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Last Seen On Safari: The New China Glaze On Safari Collection for Fall 2012

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china glaze on safari collection

Prey Tell, my fellow Jungle Queen

china glaze prey tell
Prey Tell

china glaze jungle queen
Jungle Queen

…shall we answer the Call of the Wild today?

china glaze call of the wild
Call of the Wild

I’m ready if you are. The new 12-piece China Glaze collection for fall 2012 has to be out there somewhere, probably holed up in a salon, a Sally Beauty store or online at, and there’s only one way we’ll find it: On Safari.

We have our map, beauty supplies, and a description of the beasts, which according to our guide, come in a variety creamy, glittery plum and earth-tone shades ($7 each).

If we take the jeep, we’ll cover more ground than walking, but we also risk alerting the creatures we’re trying to catch. If we walk the trail instead, tracking will be easier, but we run the risk of chipping our meticulously manicured nails.

Either way, I’m Adventure Red-y for whatever Exotic Encounters await.

china glaze adventure red-y
Adventure Red-y
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The China Glaze Prismatic Collection: Your Nails, Now in 3D

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China Glaze Prismatic Collection

BAM! A single ray of white light streams through a prism and explodes into a rainbow of colors on your nails.

That’s the idea behind these new Prismatic polishes from China Glaze. The limited edition launch of six eye-catching glittery nail polishes ($8 each) really improved my spirits this afternoon. The gloomy, gray sky looming over the Bay Area felt like a big wet blanket on my mood.

It was bringing me down… But then I started swatching. 🙂

china glaze ray diant

Filled with glitter and holographic particles, these glimmering multi-colored metallics almost look like they’re hopping off my nails! — like they’re 3D powered, which is kinda cool.

As usual, China Glaze formulated the entire line, which bursts into professional beauty supply stores and salons in April, without DBP, toluene and formaldehyde.

In all of these swatches, I’m wearing two layers…

china glaze polarized
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A Tribute to The Hunger Games! The China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection

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So maybe limited edition nail polish collections and sci-fi teen fiction trilogies make unlikely bedfellows, but just like Greasy Sae’s mice meat, pig entrails and tree bark stew, something about this one just works.

China Glaze pays tribute to the tributes of The Hunger Games with the new Capitol Colours Collection, which catches fire on shelves at Sally Beauty and Ulta stores, and beauty salons early next month.

Playing with these polishes was almost like reading the books. I couldn’t put ’em down! — and as I let the 12 polishes ($7 each) parade across my fingertips this afternoon, I wondered which ones Cinna would choose for Katniss… 🙂

China Glaze Capitol Colours

China Glaze Capitol Colours riveting electrify luxe lush
From the left: Riveting, Electrify and Luxe and Lush

China Glaze Capitol Colours hook line sone cold smoke ashes
Hook and Line, Stone Cold and Smoke and Ashes
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