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Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips Lip Lacquer in Hush Speaks Volumes About Pretty Pink Gloss

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Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips Hush


I realize that this is supposed to be a post about something else, but thank goodness for MAC Lipglasses.

They’ve been keeping me company for so many years, and through so many memories…

When I think about all the horrible first dates MAC Spite and I sat through with people we met on Craigslist (this was in the late ’90s before the words, “Craigslist” and “Killer,” appeared in the title of a Lifetime TV movie), I can’t even begin to roll my eyes far back enough in my head.

And it wasn’t just MAC Spite. There was also Nymphette (which helped me move into my first real “grownup” apartment), Lychee Luxe (accompanied me to Europe in 2005) and EvRev (which showed me around Toronto in 2011), among others.

The MAC Lipglasses and I roll deep.

Which is why you have to promise not to tell them I’ve been testing Hush, one of the Liquid Lips Lip Lacquers from Gorgeous Cosmetics.

It would just hurt them too much to hear that I’ve strayed.

In my defense, they look, feel and last almost exactly like a Lipglass. Same shiny finish, sticky texture and fantastic wear time (they’ll manage half a day between meals).

Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips Hush

Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips in Hush

Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips Hush

A swatch of Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips in Hush on my NC42 inner wrist

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Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro Powder Blush in Peach Glow: Bluffing My Way To Beach Babe Status, One Swipe at a Time

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Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro Powder Blush Peach Glow

Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro Powder Blush in Peach Glow ($30)

I need a partner in crime…

Let’s blow this gloomy popsicle stand, and fly somewhere tropical for the rest of the week.

What do ya say? Call in sick with me tomorrow? Last-minute tickets to Kauai?

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but it was cloudy and rainy here today. And tomorrow’s supposed to be more of the same.

Ptooey! Here, put this orange hibiscus behind your ear…

There. Now let’s pretend we’re sitting on the beach with iced coffees and watching the waves…

Are you pretending? I hope you’re pretending with me, because if would be weird if I were just doing it alone. 🙂

You know what else is more fun in pairs? Surfing.

I’m no surf pro or anything, unless we’re talking about quickly standing up and falling down, but I have figured out that it helps to watch the water for a few minutes before paddling out. That way you get a feel for the current and where the waves are breaking first.

Hmm… I feel like we need something more to take this whole escape of ours to the next level, maybe something like Colour Pro Blush in Peach Glow from Gorgeous Cosmetics.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro Powder Blush Peach Glow Small

The ample Aussie makeup brand recently arrived on US shores at Nordstrom stores and online. Peach Glow is the only product I’ve tried, but it was enough to color me intrigued.

I know, it’s $30. Yuck. And the compact does seem rather small (0.16 ounces), but I swear it’s like a wormhole! Gorgeous Cosmetics defied physics by squeezing a five-day tropical vacation into this one little pan.

The shimmery peach powder glides onto skin like a gentle off-shore breeze… All it takes is a single swipe of my blush brush for color that lasts all day long.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro Powder Blush Peach Glow Swatch
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