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Is That a Griffin Gracing the MAC BollyDoll Collection?

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The MAC BollyDoll Collection

The MAC BollyDoll makeup bag collection, coming to December 23, 2014, and stores January 1 through February 26, 2015

Because if it is, “OH, HELL YEAH!!” Paws up for mythical creatures, yo. :)

Bright colors, bad@ss mythical beasts and playful prints are the perfect pick-me-ups on cloudy days like today, and the MAC BollyDoll makeup bag (and brush kit) collection is almost as potently positive as coffee.

From the top: MAC BollyDoll Brush Kit ($49.50 US, $59.50 CDN), Makeup Bag in BollyDoll/Blue ($36 US, $43.50 CDN) and Makeup Bag in BollyDoll/Pink ($36 US, $43.50 CDN)

Love those prints!

From the top: MAC BollyDoll Brush Kit ($49.50 US, $59.50 CDN), Makeup Bag in BollyDoll/Blue ($36 US, $43.50 CDN) and Makeup Bag in BollyDoll/Pink ($36 US, $43.50 CDN)

From the top: MAC BollyDoll Brush Kit ($49.50 US, $59.50 CDN), Makeup Bag in BollyDoll/Blue ($36 US, $43.50 CDN) and Makeup Bag in BollyDoll/Pink ($36 US, $43.50 CDN)

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A MAC Red, Red, Red Collection Cardinal Concoction of Cosmetological Creativity (aka Face of the Day)

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MAC Red Red Red

Wearing a cardinal concoction of products from the new MAC Red, Red, Red Collection

Like the hulking, crazy-eyed dog next door that barks and pulls at its leash when it crosses your path, or the mean girl bully in second grade who corners you in the girl’s bathroom at recess, red eyeshadow can sense your fear…

Today I fully intended to put MAC’s Strike While Haute matte red eyeshadow from the Red Red Red collection to good use, but then I chickened out…

It’s just so dang red, homie!

Eventually, I think I’ll be able to psych myself up to try it. I just need a couple more days to build up the courage. I keep hearing that it can look amazing on lids when done right…

Of course, it’s that last part — “when done right” — that has me a little nervous, LOL!

Instead, for my makeup today, I ended up using some other pieces from MAC’s new crimson collection — pearlescent pink champagne Lustre Eye Shadow in Give Me Fire (watch out for the fallout with this one ’cause it’s kinda fluffy) and reddish copper Red Alert (beautifully pigmented and looks great with warmer browns like MAC Texture). Then, I added a flashy pair of falsies with longer lashes at the outer corners for extra lift. Eyelure’s No. 121s.

For cheeks and lips, I went with soft pink tones — soft rose Casual Color in Red Obsessed, which I stippled on the apples of my cheeks with a skunk brush, and grapefruit pink Lustre Lipstick in See Sheer, topped with Cremesheen Glass in Meteoric. Both are also from the Red Red Red collection, which is available now in-stores and online (through January 15).

MAC Red Red Red

MAC Red Red Red

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The Curvy, Creamy, Dreamy MAC Ultimate Lipsticks

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MAC Ultimate Lipstick

The new MAC Ultimate Lipsticks, $23 each

What’s gray, curvy and totally luxurious?


Um…good guess! But not quite. :)

Yeah, the new MAC Ultimate Lipsticks ($23) and Tabs definitely have a few things in common; both are gorgeous, and curvaceous, and look like they were sculpted by Michelangelo.

MAC Ultimate Lipstick

Curves for days

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The Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2014 Collection Proves It’s the Golden Age of Luxurious, Affordable Makeup

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Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2014

Sonia Kashuk’s Art Deco-inspired holiday 2014 collection might give you ideas…

…ideas like, “Whee! Look at me! I’m a flapper in The Great Gatsby, and I’m doing the Charleston!” Then you start dancing around your office, but you pull an inner thigh muscle when you kick a little higher than you should have, and from that day forward, you rue the day you danced the Charleston in your office without properly stretching beforehand.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Palette in Deco Starlet

The Sonia Kashuk Eye Palette in Deco Starlet ($19.99)

Just an FYI! :)

Sonia’s latest limited edition collection does make me want to kick up my heels, it’s true. The seven pieces look totally expensive, but all but one of them are less than $20 each.

Sonia Kashuk Nude Lip Palette in Jazzed Up Nudes

The Nude Lip Palette in Jazzed Up Nudes ($19.99)

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The Golden Givers of Gorgeousness in the MAC Prabal Gurung Collection Are Priced Like Precious Metals

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MAC Prabal Gurung Collection

The MAC Prabal Gurung collection

The gold that graces each product in MAC’s new 14-piece Prabal Gurung collection doesn’t just make the packaging gorgeous. It fashions a world! It creates an experience! These pieces look so fancy that they could pass for pendants hanging from a famous rapper’s gold chains.

MAC Prabal Gurung Collection limited edition packaging

They could also probably pass for real gold bars.

No, seriously. These little bricks are heavy! — so heavy, in fact, that if I were to drop one on my foot, I’d probably need stitches.

Or, to put it another way, if I were to put all of them in a purse and swing it around, it would make one hell of a fine medieval weapon.

MAC Prabal Gurung Light English Red Lipstick

Wearing Lustre Lipstick in Light English Red on my lips

That the pieces could potentially double as weaponry is just one of many things I like about this new collaboration between MAC and fashion designer Prabal Gurung…who, I should say, was probably aiming more for elegance, sophistication and grace than hip-hop jewelry.

MAC Coral Lumineux Cream Colour Base

Cream Colour Base in Coral Lumineux

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