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What Would You Do if You Had Free Rein and Could Do Whatever You Want in Your Own Dream MAC Collaboration?

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My Dream MAC Collaboration

If I had free rein? — oh, my gosh, I don’t even know where I’d start.

I had a little taste of it once upon a time, a long time ago. I made my own Lipglass called Evolution Revolution, but if I could go back to that lab again, I’d go buck-freakin’-wild.

Oh, my gosh! Yeah, like, first of all, MAC has so many great things already, so I wouldn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but I’d take existing colors that I love and use all the time, and I’d try to utilize them in different ways.

For example, I would turn Soft Brown, Brun, Saddle, Cork and Club Eye Shadow into Paint Pots.

Ah! Cork as a Paint Pot!? Can you imagine!? I would die. Club as a Paint Pot?? I would f*cking die. Soft Brown as a Paint Pot!? OK, calm down, Karen…

OK, so I would do that for sure.

I would also turn Powersurge into a multiuse liquid. Now, I have no idea how MAC would do this, but I would love a liquid version of Powersurge that I could use as a liner or put on my brows or use on my lips.

Powersurge lips? — how cool would that be? I think that would be awesome.

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4 More Sleeps Till Gilmore Girls!!!

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Because sometimes you’re so excited about a show that you NEED to make a video about it.

I’m so excited about heading back to Stars Hollow! I mean, I already go back once a day. I either watch old episodes of Gilmore girls in the morning while I’m eating breakfast, or I watch an episode before I go to sleep at night.

Correction: I only do that in the fall.

In my mind, I’m a Stars Hollow resident, and I live on Peach Street. And every morning we go to Luke’s for breakfast, except when we need a break and we go to Westin’s or Al’s Pancake World instead. 🙂

(I filmed this last week, which is why I say “next week” in the video.)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 450

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“The producer of the Harry Potter film series and its latest spinoff is moving from Fantastic Beasts to feline ones. David Heyman announced that he’s teaming up with China’s Alibaba Pictures Group to adapt fantasy series Warriors for the big screen. And yes, it’s about fighting cats.”


So..what is the Monday Poll?

Well, it isn’t exactly a poll. It’s more of a constantly evolving (devolving?), somewhat random list of questions I’ve been putting out to readers every Monday morning for the past NINE (!) years. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always enjoyed reading your answers in the comments, and I hope you enjoy reading mine. 🙂

1. How long are your nails right now?

Not long at all. They don’t even go to the tips of my fingertips! — and you know what, though? I like ’em that way.

I had long nails for years and years and years, but short nails are so much easier for me. They’re easier to type with, and I don’t have to worry so much about them breaking or, like, worry about accidentally scratching the baby or me poking my eye out while I’m doing my liner.

2. How old were you when you started cooking?

Oh, my goodness… I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but I didn’t start cooking until I left for college at 18 (!). And, when I started, I could not do sh*t. I couldn’t even warm up food in a pot!

No, seriously. I remember going to the dorm kitchen and trying to warm up some leftovers one day that my mom had given me. I threw them in a pot, but then I forgot about them and almost set the dorm on fire.

Yup… But I’ve gotten better since then. I can usually follow a recipe now and have it not turn out terribly.

3. Describe your hair in three words.

Long, unruly, chocolaty

4. What would/could you do if you only had 60 seconds to do your eye makeup?

See, this is where being chronically late really comes in handy. I could get quite a bit done in 60 seconds. Like, I could fill in my brows with a black pencil, curl my lashes, whack some mascara on my upper lashes (I wouldn’t even bother with my lower lashes; they’re a different beast entirely) and tightline my upper lash line with a black pencil.

And I know I can do these things in 60 seconds because I just timed it.

5. If you live in the U.S., what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Yay! We’re having it at our house this year, so both sets of Connor’s grandparents and my brother are coming over.

