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The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Extension Collection: The Power of a Powder Without Looking or Feeling Too Dry

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mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Extension Collection (L-R) in Nuanced, Faintly Fabulous, Perfectly Lit, Sunny Side, Enhanced

anna oh ao illustration beauty mac mineralize skinfinish

Illustration by Anna Oh

One of my favorite ways to dupe great-looking skin is to layer dewy, light foundations over pigmented concealers.

My least favorite thing about these dewy foundations? Applying powder afterward…for sure! I can’t count the number of days I’ve gone from hero to zero because of a cakey setting powder. When I saw that MAC was bringing a limited-edition extension to the Mineralize Skinfinish range, commonly referred to as the MSFs, I was more than excited to run my fingers across those velvety domes.

Available in a range of textures, the new Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals ($32) separate their pigments into quadrants so you can mix your own intensity. These powders have the ability to be a powder without looking or feeling too dry. I appreciate having a powder option that wants to works with, and not against, the luminescence of skin.

mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

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MAC Future MAC Collection for Spring 2016: Reinventing the Rules of Color and Shine

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Hi everyone!

Guess what? I learned a new Photoshop trick! Just in case you didn’t notice, but I have gained the power of artificial lens flares. Beware, photography! Yep, it’s totally cheesy/fabulous, but this new MAC collection practically asked for it.

This is the MAC Future MAC collection, and it’s available online right now and coming to stores April 7th. 

The collection is all about the next generation of hyper-luminous Mineralize products and new horizons of colour, and true to their description, the lip and skin products have amazingly unique textures and sparkle.

Keep reading to sneak a peek at the future of beauty…for April at least!

Future MAC: The Pout of the Future

future mac mineralize glass

Mineralize Glass (L-R) The Zone, Antireality, Telegenius, Interspatial

swatches future mac mineralize glass

Swatches (L-R) of MAC Mineralize Glass in Antireality, Interspatial, Telegenius, The Zone

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The Paul & Joe Spring 2016 Collection: Sometimes Versatility Comes in Small, Lovely Packaging

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Paul & Joe Spring 2016

My makeup looks tend to be simple. As I don’t often wear a full face of makeup, I opt for what I know, and what I find suits my lifestyle, as I’m sure most of us do.

What I’m talking about, I guess, is convenience, and convenience is just one of the many things that makes these few products from the Paul & Joe Spring 2016 Collection special.

Launched as a cosmetics line in 2002, and named after owner Sophie Mechaly’s two sons, feline-fabulous brand Paul & Joe has been a French staple since 1995, when it began as a menswear company before expanding into womenswear and children’s fashion.

Now available in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, the line has expanded significantly since its start.

Their philosophy says it all:

“Thoroughly enjoying life, valuing every moment- that is the philosophy of Parisians and Sophie Melachy herself. PAUL & JOE BEAUTE projects a lifestyle that brims over with a sense of happiness and well-being.”

Happiness is a present element when it comes to the packaging of these gorgeous spring products. This week I got my hands on the beautiful #11 compact, as well the #101 face and eye color combo, the #2 cream blush, and the #7 powder blush.

The compact itself is sold separately, and the products, such as the blushes, are designed to be interchangeable with the compact. This packaging is incredibly convenient for touchups throughout the day.

Paul & Joe Spring 2016 Creamy Blush and Powder Blush

The Face and Eye Color Palette, the largest of the four products shown here, is also my favorite.

It’s stunning! And although I’m really not a fan of perfumed cosmetics, I can’t help myself. I like it here (it’s faintly citrusy with a hint of lily).

Paul & Joe Spring 2016 Face and Eye Color Palette

One of the few French words I can actually remember is the word for butterfly (papillon)

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The Benefit Dandelion Collection for Spring 2016: Pretty in Pink

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benefit dandelion collection shy beam dandelion dew

Hi, everyone!

As one of the prettiest (in my opinion) collections of spring 2016, the Benefit Dandelion Collection is an expansion of Benefit’s bestselling Dandelion Brightening Finishing Powder ($29), with the new Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter ($26) and Dandelion Dew Liquid Blush ($28).

This is a small and concise collection with every product layering on top of each other to create a beautiful and brightening flush.

benefit dandelion collection shy beam dandelion dew

Benefit Spring 2016 Dandelion Collection

benefit dandelion collection dandelion box powder

Benefit Dandelion Powder

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MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection: Golden-Age Glam

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MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection Spring 2016

Hi, everyone! MAC is back with one of the most exciting releases of the year, the MAC x Charlotte Olympia Spring 2016 Collection, and this is one of the bigger MAC collections, too, with an emphasis on lips and accessories.

For those not familiar with the designer, Olympia is a luxury shoe and accessories designer obsessed with the bygone era of old Hollywood glamour and unafraid of a little humour.

The MAC x Charlotte Olympia collection has strong retro-glam vibes packaged in adorable printed boxes. They’re a collector’s dream come true.

MAC Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia for MAC Spring 2016

MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection Spring 2016

mac charlotte olympia spring 2016

Wearing Retro Rouge Matte Lipstick!

There are no fewer than three different types of lip products (lipsticks, lip pigments, and pro lip liners), and all of them are in various shades of red.

You know how every now and then you’ll bump into a friend looking for their “perfect red lipstick”? Well, you should direct their attention to THIS collection, because each red is GORGEOUS, but just a little different.

MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection Spring 2016 Lipsticks
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