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My Valentine’s Day Face of the…Night With NARS

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NARSissist Palette

Tonight I’m wearing the NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette to the movies

It’s just me and the boys tonight, El Hub and Tabs, per usual.

We were all supposed to go to a movie (About Last Night), but Tabs totally ditched us (no explanation, either), so it’s just gonna be El Hub and moi.

Cats are so rude, aren’t they? After I Fandango’d the tickets this afternoon, I walked out of my office and saw a pile of Louis Vuitton bags by the front door.

I guess Tabs is going somewhere? I kept getting mysterious texts today, too, like one from his car service saying that his “flight is on time.”


I hope the movie’s good… It has a 75% on rottentomatoes. That’s a good sign.

Other than that — and this sounds a little weird — we have to run to Target to get a space heater tonight because our gas line is off. Yup, the contractors who’ve been fixing our siding for the past couple weeks discovered a problem with the gas line, and so we’re trying to figure out how we’re going to stay warm and shower…

Most romantic-al Valentine’s Day ever!

Needless to say, necessity will be the mother of invention tonight. I think we’re going to try to improvise something with a 5-gallon bucket filled with hot water from the stove or an empty 5-gallon spring water bottle.

I feel like this is the kind of situation where chocolate can help… And maybe also caramel.

About my makeup, I didn’t feel too ambitious tonight, so I just went with my default going-out eye look — a brown smokey cat eye with a bright lip.

It’s called lazy girl makeup, yo! :)

Thank goodness for the NARSissist Palette. It made getting ready easy, since I didn’t have to go searching high and low for different shadows.

BAM! — it was all right there.

NARSissist Palette

Also on my eyes: MAC Smolder Eye Khol on lash lines and water lines, MAC Raven Divine Night Kohl Power Eye Pencil on the lower lash lines, MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash on my lashes and MAC Brun Eyeshadow topped with Antastasia Brow Gel in my brows

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Getting Back to My Roots (Hair and Makeup) With MAC Sable, Saddle, Shroom and Club Eye Shadows

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Maybe it’s ’cause I just got my hair dyed, and I haven’t been this close to my natural hair color in years, but I got the sudden urge this morning to also get back to my makeup roots, so I busted out a few of my nearest and dearest MAC friends.

MAC Sable, Saddle, Shroom and Club

The shades I’m wearing on my eyes today are some of the first MAC colors I picked up way back when I started collecting, and all of them are in the permanent line.

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A Coral Lip Combo and Face of the Day With the New MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Mineralize Eye Shadow in Golden Hours

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MAC Golden Hours Mineralize Eye Shadow from the A Fantasy of Flowers Collection

MAC Golden Hours Mineralize Eye Shadow from A Fantasy of Flowers…

I was chatting with a buddy this morning about springy lip colors (Hi, Agata! Hey, girl!), and it totally put me in the mood for something juicy and coral.

And since you know I’m all about the lip combos… :) Here’s a cute one from the MAC A Fantasy of Flowers collection I stumbled on completely by accident.

MAC Naked Bud Lipstick and Star Quality Cremesheen Glass

Naked Bud Lipstick and Star Quality Cremesheen Glass

Some quick backstory…

One day earlier this week when my lips were painfully parched, I quite literally grabbed the first two things next to me on my desk and threw them on, and they just happened to be sheer nude Naked Bud Lipstick and Star Quality, a bright orangey coral (thank goodness they were lip products, LOL!).

I layered them, too (with the gloss on top of the lipstick, of course), grabbed a mirror and was like, YES! Star Quality’s somewhat sheer, so when it’s layered on top of Naked Bud, you can still see the nude lipstick peeking through, but at the same time you get the juiciness of the orangey coral.