I had all of these elaborate, grand plans in my head to make every single dish from scratch…but I just couldn’t deal with the turkey, so I ended up ordering a few things from a local market that makes the best turkey and sides. So we’re gonna have that, hang out, play with the baby, and that’s it. I’m really looking forward to it.

A new week…

While doing some cleaning around the house last weekend, I found a bunch of random things I thought I’d lost, like a pan of MAC Sunbasque Blush (yay!) and a crazy cat lady action figure that my brother had given me for Christmas a few years ago.

It’s going on my shelf of cat lady things. 🙂

Don’t you love finding buried treasure around the house?

I hope you get some drama-free time off this week to relax and eat some of your favorite things. What are you up to today?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Here are the questions to copy and paste…

1. How long are your nails right now?
2. How old were you when you started cooking?
3. Describe your hair in three words.
4. What would/could you do if you only had 60 seconds to do your eye makeup?
5. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 424

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10 MORE things you may or may not know about Tabs


  1. Whenever a new person visits the house, Tabs just automatically assumes that this hooman is his new BFF. He’ll walk straight up to them, flash his tum and meow for pets.
  2. For all his diva tendencies (see #5 below), Tabs is shockingly well behaved. I almost never have to yell at him to get down off the kitchen counters or to stop clawing at the drapes or to stop pouncing at my ankles from under the stairs. He never tears into his food bags, and he doesn’t claw the furniture.

    The stairs, though? Completely different story…

  3. One morning when El Hub and I still lived at our old apartment in Mill Valley, Tabs tried to join us for brunch. The restaurant was right across a busy street from our apartment, so we set out walking.

    This was when Tabs was still a 24/7 outside cat.

    We’d already crossed the street when we looked back toward the apartment and saw a familiar husky tabby scooting in our direction.

    “No!” I shouted, seeing cars approaching. “No, Tabs! Stop!”

    Thankfully, he did. He stopped when he heard our voices and just sat there watching as if to say, “Why can’t I come?”

  4. He loves having his fur brushed, but he’s very picky about the technique. If you brush him incorrectly for even a split second, he peaces out.
  5. He has a knack for hanging out in forbidden places. Like, what was once the forbidden chair (a chair that El Hub got me for my birthday a few years ago) is no longer forbidden (he claimed it), and he’s been doing it again with the guest bed in baby’s bedroom.

    Sometimes I sit on the bed in there while I feed Connor or just hang out, and Tabs knows that he’s not supposed hang out on that bed, but I caught him on there multiple times. I’ll walk in to find him sleeping on it all luxuriously or cleaning.

    He has zero respect for personal property.

  6. He is so not graceful. Poor buddy’s actually fallen from his cat tower a few times, and he didn’t even land on his feet. I think he fell on his side.
  7. He loves watching television, especially nature shows. Whenever he hears an avian actor, he perks up, and his tail poofs up when he hears a dog barking.
  8. I’ve given up on trying to find him a perfect cat bed because all he really wants to do is sleep on clean laundry.
  9. Even as a mature tabby, he still likes climbing trees. Whenever we go out for a walk on the hill, he hops up onto at least one of the oak trees and climbs up as far as he can on his 10-foot leash.

    Having watched him fall from his cat tower a few times…I’m glad he can only go up 10 feet.

  10. His favorite foods at the moment are Nutrisca Grain-Free Chicken (his vet recommended that he stick to a low glycemic diet to maintain his energy for kitty supermodeling) dry cat food and Sheba Chicken Entrée Canned Paté.

    And he gets imported New Zealand ZiwiPeak Venison & Fish Cat Cuisine on special occasions…which he loves almost as much as kitty modeling.

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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately | November Edition

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I’ve never in my life had a Band-Aid actually match my skin tone, which goes to why I like things like My Little Pony Band-Aids. 🙂

Whew! I just finished recording a bunch of videos, and that’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that I had some technical difficulties. It’s been a while since I’ve done a lot of video, and it’s like I had to relearn everything.

Such is life!

How’s your day been?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Belated TGIF!

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