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If Money Was No Object, Would You Still Wear Drugstore Makeup?

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k hmmm

Hell yeah, I would! There are so many great drugstore beauty products out there, and some of them are better than the high-end fancy-schmancy stuff at department stores, so I’m an equal opportunity makeup wearer and lover.

Like I would DEFINITELY still use L’Oréal True Match Lumi foundation and Rimmel Natural Bronzer, for sure, among other things.

How about you? If money was no object, would you still wear drugstore makeup?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. TGIF! :)


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Would You Trust Your Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend to Cut Your Hair?

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big bang hair tutorial 1


Not gonna happen, because even though I trust that man with many things, including my life and the life of my cat, I don’t trust him with my hair.

Not even if the zombie apocalypse went down and there were no other humans around capable of wielding scissors, I STILL wouldn’t let El Hub touch my hair (sorry, babe!).

I mean, the man barely remembers to cut his own toenails every few months, and I’m supposed to trust him to trim my hair…?


Here’s how it would go down: I’d start to get all micro-manage-y and nervous, and that would just annoy him, and then we’d start yelling at each other over something completely unrelated and totally dumb, and then he’d accidentally cut off a big-@ss chunk of my hair in the back. 😬

Now, if he were a trained stylist, that would be different, and I’ve always thought it would be super cool to date someone who could actually do hair (particularly curly/wavy hair). Of course, in this dream scenario, El Hub would also be able to do color, too, and could hook me up with some bomb balayage. :)

How about you? Would you trust your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend to cut your hair?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


MAC Haute Dogs vs. MAC Fabulous Felines?

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MAC Haute Dogs or MAC Fabulous Felines — which team are you on?

Goooooo, CATS! I’m Team Cat this time. :) I loved the three color stories from the Fabulous Felines collection, and I think that launch was the first time MAC did a lot of colors for the Superslick Liquid Eye Liners. I also liked the different combination of colors in the quads. They really did look like cat fur! — but were still very wearable and interesting at the same time.

From MAC Haute Dogs, I like the lip colors, and I think the quads are easy to blend, but they’re also kind of sheer…

Team MAC Haute Dogs (Fall 2015)

mac haute dogs picture

mac haute dogs picture
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Do You Ever Feel Uncomfortable Wearing Makeup Around People Who Don’t? 

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k on phone mint top

Well do ya?

Sometimes I do, and the funny thing is…most of the time when it happens, I’m around close friends and family.

This occurred to me on the weekend trip I took to Napa with my friends Jen and Cindy a few weeks ago.

Neither of them are big into makeup. In fact, they hardly wear any at all, so when we’re hanging out together, especially when we go somewhere and stay overnight, they always seem to be waiting for me to get ready.

Like, one night that weekend we had reservations for dinner at a fancy-schmancy restaurant, and Jen and Cindy were ready to go in two minutes, but I took about 20, and that’s only because I was rushing!

And the makeup I ended up doing was minimal, too. I refrained from doing the whole rigamarole I would have normally done when going someplace nice.

It’s interesting… I definitely wear less makeup when I’m around them, but it’s not because they say or do things to make me feel uncomfortable. I mean, one of ’em might say something like, “WOW! That’s a lot of work,” but we’ve known each other for years, and they know how much I love hair and makeup.

Sometimes I just feel a little uncomfortable because I don’t want to be the one making everyone wait.

I do feel a little more uncomfortable sometimes when I’m doing my hair and makeup around family and someone says something like, “When I was young, my friends and I never wore makeup,” or “You’re such a pretty girl! You don’t need to wear so much makeup.”

Hmm… OK, thank you? But…I really like it. :)

I always try to be considerate and careful about what I say when I’m around people who aren’t into makeup because to each her own, right? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so instead of getting all confrontational about it, I’ll usually just make a joke of it with something like, “A little lipgloss never hurt anybody!”

Sometimes it still bugs me a little to hear the anti-makeup remarks, but it’s not worth getting into a fight over. I’ll save that for when there are bigger fish to fry, you know?

What about you? Do you ever feel uncomfortable wearing makeup around people who don’t?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Is Anyone Else Breaking Out Right Now?

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Wearing no makeup

Wearing absolutely no makeup

Please tell me I’m not the only one breaking out right now. Sad panda! I’ve got a few tiny whiteheads along my hairline, my jawline, and some on my chest as well, and this is probably TMI, but I’m going there anyway…but I have one on my left booty cheek, too.


Anywho! Thank goodness the ones on my face at the moment aren’t the painful red kind I get sometimes on my chin, because those are the worst.

This current breakout is probably half due to not sleeping well at night because of this extreme heatwave we’ve been having (and us not having air conditioning), and half due to Three Twins Salted Caramel Ice Cream, which I’ve been eating A LOT of lately. Whenever I up my dairy intake, I break out, but dangit! — why’s it gotta taste so good?

Is anyone else breaking out right now? Inquiring minds want to know.

In fact, let’s do this as a poll…

Is anyone else breaking out right now?

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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. What are you breakout triggers? My main ones are dairy, hormones and not drinking enough water.

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