a separate orange-tinted color-correcting primer first, and I like $36 Make Up For Ever Radiant Primer Peach for this, to neutralize any purple, blue and gray tones on my skin, which for me is usually under my eyes, around my mouth and along my jawline.

make up for ever redness correcting primer

Make Up For Ever Redness Correcting Primer ($36)

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