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Saturday Surfing: March 25, 2017

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mac extra dimension blush skinfinish april 2017

Meow, kitty cat. Happy Caturday! I hope you slept well last night.

This morning I was awoken by a dainty love bite on my left forearm… It was Tabs reminding me that he runs the show on Caturdays, and it was already 7 o’clock. Time to get up! Hop to it!

OK, so you may want to sit down for this one: we have some news about the MAC permanent line.

(Who gets excited about products being added to the permanent line?! THIS GIRL!)

mac extra dimension blush skinfinish april 2017

I know, we live in a limited edition world, and we’re all mere spectators. We watch as wonderful products gets rotated on and off shelves, so when something great makes its way to the permanent line, especially when it’s in the MAC Extra Dimension formula, I get REALLY excited. Because you can fall in love and stay in love with it without worrying about it leaving you in the lurch someday.

Most of the time. Yeah, I’m still bitter about MAC Kid Eye Shadow being discontinued…

Anywho! MAC is adding 11 new shades of their new Extra Dimension Blush and three Extra Dimension Skinfinishes — one, a shimmery gold you might remember from the MAC Magic of the Night holiday collection a couple years back called Oh Darling. The other two are new.

I’m all about that blush/highlighter life so I’m stoked!

Expect to find these at MAC counters starting April 6th until the end of time…

OK, maybe not until the end of time…but they should be there a while.

In other news, here are some things that caught my eye in beauty news this week, including this — wait for it — BABY SPA.

Yes, it’s a legit spa for babies.

Little babies…not big babies like yours truly, LOL!

And a few videos

To do this weekend: try this hooded eye makeup look.

I’m gonna have to cave and grab a Viseart palette.

In case you were wondering how nail polish is made…

Dupes for high-end products!

Rise and shine, morning glory. I’m just puttering around the house now and trying to figure out everything that I need to get done before I leave the house at 4 with my friend Marisol for a girls night out adventure. We’re heading to a winery in Healdsburg, which is about an hour north of us here in Novato, called Chateau Diana to hang out with other wine-lovin’ ladies.

I’m really looking forward to making convo with new people (and, yes, sipping wine). I’m a social creature.

And after that we’re gonna grab some pizza, and…how could pizza not make someone happy? Seriously, I dunno. It’s one of the best things ever.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever you’re up to.

One word: glitter. I’m just throwing that out there. 🙂

Have a great day. Talk to you later.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


What I’ve Been Wearing Lately – NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint + BECCA Backlight – It’s All About That Base!

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nars velvet matte skin tint becca backlight final

Been getting a lot of questions about the foundation I’ve been wearing (isn’t that always nice?). I wish I could say, “Oh, it’s the latest thing! Honey, this is gonna change your life!”

But it’s not revolutionary. The products have been out a while. It was a former favorite combo of mine about a year ago, and I’ve gotten back into it. I mix NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint with BECCA Backlight Primer, about 75% NARS, 25% BECCA.

I put them on the back of my hand first, mix with my finger, apply, then blend with a wet beautyblender.

Oh, boy, mystical stuff happens when these two get together — velvety NARS Skin Tint and peach-alescent (yes, I’m inventing that word), pearly BECCA Backlight. They turn into THE MOST natural-looking, medium-coverage foundation.

Where do I start? It blurs pores and makes your skin look smoother, and it feels and looks fresh and light.

Always a good look, amirite?

The NARS shade I wear is St. Moritz (a.k.a. “my winter color”), but as I get more sun, I’ll add a few drops of Cuba, because I’m overly complicated like that. 🙂

Really, though, if you aren’t turned off by the idea of getting two shades of the same foundation for your skin in different seasons, I highly recommend it.

I’ve never tried this combo with BECCA First Light, which is their new purple version of Backlight. First Light doesn’t really do anything for my skin tone, but lots of ladies love it. It’s worth a try.

If you live near a Sephora that carries BECCA and NARS, maybe you can take this combo for a spin if you ask an associate for samples, and you never know, they might even hook you up with other samples, too! 🙂 I’ve had that happen, and it always makes my day.

Anywho, that’s the skinny on what I’ve been wearing.

Isn’t it funny how you forget sometimes things that you find and love so much? Why did I ever stop using it?? Something must have distracted me…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


NARS Pop Goes the Easel Blushes in Threesome, Misconduct and Peep Show

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nars pop goes the easel blushes-final

The new NARS Pop Goes the Easel collection Blushes (the collection is a Nordstrom exclusive)

My mom has never really been a makeup girl, but if she were to strike up a conversation with me about NARS blushes, I hope to gawd she doesn’t bring up the new blushes from the Pop Goes the Easel collection, because one of them is called Threesome, and I DO NOT want to be having a conversation with my mom that involves the word “threesome.”

