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$375 Chanel Sublimage Texture Universelle: Someone Forgot to Tell Chanel about the Economy

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Question: How does Chanel intend to weather the down economy?

Answer: Simple, they’re gonna release another $375 skincare product.

Their Sublimage franchise has been a big hit, accounting for half the brand’s skincare sales wherever they’ve been sold, so this January the company plans to add a new product to the mix, Sublimage Texture Universelle, an identically priced cream offering the same broad anti-aging benefits as the original Sublimage cream, but in a lighter texture for even more skin types.

Back in April I tried and LOVED Chanel’s Sublimage Eye Cream (I even kept the empty 0.13 ounce sample jar as a memento, LOL!), but Chanel broke my heart by charging $225 per ounce!!!

The addition of Sublimage Texture Universelle brings the Sublimage line to a total of four products, including an eye cream and a serum. Introduced in September 2006, the original cream has been renamed Sublimage Texture Supreme.

As Chanel’s premiere skincare line (no kidding), Sublimage targets wrinkles, loss of firmness, dehydration, lack of radiance and uneven pigmentation.

Why does Sublimage work so well?

Psychosomatic placebo factors aside … it’s thanks to a compound Chanel calls Plantifolia-PFA, the line’s active ingredient, derived from the fresh fruit of a Madagascan orchid-family plant. Chanel claims the compound boosts skin’s inter-cellular communication. “If Texture Supreme is cashmere,” the press release says, “Texture Universelle is silk.”

That’s mostly marketing fancy talk, but I did think the rich, jasmine-scented Sublimage eye cream worked well. I loved it even more than my previous eye cream crush, MAC Moisturelush ($30, 0.5 oz jar), and that’s saying a lot.

Chanel must agree because they’ve priced Sublimage out of reach of most consumers. The new Texture Universelle will cost $375.00 for 1.7 oz. The other sizes will be priced from $175.00 to $385.00.

Because of the price, the Sublimage line gets limited distribution, but you can usually find it on Chanel’s counters in Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

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Killer Kushionz Make High Heels Comfortable

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I swear, there must be a law of fashion nature that dictates that the hotter a strappy sandal looks, the more uncomfortable it has to be. Seriously, it’s like the yin and yang of sexy shoes.

I’ve been wearing high heels for years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still make my feet hurt. Yesterday, for Jen’s wedding, I decided to try something new.

I inserted Killer Kushionz by Foot Petals ($12.95) in my gold BCBGirls high heels.

They’re designed to cushion the heel, arch and ball of your foot and also work like grip tape to keep your foot from slipping and sliding around (I hate it when my toes slide down the front of my sandals).

Made out of breathable foam, they don’t get hot, either, which means they don’t make my feet sweat (sexy!).

A super adhesive sticker keeps each pad in place, and they’re perfectly sized (but can still be trimmed to fit if necessary), so they fit well under your feet without obviously sticking out. That means they won’t make your great shoes look like orthopedic sneakers, LOL!

How well do they work? Well, normally after 5-6 hours in my 3.5-inch gold heels my dogs would have been KILLING me, but with Killer Kushionz I was relatively pain free in those same heels for 10 straight hours.

I am so totally sold on Killer Kushionz. They’re like Dr. Scholl’s for high heels! And they even come in pretty colors (I got them in rose). 🙂

Foot Petals Killer Kushionz

Price: $12.95 each; $34.95 for a three pack
Use: To make high heel shoes more comfortable
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. El Hub and I drove down to Key West this afternoon, which is about 220 miles south of Boca Raton. We’ll be here for a couple days before returning to the Bay Area on Wednesday. Ernest Hemingway, one of my favorite writers, had a home here, and I’ve always wanted to visit. After his death the home was turned into a museum, and today the property is also home to more than 60 cats! Hemingway had a thing for cats, and he protected his feline descendants in his will. How cool is that?

Sundays without Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Nov. 23

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Before leaving for Florida, we got Tabs a suite at Cat’s Cradle, a kitty hotel/pet boarding facility, because we didn’t want to worry about him while we were away.

Most kennel/boarding facilities (I found Cat’s Cradle on Yelp) charge between $8-$17/day and usually include meals. You get the peace of mind of knowing that someone is looking after your pet, which means not having to worry about flaky cousin Fred forgetting to refill the water bowl.