I liked how it turned out, so I did it again today, and I’m sure I’ll be doing it again. These are definitely going into regular rotation right meow. :)

MAC Golden Hours

MAC Golden Hours on my lids, Tom Ford Liquid Liner on my upper lash line, MAC Smolder on my water lines and Physicians Formula CC Mascara on my lashes

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Gardening With MAC A Fantasy of Flowers: Today I Grew a Look With Pink Lips and Green Eyes

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MAC A Fantasy of Flowers

Wearing the new MAC A Fantasy of Flowers collection on my eyes, cheeks and lips

It’s raining here today, which normally would leave me feeling rather blah (I get the blues when the sun goes away), but today? Not so much.

First, it’s been a dry winter, and we need the rain. Second, the construction guys can’t work when it’s wet…so it’s been gloriously quiet this afternoon. :)

All I can hear are raindrops on my window, which is a very soothing sound.

Funny thing is, when it’s sunny outside and the workmen are working (we’re having our siding repaired), I put on my biggest headphones and listen to YouTube videos of ambient rain to drown out the noise, haha! Oh, the irony…

So, because today is kind of cold and gray, I felt like doing something a little springy and colorful. I went with a bright green cat eye with golden coral cheeks and a pink lip using makeup from the new MAC A Fantasy of Flowers collection.

If you ever feel like wearing bright green liner or shadow but aren’t quite sure what to do with it and don’t want anything too over the top, try a green cat eye.

No, seriously. Dude, you can do it!

MAC A Fantasy of Flowers

Sassy Moss Fluidline (bright green on my upper lash lines and the inner part of my lower lash lines), Chartreuse Bouquet Pigment (lower lash lines), Lily White Pigment (inner corners) and the gold shade from In the Meadow Mineralize Eye Shadow quad all over my lids

I like this eye look because there’s a bright pop of color and minimal blending, and sometimes when I’m even lazier than I was today, I’ll skip everything else and just do a single swipe of green on my upper lash lines instead.

With bright green liner like this, I’ll usually tightline my upper lashes with a black liner or eyeshadow (here I’m using MAC’s Carbon Eye Shadow) to give more depth to my eyes and create the illusion of thicker lashes (since mine are naturally wimpy).

Just adds a little somethin’ somethin’…

The green liner I’m wearing here is MAC’s new Sassy Moss from A Fantasy of Flowers, by the way, and woo-hoo! — do I feel like a sassy-pants when I wear it. :)

It’s just so vibrant, and all it takes is a couple layers. Very cool. In a way, it reminds me of one of my old-school favorite MAC Fluidlines, Jadeye, but less teal and more green. Similar pop on the skin.

MAC A Fantasy of Flowers

Other stuff in the mix — MAC Brun Eye Shadow (brows) and Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Curl + Care Mascara (lashes)

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Today Felt Like a Guerlain Spring 2014 Kind of Day

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Guerlain Spring 2014

Wearing Guerlain’s Spring 2014 on my eyes, cheeks and lips

When I passed him in the kitchen this morning wearing this look with pieces from Guerlain’s new spring collection, the first thing El Hub said was, “You smell good!”

But I wasn’t wearing any perfume, unless you count the cloud of Eau de Tabby Cat that permeates my clothes…

I’m pretty sure he was picking up the scent of my makeup, despite that fact that he has the worst sense of smell (his nose was broken several times in his martial arts days), because Guerlain’s spring stuff smells amaze-balls! — like plumeria and jasmine. Even their brow powder smells really good.

Guerlain Spring 2014

That’s Guerlain Cherry Blush topped with Meteorites Perles in Clair on my cheeks and Rouge Automatique in Insolence on my lips

Having slept well and feeling good, I was in the mood to wear something a little colorful today, so I did this green and taupe eye with pink cheeks and fuchsia lips.

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Eyeshadows in Les Tendres

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Eyeshadows in Les Tendres, $63 (limited edition)

Guerlain Meteorites Blush in Cherry

Guerlain Meteorites Blush in Cherry, $42 (also limited edition)

Guerlain Météorites Pearls in 03 Medium

Guerlain Météorites Pearls in 02 Clair, $60 (permanent)

Guerlain Meterorites Brush

Meterorites Brush, $42 (permanent)

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