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A Tarte-Ful Tuesday Face of the Day With the New Tarte Double Duty Beauty Collection, Makeup Revolution, Dior and More…

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TARTE Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation

Today was one of those days when I sat down to get ready, and I wanted to switch things up but still keep it casual.

Enter: navy blue.

I’ve got a red-orange earthy palette happening naturally, and I really like how navy blue brings out the brightness in my eyes.

Maybe my jumper inspired it; maybe I just like to be two-toned. We may never know! :)

So right now we need to talk about the new foundations in the Tarte Double Duty Beauty collection at Ulta. I recently tried the Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation ($39), a medium-to-full coverage foundation that promises to smooth, plump, blur, and moisturize for up to 12 hours. Recommended application is with this Double Duty Beauty Foundation Brush & Spatula ($30).

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation (available in 10 shades) with the Double Duty Beauty Foundation Brush & Spatula

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation

Tarte Double Duty

Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation in Fair-Light Neutral, Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD in Y205

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A Bronzed Babe Face of the Day With Too Faced, Estee Lauder, Hourglass and More

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Inspired by DVF SS16's beauty look

Inspired by DVF SS16’s beauty look

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzers

I’m in shorts right now! So let’s chat about bronzers!

I recently created a look inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring-Summer 2016 makeup because I wanted to challenge myself to finally use some colorful eyeshadow. And…I loved it! I can’t wait to experiment with more colors now, and I would love your suggestions for eyeshadow looks!

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzers

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzers

Too Faced Bronzers (L-R) Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Soleil, Dark Chocolate

Anyways, besides the bright color on the lids, the focus of my look was all on the tanned skin. I used two different bronzers to get a multi-dimensional effect. I grabbed the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer in 02 Medium ($37 for .74oz!!!) and dusted this all over the perimeter of my face and the tops of my cheeks. This is my favorite bronzer, and I use it all-year! It’s not completely matte, so it blends into skin perfectly.

Finally, I finished with the Too Faced Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil ($30 for .35oz) right in the hollows of my cheeks.

Swatches Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer Estee Lauder Bronzer Goddess

Swatches (L-R) Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Medium, Too Faced Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Soleil, Dark Chocolate

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Oh, Baby! Welcome the Benefit Dandelion and Hoola Minis to the Family

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Benefit Dandelion

Babies are so wonderful.

They’re the reason I’m here writing this post for you (thank you, Connor Claire!), and they’re the reason that my house is an insane but joyful mess.

Also, when you’re a makeup lover, they’re often the reason you might have yourself a little splurge from time to time, or, seize the opportunity to try a mini version of a normally expensive product at a fraction of full price!

Of course, now I’m not talking about the same kind of babies. Now I’m talking about baby-sized makeup, in all its glorious adorableness, and I know I can’t be the only one inexplicably drawn to “mini” makeup.

If you, like me, can’t get enough of terrific things that are tiny, the new spring 2016 Benefit Hoola and Benefit Dandelion minis are for you (and me!).

Benefit’s much-loved regular-sized 0.28 oz. $29 Hoola and Dandelion boxed powders have been around as long as I’ve loved makeup (years), and now these new smaller 0.12 oz. minis, which sell for $15, make it even easier to get to know this classic bronzer and rosy pink powder without committing to the full size. Or, if you already have a full-size Hoola or Dandelion, now you can add smaller emergency sizes too.

Benefit Hoola and Dandelion Minis ($15 and 0.12 ounces each)

Benefit Hoola and Dandelion Minis ($15 and 0.12 ounces each)

Favorite thing about these is that Benefit didn’t change a thing about them other than their size, because a lot of the time with mini products, there’s something important missing, like a mirror that comes with the full-size version or a magnetized closure, but Benefit must have just pulled out their shrink ray. These have a mirror, a sturdy box, and they snap shut. The brand even went so far as to include teeny, tiny applicator brushes (not shown).

Benefit Hoola Mini, Benefit Dandelion Mini

Benefit Hoola and Dandelion Minis (0.12 ounces each)

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Get Cheeky With These Hard Candy Cheeky Tints

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Hard Candy Cheeky Tints

Hard Candy Cheeky Tints in Geisha, Surfer Babe and Goddess

Anything with the phrase “cheeky” in it is particularly nostalgic to this beauty lover, given the name of my blog, Getting Cheeky, which I nurtured for several years before “retiring.” So, of course, when I heard that Hard Candy had released a cheek product for spring 2016 called the Cheeky Tints, I was all ears.

Hard Candy was the cool girl makeup brand that I couldn’t get enough of as a tween, and it’s been fun to watch the brand’s style evolve over time.

I remember treating myself to their nail polishes with babysitting money (I won’t tell you when that was…because it will make me feel ancient) and lovingly collecting the rings that came with the polishes in a coordinated hue.

Hard Candy’s Cheeky Tints are part of the “new wave” of high quality makeup that’s fun, but doesn’t break the bank. These tints are available in six shades and, at only $6 each, you can definitely treat yourself to a fair few of them without dipping into your spring break fund.

I tested the Cheeky Tints both with a brush and with my fingers, and while the brush application looked lovely, I suppose I just like finger painting for grownups and favor my god-given applicators.

To avoid letting the product dry down too quickly and ending up with one splotch on each cheek that’s darker than the rest (liquid blush and stain, ladies; we’ve all been there), I make sure to dispense the product onto my hand before picking up the color with my finger and blending into my cheek. I’ve found that with all of the shades, this works best to control the pigment.

Hard Candy Cheeky Tints

Wearing (lots) of Geisha on the apples of my cheeks layered over Goddess as a subtle bronzer

Hard Candy’s Cheeky Tints are water based with a thick gel formula that’s easy to control, both when squeezing the product out of the tube and applying. The consistency is incredibly easy to blend and lasts (I kid you not) all day.

I’ve been favoring Goddess applied heavily underneath my foundation to warm up my overall appearance, or on top of foundation for a lasting bronze that helps me look a bit less like I’ve just spent the entire winter in the “arctic tundra.”

But Geisha has been my favorite blush of late. It’s an incredibly natural flush that reminds me a bit of Benefit’s classic Benetint.. It’s perfect and so natural for spring.

Hard Candy Cheeky Tints

Gel texture of the Hard Candy Cheeky Tints

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An Easy, Beautiful Golden Bronze Eye Makeup Look Using the $5.49 Essence All About Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

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spring bronze eye makeup look

Is the weather starting to warm up where you live? I’m looking out the window at a gloomy night that is chucking it down with SNOW. Waahh! I just went on (what I thought was) a spring walk the other day, and now I have to bring out my winter coat again! If any of you are familiar with Utah weather, you know that, unfortunately, this isn’t that weird.

I’ll probably have to scrape off my car in the morning, but I’m choosing to be more optimistic with my makeup choices. I’m channeling sunshine with this springtime golden/bronze eyeshadow look.

This look is so flattering on every single eye color, and it’s so easy to do. AND the palette I’m using is only $5.49! It’s the Essence All About Bronze Eyeshadow Palette.

You guys, every single one of you needs to go out and buy one of these palettes. If bronze-y shades aren’t your thing, they’ve got a bunch of different options. Nudes, Roses, Greys, and more! They blend out like a dream and are so pigmented. Love, love, LOVE.



I started out with a matte transition shade in the crease to help the gold blend better with my skin. That’s the thing about this palette — the one con. There are no matte shades.

But, no worries. If you have one, just use a different shade from your stash. I actually used my contour powder today as my transition shade.


I’m using the three “starred” shades in this look!

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