NOPE. Can’t do it. Not gonna do it!

But if it were you and me? Totally fine. Threesome, Misconduct and Peep Show. Those are the three new powder blushes in the NARS Pop Goes the Easel collection. They’re $30 each, limited edition and only available at Nordstrom.

nars pop goes the easel blushes 2

Misconduct is a warm peachy plum with golden sheen (like a really sheer version of NARS Sin), Threesome is a matte cool baby pink, and Peep Show is a matte bright reddish pink.

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NARS Pop Goes the Easel Sheer Pop Multiples in Navagio Beach, Motu Tane and Cote Basque

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nars pop goes the easel sheer pop multiples-final

New NARS Sheer Pop Multiples from the Pop Goes the Easel collection (a Nordstrom exclusive)

OK, NARS, I see you. I see what you’re doing. 😉 I see how you named your new Sheer Pop Multiples after ah-may-zing beaches, all three of which are on my bucket list now.

Navagio Beach in Greece… Girl, mark my words, someday I’ll swim those aquamarine waters.


Surf’s up! (But only for a limited time.)

Like a bubble at the beach, these three will eventually pop away. They’ll only be around for a limited time, and they have a very beachy vibe to go with their beachy names. They’re on counters now with the rest of the new NARS Pop Goes the Easel collection, a limited edition Nordstrom exclusive with blushes, lipsticks and these multiples.

nars pop goes the easel collection

Pop Goes the Easel

Navagio Beach is a luminous, pearly golden beige; Motu Tane is a satiny, rosy pink; and Cote Basque is a satiny, bright watermelon pink with tiny golden glitter pieces.

Purposefully sheer

Like the regular NARS Multiples, these creamy sticks are made for eyes, lips and cheeks, and they have that same smooth texture. They feel like a cream blush that you left open overnight, and the next day it still feels like a cream, only drier.

Unlike the regular full-coverage NARS Multiples, however, the Sheer Pops are semi-opaque, so you really have to be in a sheer mindset.

nars pop goes the easel sheer pop multiples 2

NARS Sheer Pop Multiples from the left in Cote Basque, Motu Tane and Navagio Beach

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The MAC Metallic Lips Collection: The Nudes Are Rocking My World

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mac metallic lipstick

The MAC Metallic Lipstick Collection

I walked into Urban Outfitters last weekend and saw a dress that looks exactly like the one I used to wear on first dates (with black combat boots, of course).

The ’90s are back! — and they’re haunting me, but, like, in a friendly ghost kind of way.

Also, this new MAC Metallic Lipstick in Silver Spoon from the new MAC Metallic Lips collection looks exactly like a shade I wore at that time. It was a grayish taupe metallic marvel that I wore with unblended dark purple lip liner, and yes, girl, I thought I looked like hot sh*t, LOL!

mac silver spoon

MAC Metallic Lipstick in Silver Spoon

Lots of the lippies in this collection, which is available starting today through May 4th, look retro IMO. There are 18 of them, and they’re $17 each.

A new formula

It’s called Metallic, and MAC says it’s a combination of a matte formula and a traditional metallic finish. They feel like a matte, because they’ve got that weight and thickness, but they’re shiny, shiny, shiny!

While the MAC Frost lipsticks have a fine pearl, the Metallics have small and medium-sized pieces of glitter, and they catch A LOT of light. Very eye-catching and beautiful, particularly when you peep them up close.

They last about three hours for me and — surprisingly — aren’t drying. I’m serious, most of the time, matte and metallic lipsticks suck every molecule of moisture out of my lips, but these don’t, which is not to say that they’re moisturizing…because I wouldn’t go that far. I would just say that they aren’t very drying.

I sort of think of the collection as having three parts — the nudes, the basic bolds (your wines, burgundies and pinks) and your cray-cray colors (your greens, blues and “edgy” lip colors).

The nudes are rocking my world

Nude metallics can be tricky, because they can age you and make your lips look very dry when they settle into your lip lines. Thankfully, these are consistently smooth, so they don’t do that, and they aren’t patchy either.

mac in lust

MAC Metallic Lipstick in In Lust

mac modern manners

MAC Metallic Lipstick in Modern Manners

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