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How a Tinted Red Lip Balm Like Butter London’s Lippy Tinted Balm in Strawberry Field Can Save You Time This Fall

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“Let me take you down, ’cause I’m going to, apply Strawberry Field forever.”


This, my friend, is what happens when you grow up in a house (of learned doctors) where both of your parents worshiped The Beatles. You hum that song to yourself every time you apply Butter London’s creamy new $20 Lippy Tinted Balm in Strawberry Field (and keep calling it “Strawberry Fields Forever”) — a side effect of growing up on a steady diet of music by John, Paul, George and Ringo.

The Lippy Tinted Balms: New to the Butter London Line

The nail polish purveyors recently branched out into other forms of makeup, releasing pieces for eyes, lips and cheeks. Strawberry Field is one of six Lippy Tinted Balms added to Butter London’s permanent line.

The pigment sucks you in, but the coverage seals the deal…

Before I brought the bright red balm to my lips for the first time, I thought it would be a chore to apply based on how pigmented it looked in my initial swatches, but it’s just as easy to wear as a Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm.

When fall, which is still just a whisper on the wind, and the holidays roll around, red lips abound! — and there are plenty of options to choose from, but Strawberry Field doesn’t bring with it the high-maintenance drama that often accompanies full-coverage crimsons.

Being a balm, it’s sheerer than your average lipstick and doesn’t flip out if I fudge my application a little… Mistakes aren’t as easy to spot.

Heck, I can even apply it without a mirror and can skip a lip liner and lip brush. Really, it’s one of the easiest reds I’ve ever worn.

Mo’ deets…

  • Does it smell or taste like strawberries? Nope, neither. And thank goodness for that! Nothing turns my tum more than faux strawberry. It’s a little like Nilla Wafers, and it’s faint and fades after five minutes.
  • How’s the moisture content? Not too shabby, tabby. They may not be as moisturizing as a Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (those make my lips go “AHHHHH!” whenever I wear them), but they’re still quite hydrating.
  • What’s the wear time like? One layer and I’m good to go for at least 3-4 hours, which is great for a lightweight, non-sticky balm.
  • Will I need multiple layers? Nah, just one, and get this — the formula’s smooooove and doesn’t settle into lip lines.

Butter London Strawberry Field

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9 Pastels, a Panini Press and the Butter London Spring 2013 Sweetie and Starkers Collections

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Butter London Sweetie and Starkers Spring 2013 Collections

The nine-piece Butter London Spring 2013 Collection ($15 each bottle), available now online and at Butter London counters and Nordstrom

Today my brain politely offered me two options. One, I could spend the afternoon experimenting with my new Sunbeam Panini Press (and eating said food experiments)…or two, I could catch up on spring nail polish swatches.

Panini Press Madness!

The Sunbeam Panini Press, my new BFF

Tough decision…

But technically, the panini press isn’t new. I’ve had it since Christmas (of 2010!) and just kind of forgot about it.


Over the past few days, I’ve made a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches with it, a delicious grilled shrimp burrito (!) and a quesadilla with brie and pear.

But again, it’s not new, so I opted for the swatches…in part due to my muffin top, which has been feeling extra muffin-y lately…

I’ve also been going through a pastel nails phase, and the colors in the Butter London Spring 2013 Collection are scratching the itch. 🙂

This year, Butter London divided their spring launch into two parts — the six-piece Sweetie Shop collection and three-piece Starkers collection. Each bottle goes for $15 a pop.

The Sweetie Shop sub-collection

Butter London Fruit Machine Swatch

Butter London Fruit Machine, an opaque caramel creme (three coats)

Butter London Kerfuffle Swatch

Butter London Kerfuffle, an opaque, pinkish orange creme (three coats)

Butter London Jasper Swatch

Butter London Jasper, an opaque, pastel yellow creme (three coats)

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