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My Picks for This Year’s Best Spring and Summer Makeup Launches

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best spring summer launches

Some of my picks for “The Best Spring and Summer Makeup Launches”

Whew! There has been so much good makeup lately.

I mean, I used to get more excited about moody fall colors, but this year the spring and summer collections have been incredible! Literally, every time I turn around, I’m seeing another gorgeous collection.

If your head has been spinning a little like mine, then I hope you’ll like my picks for some of the best spring/summer makeup launches. I’d also love to hear yours.

best spring summer makeup launches

My favorite new piece lately is probably the $52 Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette

I think I’ll start with lips, because I think a new lipstick or gloss is probably the easiest way to update your look.


best spring summer launches

Some of my favorite new lippies from Tarte, Buxom, ColourPop and Lancome

First up, the Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint by Tarte, and I have the shade called Double Tap (here are swatches of the full range in this post).

I’m wearing cool-toned nude Double Tap in these pics, but I usually go for warmer-toned peaches and pinks. Thing is, this mauve is just so pretty and different from the rest of my stash. It’s opaque and not sticky at all.

Next, Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick, and I just mentioned the shade called Swinger in my roundup of my favorite liquid lipsticks, so I’ll be brief now: the color and formula are AMAZING. This one is perfect for summer.

Of course, I couldn’t talk about this season’s new launches without mentioning beautiful ColourPop Dohee.

Here’s a snap of me wearing it from my Spring Haul video.

best spring summer launches

Wearing ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Dohee

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The Jouer Holiday 2014 Collection: Chic and Polished Makeup Sets On Sale Right Meow!

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Jouer Fete Fabulous

Wearing pieces from the new limited edition Fete Fabulous 5-piece holiday color collection by Jouer

Oh, Jouer, you’re so fun!

Get it…? Jouer? Means “play” in French?


If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, their limited edition holiday sets are a Fete Fabulous way to break the ice.

The 5-piece Fete Fabulous kit for eyes, cheeks and lips (regularly $112, on sale now for $54) comes with a warm honey matte bronzer and a sheer rosy pink cream blush for cheeks, a shimmery gold cream eyeshadow stick and a powder eyeshadow duo containing a matte beige and an espresso brown for eyes, and a sheer berry pink gloss for lips.

I wore the kit a lot last weekend while visiting my in-laws in Redding, and it was juuust enough makeup to satisfy my appetite.

Jouer is an upscale, boutiquey line out of So Cal with a chic, understated, effortless vibe. I love their style and like to wear their stuff on weekends, or whenever I crave easy definition.

Jouer Holiday 2014

Jouer Holiday 2014

The sheer glosses in the Bisou Bisou and French Kiss lipgloss kits are fine, if not fun, especially if you like to layer sheer gloss on top of your lipstick.

If, however, your lips get dry and cracked this time of year, you may want to start with a layer of lip balm, because the glosses aren’t incredibly moisturizing.

As for the Le Petite Brush Set, on sale now for $35 (regularly $70), the bristles feel nice and soft, but brush heads themselves feel a bit stiff. They don’t have as much give as I usually like.

Because of that, these brushes do a decent job controlling cream products, but when it comes to pushing powder products around, I wish the brush heads had more give.

Jouer Fete Fabulous 5-Piece Color Collection

The Jouer Fete Fabulous 5-Piece Color Collection, originally $112, on sale online now for $54

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So Long, Horse, Because Jouer Just Made This the Year of the Mousse: The New Jouer Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadows Make Lids Shine Without Highlighting Fine Lines

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Jouer Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadow Swatches from the left: Dusk, Galaxy, Moonlight, Night Sky, Starlight and Twilight

The new Jouer Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadows, $30 each

What can I say? Sparkly things give me grabby hands. 🙂

Unfortunately, I also feel like some flashy finishes look straight-up criminal on my eyelids… I’m all for wearing what you want, when you want, but I’m kind of at that stage in my makeup journey when super shimmery frosts, tempting as they are, highlight my fine lines a little more than I’d like.

That said, I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to say, “So long forever, sparkle and gloss! I’m living a full-time matte life.” I think I’ll always like a little glitz.

