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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

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1. Pears


Mmm… Sweet green, juicy pears. I love them so much right meow! I got a huge bag of organic pears at Trader Joe’s last Sunday, and most of them have already managed to find their way into my tum. 🙂 I might be on the verge of a full-on pear obsession.

I get that way sometimes about certain foods, where I ravenously crave them every day, over and over for weeks or months, and it’s starting to happen with pears.

I still haven’t succumbed to the temptation to “borrow” any from the huge pear tree I pass every day on my walk, but today may be the day… We’ll know by around 7 o’clock tonight.

2. Tocca scents

Cake Stand Perfume Display 1

I keep a bunch of perfumes on this cake stand display on top of my dresser, but the only one I’ve been wearing lately is Byredo Gypsy Water, and I’ve been wearing it for months.

Hmm… This might be a good time to try a different scent every day with a scent of the day series on Instagram! That might be fun.

In the process of sniffing some of these today I discovered that a couple of them had gone sour. 🙁 The ancient bottle of Estée Lauder Private Collection perfume I’ve had forever smelled like moonshine, OMG!

It broke my heart to ditch it because it was a gift, but in the process of test sniffing these, I rediscovered some old faves, like, basically, EVERYTHING from Tocca.

Cake Stand Perfume Display 1 3

Why did I ever stop wearing Tocca?? Their scents, while delicate, still have such presence, and whenever I wear one I just feel…chipper and glad. And, hello! — they last all day long too.

Today I’m wearing Violette, which I really like (but I like Bianca and Graciella even more).

3. Aveda Clove Color Conditioner

aveda clove conditioner
I have caramel highlights in my hair from about the mid-shaft to the ends, and I’ve been using and LOVING this Aveda Clove Color Conditioner ($21) to keep ’em looking vibrant and fresh.

All I do is wash my hair, then use Clove instead of my regular conditioner, and I leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing it out. I think it makes my highlights much richer (Clove in place of my regular conditioner once a week is enough to keep the highlights poppin’), and it has a fresh, very Aveda-esque herbal scent that I like. The only thing is…it’s kind of pain to keep the shower stall clean when you use it because it’s pigmented, so it’ll leave a stain in the tub if you’re not careful.

That’s why I bring a scrub brush with me into the shower, and after I rinse my hair, I’ll quickly scrub the shower walls to remove any spots or smears.
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Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge: A Feminine Fragrance for Chicks Who Get Sh*t Done

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estee- auder modern muse le rouge

GIRL. If there’s one thing Estee Lauder does better than well it’s the fragrant stuff. They’re scent-sational. I’ve been wearing them for most of my adult life — Pleasures, Sensuous, Private Collection, Bronze Goddess and Modern Muse.

They have so many light and easy-to-wear fragrances! They don’t give me headaches (which happens sometimes with heavier fragrances), don’t overpower the room, and whenever I wear an Estee Lauder scent, inevitably, someone will ask me or comment about it.

Estee Lauder recently came out with an updated version of their already marvelous Modern Muse. It’s called Modern Muse Le Rouge, and mmm! *sniffs wrist* — I can’t get enough of it.

Modern Muse Le Rouge is a fruity floral oriental — feminine, full and daring, but still approachable. In other words, it doesn’t aggressively get up in your grill.
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REPLICA Beach Walk Perfume, by Maison Martin Margiela: The Scent of Salt Water and Sweet Freedom

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replica beach walk

I still got mad love for ya, Byredo Gypsy Water, but you’ve been temporarily usurped by REPLICA Beach Walk.

At least for summer.

If a walk along the beach could fit in a jar, the jar would smell like Maison Marin Margiela’s REPLICA Beach Walk.

OK, yeah…that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but you know what I mean. 🙂 It’s light, beachy and breezy, like Bobbi Brown’s Beach but slightly sweeter (and without the sunscreen notes, which I don’t really mind because it reminds me of the beach).

And don’t you just love the old-timey apothecary bottle with the textured label (it’s 100% cotton)?

Officially, REPLICA Beach Walk has notes of bergamot, pink pepper, lemon, ylang-ylang, coconut milk, heliotrope, musk, cedar and benzoin (which is compared to light camphor). It’s described as pure, deep and blissful.

Unofficially, it smells like your favorite cozy boyfriend sweater (the one missing a button), sand between your toes, stolen kisses under the boardwalk, salt water in your hair and teenage dreams of endless summer days and nights. 🙂

I usually do one spritz on my wrist and one on my neck first thing in the morning, and the scent lingers until the evening.
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Lush, Bold Maria Christofilis Fleur 09 Eau de Parfum Spray Blooms With White Flowers

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maria christofilis fleur09

I like sniffing out scents that you can’t find on every beauty shelf and every fragrance counter, and this one, Maria Christofilis Fleur 09 Eau de Parfum Spray, definitely catches my nose’s attention. It’s an unabashedly bold and upfront white floral and citrus blend very much like a Tom Ford perfume, and it doesn’t back down from start to finish.

The official fragrance notes sound a little like a travel brochure: Sicilian yellow mandarin essence, Calabrese bergamot essence, bitter orange tree leaf water absolute, Moroccan orange flower extract, Tunisian orange blossom absolute, Indian tuberose absolute Orpu, Mexican Vanilla bean absolute and benzoin tears extract from Laos…

Benzoin tears?

Yeah, I also stopped in my tracks when I read that one.

What are benzoin tears? Apparently, they are secreted from ducts formed on deciduous and evergreen shrubs after they receive a severe wound.

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[SPONSORED] Comment to Win $152 in Fragrances From i smell great and the Maker of CLEAN Perfume

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Comment to Win $152 in Fragrances From i smell great

Comment to win $152 in fragrances from i smell great! DEADLINE TO ENTER: Dec. 31, 2014.

***The giveaway is officially closed.*** CONGRATULATIONS, CHELSEA! You’re the lucky girl! I received your email response, so keep your eyes (and nose) peeled over the next few days for your fragrant prize. 🙂

The following post is sponsored by i smell great. From the creator of CLEAN perfume, the scents you love, extracted, encapsulated, bottled. Isn’t that great? Learn more at

It’s been about a month and a half since I aromatically introduced myself to i smell great, and I’m still crushing hard.

The new line of easy-to-wear, mix-and-matchable scented lotions, potions and hair products is gentle enough to WANT to wear every day, and I like all four fragrances — Beach Babe, Candy Crush, Angel Cake and Wild Honey — none of which are so strong that they overpower everything when you walk into a room (in other words, nothing like the smell of popcorn).

And I’m still having fun with the idea of layering the different fragrances together, which come in different hair and body products, to create unique combos.

The layering/mixing/matching idea is their special power, along with being hella long-lasting, and I have yet to create a combo I haven’t liked. Individually, they’re all very light and gentle.

i smell great: the four fragrances

  • beach babe: Ah, take me away to a land of tropical breezes, coconut cream and golden suntan oil…
  • candy crush: Mouthwatering candied flower petals, rose syrup, icing sugar and candy hearts to tempt and tease you.
  • angel cake: A comfy, cozy scent with notes of pink icing, powdered sugar and candied almonds…with a touch of sweetness.
  • wild honey: A soothing synthesis of honey, brown sugar, Tahitian vanilla and sweet nectar make this intoxicating aroma irresistible.

The Soft Body Whip in Candy Crush + Wellness Water Mist in Angel Cake combo is currently nominated for ride-or-die status in my house.

There’s a corner of one shelf in my bathroom cabinet reserved for my favorite body lotions and body products, and i smell great stuff is all up in the mix.
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