Well… at least that’s the idea. I just got a call from Cat’s Cradle. Tabs escaped! He was last seen at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Can you help me find him in this picture (click for a larger version)?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Jen’s wedding and reception went off without a hitch. There were no serious injuries on the dance floor, although I think a middle-aged groomsman might have pulled a muscle doing the worm, LOL! Here are some pics…
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Wedding Makeup Tips: Live Blogging from Boca

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Left: Lynette, the makeup artist; Right: Jen, the beautiful bride

We’re here in the bridal suite getting ready! I’ve been picking the makeup artist’s brain (Lynette) for wedding makeup tips and she’s been great!

Highly recommended…

Yours truly…

These things rock!

Wedding Makeup Tips

  1. Lynette prefers matte blush over shimmer because, she says, “mattes look more natural and shimmers
    look oily in pictures.”

  2. Recommends L’oreal Original Voluminous mascara because “it goes on thick and isn’t
    clumpy, and thickens and lengthens the best” out of all the mascaras she’s used for weddings.

  3. For photographs, she loves Cinema Secrets cream foundation in the pan
    and Cinema Secrets pan concealer because “it covers everything and looks great in flash

  4. To get a soft look with your eyeliner, “apply powder shadow dry to the lower lash line with
    an angled brush.”

  5. If you have very oily skin, “try using a mattifying gel addition to primer.” Try OC
    Eight Mattifying Gel 8 Hour Control.

  6. Definitely look for Ardell InvisiBands (semi wispies) false lashes. They look natural in photos
    “because they have tiny hairs,” and they’re very easy to apply.

  7. Lipstick can look heavy in photos, so try using a mix of lip liner and gloss instead.

  8. To help your makeup stay in place better on your wedding day, “do a clay mask before you apply anything.”

Reporting live from Jen & Michael’s wedding in Boca Raton… 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


The Boca Raton: Soft Green Eyes, Coral Cheeks and Lips

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Greetings, fellow Twilighters. The wedding starts in a few hours, but I squeezed in a run in the neighborhood around the hotel here in Boca Raton. Judging by the mini-mansions (lots of palatial estates) and proximity to the ocean, the folks who live here sho’ ain’t po.

I jogged by some beautiful tropical landscaping on a long, quiet street called Banyan Road.

The lush greens and corals inspired my face of the day. This isn’t the makeup I’ll be wearing to the wedding today; just something I was playing around with. It’s soft greenish-gold eyes, coral cheeks and a coral lip.

I tried to get close-ups of the eyes, but I forgot how bad the lighting was in the hotel room until I’d already removed my makeup, shoot!

For this face I used products from Shu Uemura, Benefit, Chanel and MAC. It being cold back home in Northern California and just about everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere right now, this FOTD won’t see a lot of action, but it might be fun to try something similar on a sunny day, even if it is chilly outside. Plus, it’s easy! 🙂

How I Did The Eyes

To get the eye look, I patted a layer of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit over the entire eye with my finger, concentrating most of the color on the lid and fading on the way up to the brow bone.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit

Next, I patted the green shade from the Shu Uemura Adorned Marguerite Palette with a MAC 252 Large Shader Brush onto the lid and just barely into the crease.

Using a Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner Brush I applied MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack to the upper water line, applying the liner close to the roots of the lashes.

With the same brush, I drew a thick black line onto the upper lash line, thickening the line toward the outer lash line (the side closest to my ear).

To make the liner pop, I patted the shimmery black shadow from the Shu Uemura Adorned Marguerite Palette directly on top of Blacktrack on the upper lash line with a Sonia Kashuk Eye Angeled Brush.


Next, I curled my lashes with the incredible Shu Uemura lash curler and added two coats of Chanel Exceptionnel mascara in Noir.

To complete the look, I filled in my brows by applying MAC Concrete to the sparse ends with the mighty MAC 266 Small Angle Brush.

The Cheeks

The cheeks were super easy. The key is the big, cheesy smile. Then, I swept MAC Sunbasque, a shimmery coral, on the apples with a MAC 129 Blush Brush.

The Lips

Beach Coral Lipstick
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