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The New Cargo Long-Wearing Lip Glosses: I Found Sheer and Shiny Somewhere Between Fresno, Nassau and Madrid

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cargo fresno lip gloss

Wearing Cargo Lip Gloss in Fresno

Sometimes it’s all about the little things, ya know? Having a cookie, spending a Friday night at home with your cat, trying on some lip glosses. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. 🙂

Earlier today, as Tabs prepared for his regularly scheduled afternoon nap, I tried on three of the 14 new long-wearing Lip Glosses from Cargo ($14) — creamy pink Fresno (really, Fresno?), shimmery peach Nassau and shimmery berry Madrid.

tabs cargo glosses

From the left: Fresno, Nassau and Madrid

All three sheer beauties are members of Cargo’s permanent line, and they’re some of the most comfy glosses I’ve worn in a while. They feel a lot like MAC’s non-sticky Plushglasses to me, except without the tingling sensation, and with a faint green apple flavor and scent, instead of MAC’s vanilla.

Cargo Lip Glosses in Fresno, Nassau and Madrid

Cargo Lip Glosses in Fresno, Nassau and Madrid

Cargo Lip Gloss in Madrid

Cargo Lip Gloss in Madrid

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