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The Ultimate Italian Makeup Look May Not Be What You Expect

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Italian Makeup Look

“Italians are always well-dressed.”

Who hasn’t heard that one at least once in their life?

It’s one of many stereotypes about Italians and, just like any stereotype, it’s not entirely true…but it does have a kernel of truth to it.

In my experience, people here are generally very concerned with the way they look, and they’ll usually put a lot of thought into what they wear.

There’s also a general sense of decorum that people are expected to observe. For instance, you’ll never see college students go to class in sweats and flip-flops. Here, dressing appropriately and looking nice are real social conventions.

So, what is makeup’s role in a country where most people always try to dress well and look good?

Well, Italians don’t normally use as much makeup as you might expect. A typical Italian look, which I’ve recreated for you today, will usually feature very few products.

Care to know which ones? :)

Foundation (often a shade too dark)

Italian Makeup Look

The foundation I’m wearing today is Diego Dalla Palma 2 W. W. Mattifying Foundation in 43 Warm Beige

That’s for two main reasons. The first one is that many people think the purpose of foundation is to make them look tanned, while the second one is that it’s pretty hard for those here with lighter skin tones to find the right color match.

The lightest shade of foundations from Italian brands will usually be my skin tone or darker and, although I’m pretty pale, I’m definitely not the palest. Even international brands will often have a more limited shade range here than abroad.


Italian Makeup Look

KIKO Flawless Fusion Bronzer in 03 Cinnamon dusted all over my face

Most Italians don’t contour very much, but they definitely like to bronze. A LOT.
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An Easy, Beautiful Golden Bronze Eye Makeup Look Using the $5.49 Essence All About Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

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spring bronze eye makeup look

Is the weather starting to warm up where you live? I’m looking out the window at a gloomy night that is chucking it down with SNOW. Waahh! I just went on (what I thought was) a spring walk the other day, and now I have to bring out my winter coat again! If any of you are familiar with Utah weather, you know that, unfortunately, this isn’t that weird.

I’ll probably have to scrape off my car in the morning, but I’m choosing to be more optimistic with my makeup choices. I’m channeling sunshine with this springtime golden/bronze eyeshadow look.

This look is so flattering on every single eye color, and it’s so easy to do. AND the palette I’m using is only $5.49! It’s the Essence All About Bronze Eyeshadow Palette.

You guys, every single one of you needs to go out and buy one of these palettes. If bronze-y shades aren’t your thing, they’ve got a bunch of different options. Nudes, Roses, Greys, and more! They blend out like a dream and are so pigmented. Love, love, LOVE.



I started out with a matte transition shade in the crease to help the gold blend better with my skin. That’s the thing about this palette — the one con. There are no matte shades.

But, no worries. If you have one, just use a different shade from your stash. I actually used my contour powder today as my transition shade.


I’m using the three “starred” shades in this look!

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How to Get the Most Natural Rosy Flush With a Super Bright Blush

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YSL Kiss and Blush 05 Rouge Effrontée

Am I the only one who gets mesmerized by pretty colors?

Like, sometimes I go to Sephora just to have a look around (as if…!), and the next thing I know I’m exiting the store with a hot pink or bright coral blush in my shopping bag.

Beautiful? Very.

But nine times out of 10, too bright for my corpse-like winter complexion.

I mean, I can usually get away with powder products by using a very light hand, but when creams are involved, it’s not always that simple.

So, the sad fate of those poor impulse buys is to gather dust in my stash for at least one half of the year… Wait, did I just say “IS to gather dust”?? Sorry, I meant “WAS”.

Yes, “was”, because I’ve finally found a way to use those overly bright cream blushes to get the most natural rosy flush. If the situation I described above sounds even vaguely familiar, you may want to listen to this.

Before we start, go grab a pigmented cream blush of your choice, a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer and a beauty blender…

Got ’em?

