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Chanel Flamingo Nail Colour: My Sunday Morning Manicure

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Today I treated my nails to pricey pink perfection by way of $19 Chanel Flamingo nail polish. Part of Chanel’s summer 2008 collection, Flamingo is a soft, pale pink with flecks of shimmery silver. I swooned when I first saw it in the store a few weeks ago; I have a well-documented weakness for pink.

So, I was doing my nails this morning while watching the Torchwood season finale (R.I.P., Tosh and Owen), and I made some observations about Flamingo. The formula Chanel uses is a ‘lil thicker than both Shu Uemura ($16) and Laura Mercier ($15) nail polishes. Consequently, Flamingo takes longer to dry. A thicker consistency also typically requires more care to apply than a polish with a thinner consistency, but despite the consistency Chanel Flamingo was relatively easy to use. No goopy mess.

It took me three layers to get the vibrant pink in the picture above. Pretty, yah? I love Flamingo, but I do have an issue with its $19 price tag. I know $19 isn’t that much more than both Shu or Laura nail polishes, but it’s still $14 more than a bottle of Revlon!

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You Must Choose: Eternal Crease Colors, Afterlife Preparation

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This is probably not a big surprise, but I was kind of a weird kid. Case in point: when I was eight, I had a mummy obsession. It was just a phase, but it lasted for months. Day after day I would come home from the library with armfuls of books about mummies, and I’d spend hours reading about burial preparations (removal of the brain with a hook through the nose was my favorite part), pyramid building and Egyptology. My mom would look at me strangely as I’d describe the books and pets I’d bring with me into the afterlife.

My childhood mummy phase eventually passed, but the other day, while watching Nova, The Mummy Who Would Be King, my mind wandered to — surprise, surprise — makeup.

Is there a cap on how much makeup one can bring with them into the afterlife? — ’cause Cleopatra must’ve taken a TON of black eyeliner with her!

As I pondered my ginormous eyeshadow collection, I wondered which crease colors I would want to be buried with in my (presumably fabulously decorated) tomb for all eternity. I’d hire only the best tomb-keepers, too, and they would hook me up with giant custom-made eyeshadow pans of MAC Soft Brown, Soba and Sable eyeshadow, my top three go-to crease colors of all time! If we’re talking eternal resting places, we really ought to be prepared.


Which crease colors would you bring if you could actually “take makeup with you”?


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Chanel Fall, Holiday 2008 Makeup Collections by Chanel’s New Golden Boy

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In less than three years, the value of gold has more than doubled, now selling for more than $900 an ounce. Chanel must have noticed how much people have been lovin’ on gold lately because both of their upcoming fall and holiday makeup collections go after gold in a mad, crazy way.

The fall 2008 collection debuts in July, and like Laura Mercier’s Gold Digger and Dior’s Goldrush it’s all about the gold.

The collection will be the first for new Chanel Creative Director of Makeup Peter Philips. Inspired by Coco Chanel’s now historic apartment on the Rue Cambon in Paris, each of the products range in color from warm brown to bronze and gold.

Philips drew upon more than just the colors inside Coco’s elegant abode. He also took inspiration from some of its furnishings, including a large gold-framed mirror and a rough crystal chandelier.


The fall lineup…
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Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash, a Drugstore Gem

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This morning I went digging through one of my bathroom drawers to find a brush. Instead of the brush I found buried drugstore treasure — not one, but *two* tubes of Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash (about $5 each).

Two years ago, back when my skin was mad crazy oily, Basis Cleaner was my go-to face wash. I figure that since it was good enough to stockpile (I wouldn’t be surprised to find a few more tubes stowed away in other drawers) back before I started blogging, it deserves a second look now. I vividly remember this cleanser saving my skin back in the day.

Throughout my 20s I had skin problems. Even as recently as two years ago I suffered from really oily, acne-prone skin, and Basis Cleaner Clean was the only face wash able to remove all of my makeup without making my skin feel tight and dry.
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Lip Look: Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bamboo Pink

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One day about a week ago I set out to find Clinique’s new Long Last Glosswear SPF in Bamboo Pink. On my mission, I trekked to three different Clinique counters in downtown San Francisco (in three-inch heels), but it was nowhere to be found. “I’m sorry, dear,” the sales associates said. “It’s sold out.”

Never one to give up easily, I finally got my hands on Clinique’s little beast a few days ago (yay!). It didn’t take long at all to see why it has been so hard to keep in stock — it’s *gorgeous!*

Clinique has a winner on its hands. Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bamboo Pink is a cool-toned pink with silver shimmer, and it’s a perfect, wearable shade for days when you just want a lil’ somethin-somethin on your lips but aren’t in the mood to spend too much time on your look.

For the picture above, I paired it with Bamboo Pink Long Last Shine Lipstick.
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