Jouer Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadows

Enter the Jouer Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadows ($30 each), which came out a little earlier this fall. If you have fine lines like I do, and you crave shimmer like the Gilmore Girls crave coffee, these easy-to-use cream shadows got your back.

Jouer Long-Wear Creme Mousse Eyeshadows
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Casual, Carefree Jouer Summer 2014 Collection Lip Sheer SPF 15 in Sheer Rosy Stain and Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow

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Wearing Jouer's Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow and Lip Sheer in Sheer Rosy Stain

A casual no-makeup makeup look with Jouer’s Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow ($24) and Lip Sheer in Sheer Rosy Stain ($22)

Rolled-up jeans, toes in the sand, head to the sky (So you can look for animals in the clouds… Can you see the husky tabby in those clouds right there?!) — this is what it feels like to wear Jouer’s two new summer pieces.

Jouer Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow, $24

Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow, $24

Jouer Lip Sheer in Sheer Rosy Stain, $22

Lip Sheer in Sheer Rosy Stain, $22

The vibe I get from Jouer’s $22 Lip Sheer SPF 15 in Sheer Rosy Stain and $24 Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow is California casual, carefree and laid-back (think no-makeup makeup). Both the sheer lipstick and the cream blush, which doubles as a lip tint, have pH-reacting pigments to create a personalized sheer rosy tint, with a slightly glossy finish.

Jouer Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow (left) and Lip Sheer in Sheer Rosy Stain (right)

Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow (left) and Lip Sheer in Sheer Rosy Stain (right)

Jouer Luminizing Cheek Tint in Rosy Glow and Lip Sheer in Sheer Rosy Stain with a MAC lipstick for scale

With a MAC Lipstick for scale

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With Three Products and a Leopard-Print Bag, Jouer’s Party Perfect Holiday Set Has Hard-Working Pet Assistants Saying Meow

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Jouer Party Perfect

With the leopard-print canvas bag that comes with the set

Does anyone ever have fun at work holiday parties? I envy you if you do, because when I worked in the city, I did not.

It was a stuffy office bloated with big egos and rife with corporate intrigue!

OK, not really. 🙂 But it was very hard to unwind around my bosses, and when I absolutely, positively couldn’t wiggle my way out of it, I’d show up to make an appearance, say “Hi!” to whoever might notice my absence, and peace out quietly as soon as I could sneak out the door…

The parties are better now at my current gig as assistant to the CEO of Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC.

Tabs usually invites all of his kitty modeling peers and industry heavyweights (like Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s feline associate), and of course there’s always an open bar where the catnip cocktails flow freely…

I don’t really get to par-tay like a rockstar because of my admin duties, like making sure the guests get home safely and that no one steals anything (don’t get me started on the time a Ragdoll pilfered Tabs’ fine art collection).

Long story short, these occasions are usually quite entertaining, and they give me an excuse to wear party makeup.

Thing is, I can’t go really over the top since these are technically work gigs. I still have to look somewhat responsible, which is why Jouer’s Party Perfect holiday kit might work perfectly.

Jouer Party Perfect

Ready to party wearing Jouer’s Party Perfect set on my eyes and lips

Jouer Party Perfect

In my paw for scale…

When I showed this three-piece set to our CEO, he promptly sent this memo: “Mrrroow. Meeeeow. *Purr*”

That’s corporate shorthand for “Chic and sophisticated. I approve.” 🙂

The limited edition release comes with three Jouer makeup essentials for classically simple party looks, and it comes with a roomy zippered leopard-print canvas bag, inside which you’ll find…

Jouer Meg

Meg Lipstick

Jouer’s Hydrating Lipstick in Meg, a creamy, moisturizing honey pale pink with Brazilian Cupuacu Butter. Perfect for a classic nude lip.

Because my lips are so pigmented, I like to bump it up with a lip liner, and top it off with a sheer pink gloss for extra shine.

Jouer Leopard Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner

Leopard Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner

The set also comes with Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner in Leopard, a bronzed chocolate liquid liner that softly shimmers to take your cat eyes up a notch from basic black.

Jouer Leopard Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner

Leopard Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner

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