Cool! Now, apply the blush on your cheeks using your fingers, without worrying about blending it out. I’m using YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in 05 Rouge Effrontée.

YSL Kiss and Blush 05 Rouge EffrontéeHow to Get a Natural Flush

Unless you purposely want to sport that Heidi look (I’m talking about the Girl of the Alps here, not the famous supermodel) or look like you’re going to an ‘80s party, now is the time to tone the blush down and blend it out a bit.

So, using your beauty blender, dab the foundation or tinted moisturizer on top of it (I’m using Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet in shade B20) and anywhere else, and it’s important that you use dabbing motions, rather than swiping; otherwise, you’ll risk rubbing the blush off.

How to Get a Natural Flush
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Many Things in Life — Including Your Makeup Game — Can Benefit From a Different Angle

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Bologna Asinelli Tower

Torre degli Asinelli, Bologna’s tallest medieval tower, as seen from two different angles

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science beauty”. — Albert Einstein

Sorry, Bertie, I hope you’re not turning in your grave. But, you know, your quote can totally apply to any field — including beauty.

You really were a genius, after all…

Yes, because regarding problems from new angles is a great way to go, I think. If you’re stuck seeing things from a single point of view, you’ll never grow nor improve and, most importantly, you’ll never solve your most troublesome makeup problems (HA!), like:

  • Does applying eyeliner to your waterline bother you?
  • Do your filled in brows look like illustrations in a coloring book (that is, like a solid block of color)?
  • When you apply lip liner all over your lips, does it feel scratchy and uncomfortable? And does it look uneven?

If you answered yes to any of the above, today’s your lucky day, because we’re about to solve your problems!

YOU JUST NEED TO CHANGE YOUR ANGLE. *Cue heavenly choir and rays of glorious sunlight.*

More specifically, you need to change the angle of your pencil. Next time you do your makeup and you’re using a pencil product, try angling it so that you’re using the side of the tip, rather than the point.

It’ll be life-changing, I promise.

How to Apply Eyeliner to Waterline

No more tingly feeling! And you can do this on the upper waterline, as well.

How to Apply Brow Pencil

Harsh brows, begone! Especially if you have dark brows, using the point of your pencil can easily make them look too strong.

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My Manicure Essentials

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manicure essentials

I love doing my nails. It’s relaxing, and I always feel proud of myself afterward for saving a few dollars (so I can spend it on more makeup, obvs).  

That being said, I usually don’t have a ton of time, so here are my essentials to get the job done as quickly and easily as possible.

Nail Clippers and File

Pretty obvious choice, but nothing ruins cute polish like ragged nails.  I’ve bought more expensive nail files, but I always go back to these cheap ones that come like a dozen to a box.  I like being able to stash these at work, in my purse and in my gym bag.  I also use the nail file to clean up the polish around the edges of my nails.

Cuticle Remover

I felt like such a pro the day I incorporated Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover into my manicure routine!  I never had the patience to soak my nails in water before pushing back my cuticles, so this product is perfect.  I squeeze it around my cuticles, lightly, push them back with my fingers, and then rinse it off.  It’s easy and really effective.  Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover is available at Target for $5.

Base Coat

I’m always looking for the best base coat, and lately I’ve been reaching for Orly Bonder.  I think it works well with different polishes, and I love that it dries quickly.  

It’s an extra step, but my nails won’t last more than a day without base coat.  Orly Bonder is available at Ulta for $10.

Nail Polish

I’m usually choosing between a neutral and a bold color, but I almost always end up going for the neutral.  I’m really hard on my nails, so I like to pick something that won’t show the chips.  When I sat down to do my nails the other day, I debated between Golden Sand and Cashmere, both by Mineral Fusion.  

I ended up choosing the nude, of course!  Golden Sand is a neutral tan with subtle silver shimmer.  It’s a unique and really pretty shade.  I like how it’s close enough to my skin tone to be subtle but doesn’t look muddy or boring.

mineral fusion polishes
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