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Moisturize in a Flash with Olay Quench Mousse

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When I hear the word “mousse” I think of Bullwinkle, or maybe a creamy chocolate mousse (yum), or perhaps hair mousse, but I don’t think of moisturizing lotions — that is, until now. Introducing Olay Quench Mousse, Olay’s latest entry in the crowded field of body moisturizers.

I usually look for thick, rich body lotions and creams. My first impression of Olay Quench Mousse was that it felt light and fluffy, so I didn’t expect to like it. But ooh la la I did!


I gave it a try after my shower last night. I shook the bottle, squirted a few dots o’ mousse onto my arms and watched in fascination as the dots reacted with air, magically growing into (read more…)

A Time for Renewal

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Happy Easter, ya’ll! I’m off to the East Bay to have Easter lunch with my parents but wanted to say a quick hello.


After lunch I’m going to work on a few posts for this week, including reviews of a couple of spring fragrances and drugstore blushes. I also plan to finally finish the tutorial for pastel pink and blue eyes.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and that your heart is feeling light and hopeful!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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MAC Heatherette’s Sock Hop, Style Minx Lipglasses Live Up to the Hype

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MAC’s highly anticipated Heatherette collection dropped this week, and two of the Lipglasses really caught my eye — Style Minx and Sock Hop.


Style Minx, a sparkling bright pink fuchsia, appeals to the pink lipgloss lover in me. After applying two coats, my lips turned a bold, can’t-miss-me bright pink. Girl, I looked so ready to hit the club!


Style Minx

It took some effort with Style Minx to get the results I wanted. In hindsight, I would recommend using it with a lip liner. On my first attempt, I skipped liner and ended up with pink everywhere! The shade is so bright that even the smallest traces of product are apt to stand out like sore, pink thumbs if any color extends beyond the natural lip line.

While playing with Style Minx, I was pleasantly surprised by how very pretty it is when toned down. As a test, I applied a single quick coat to my lips, blotting afterwards with a tissue. What remained was a rosy, deep pink stain perfect for more conservative daytime wear.

With the help of a lip liner and a lip brush (as opposed to the included Lipglass wand), I expect to have better luck on my next attempts with Style Minx. A liner should establish a crisp boundary to reign in some of the pink, and the use of a separate lip brush should provide a lot more control than the wand does. I’m not kidding, ya’ll — this stuff is pink!
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Estee Lauder has a Lil’ Something for Bronze (and Not so Bronze) Goddesses

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Summer makeup collections usually feature golds, bronzes, bright corals or pinks — perfect colors to accompany a summertime tan. While it’s true that ladies with darker complexions (like your girl) scream a big ol’ “Woot-woot!” when companies release summery products in their preferred shades, light-skinned beauties may feel left out. Fear not, porcelain princesses, because this summer Estee Lauder’s got yo back. Their 2008 summer collection, “Bronze Goddess,” has three great products everyone can wear.


Bronze Goddess Sheer Lip Tint SPF 15 Lipstick

The limited edition Bronze Goddess Sheer Lip Tint SPF 15 lipstick ($25) looks dark in the tube, but don’t let that fool you. Applied, the color looks like a subtle watercolor bronze — just barely there at all — with a touch of shimmer. It should flatter most skin types, even if you’re on the lighter side.


I had a lunch date with El Hub today (over his lunch break) and didn’t want wear too much makeup (aka, I was too lazy to put on a full face!), so I used Bronze Goddess on my lips, a tinted moisturizer on my face and cream blush on my cheeks. Tres casual without looking too sloppy.

I like the texture of Bronze Goddess. It isn’t sticky, goopy or heavy, and on my lips it faintly smells of peach Jolly Ranchers (LOL). The gold and tortoise shell case may look too mature for some, but I think it’s classy and cute. (read more…)

Go Bronze and Shimmer with Laura Mercier’s Gold Digger Collection

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If I ever make it back to the tropics, Laura Mercier’s Gold Digger collection is coming with me. Set to debut this spring, Laura’s summer collection is all about gold and bronze shimmer and includes two travel-friendly products that caught my eye: Colour Pots and Lip Glace lipglosses. I predict both would go perfectly with a surfer girl tan.


Each Colour Pot houses a cream eyeshadow base, with a coordinating loose powder shadow tucked away beneath it (so very James Bond!). Both products work well separately, but they’re intended to be layered one on top the other for an intense metallic shine.

I prefer to pack lightly when it comes to makeup and travel, so the idea of two products in one handy and compact package moves me. I welcome anything that lightens my load and means a bit more room for souvenirs in my carry-on bag.

Laura Mercier has made three gilded shades available — White Gold, Solid Gold and Bronze Gold.

As if you haven’t noticed, the gold theme continues. I’m excited about picking up all three new Lip Glace shades — Bronze, Gold and Platinum. Lip Glace lipglosses are non-sticky and don’t chap my lips or make them peel.

Here are a few pics, along with details on the rest of the collection. (read more…)

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