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Just for fun: Weekend Update – Welcome to the 10th Circle of Hell; Weekly Beauty Blog Roundup

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate the Container Store. There is something fundamentally wrong with going to a store to buy more stuff to keep all of your present stuff in. Either 1.) get rid of some stuff or 2.) put that Container Store money (‘cause nothing in there is cheap) to better use and just buy more stuff!

Because of this philosophy, I have become a victim of my own personal hell. Dante shouldn’t have stopped at nine levels, because the 10th can be found in my apartment:

See those lovely bags perched precariously on the shelf? Of course they were filled to the brim with god-knows-what and of course they had to all succumb to gravity all at the same time and fall into the center of the closet, leaving a nice two foot layer o’ crap for me to swim through.


In case you were wondering: one DOES NOT feel like a pirate looting through buried treasure when doing this.

Speaking of pirates…

In addition to writing this blog, I freelance write for a living. I love my job for the most part, because there’s so much flexibility, I don’t have to work in a cube (which I did for many years…it sucked) and I’m constantly challenged. However lately I’ve been trying to think in terms of the big picture, and where I want to be in five years, yada yada yada, that kind of thing. Plus, NOBODY seems to understand what I really do. So while the closet was imploding, I also had a mini “What should I do with my life” freakout this weekend, too.

I’ve decided that instead of having to explain what I do for a living, I’m now going to start telling people that I’m a Pirate-ologist. And if you remember your Latin roots, that would be “Study of Pirates.”


While I was at Barnes & Noble this afternoon I actually told somebody in the magazine aisle that I was a Pirateologist, and that despite being completely landlocked, UC Davis had a great program!

What do you do for a living? And do you like your job? If you could do anything and not have to worry about paying bills, what would you do?

Despite all of the moments of temporary insanity this weekend, it was still really good. I spent lots of time with El Hub, downloaded a bunch of new music and did a lot of beauty product testing. This week expect to get the skinny on FUN stuff from bliss and DHC!

I hope that your weekend was fun and that you feel happy, sane (!), organized (!) and loved.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Your weekend isn’t done yet till you’ve checked out the best posts from the gals over at The Beauty Blog Network! (read more…)

MAC Makeup Reviews, Cosmetics – Invisible Set Powder; Natural Flare Loose Beauty Powder; Indianwood and Groundwork Paintpot; Plushlash in Plushblack

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MAC Makeup Reviews – Part Uno of MAC Pro Store Haul

MAC Loose Beauty Powder in Natural Flare
Price: $21.00 for a 0.28 jar
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+


Oh. My. Gawd. Becky.

The Loose Beauty Powders are frickin’ amazing.

MAC Loose Beauty Powders are sheer, jet-milled powders used to bring shimmer to eyes, cheeks and skin.

There are eight colors, and I think I want them all!

MAC Paperwhite: Soft white with pearl reflects
MAC Micro Pink: Pale pink with red reflects
MAC Lightly Lilac: Soft lavender with violet reflects
MAC Daisy Dust: Pale banana with gold reflects
MAC Natural Flare: Peachy champagne with white and gold reflects
MAC Peach Haze: Soft coral with gold and bronze reflects
MAC Dancing Light: Creamy gold with white gold reflects
MAC Drizzlegold: Flechy beige with copper and gold reflects

I have MAC Natural Flare, a peachy champagne with white and gold reflects. Not only is the color beautiful, it’s incredibly versatile.

In the past two weeks I’ve used it in several different ways, including:

– on top of matte blushes to give them dimension
– as a highlighter on the nose, chin and upper cheekbones
– with lotion and applied to legs and arms
– mixed with sunscreen on days I’m too lazy to wear foundation but still want a little glow.

What I liked about MAC Loose Beauty Powder

– gorgeous, refined glitter that isn’t too in your face
– perfect, natural looking sparkle
– very sheer, yet buildable coverage. Even when I’ve accidentally overloaded my brush and the results still look great
– great for a luminous J.Lo skin look

What I didn’t like about MAC Loose Beauty Powder

– nada! I just wish I picked up a few more colors!

The final word
Words can’t even begin to capture how much I love this product. Ladies, get your hands on this asap. Tis the shizz.

… Loose beauty?

REVIEW: MAC Paintpots in Indianwood and Groundwork
Price: $16.50 for a 0.17 oz jar
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: C+/B-


I’m a big fan of MAC Paints as eyeshadow bases. Barely a day goes by when I don’t reach for my beloved Bare Canvas.

I’ve been a little hesitant to get on the Paint Pot train because the last thing I need is another MAC obsession to fuel. However, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And if it’s for the sake of beauty blogging, then I’m down to make the ultimate sacrifice of possible product obsession.

I had great expectations for the MAC Paint Pots and was entirely hoping they’d rock me, Amadeus.


Although I liked the colors, I was disappointed with the texture and performance of MAC’s Paint Pots. My wallet will be happy to know that I will not be shelling out le dough to get all of the colors into my makeup stash.

What I liked about MAC Paint Pots

– great packaging
– natural and pretty colors
– long wearing
– doesn’t crease

What I didn’t like about MAC Paint Pots

– drier formulation

If you’ve used the previous MAC Paints in a tube, you know that one of the big issues is that the product is hard to control. It tends to shoot out of the tube, a lot ends up going to waste and the metallic packaging just sucks!

The MAC Paint Pot packaging is a vast improvement. And the stuff stays on forever and doesn’t crease, which is great. I often use Indianwood just as a wash of color all over the lid on days when I’m too lazy to do a full eye.

However, I just feel so-so about the paint pots as a shadow base. Maybe I’m nuts (hey, it’s entirely possible) but the drier texture of the new formulation doesn’t grab or blend shadows as well as the OG MAC paints.

The final word on MAC Paint Pots

I’ll probably buy Bare Study just to see how it compares to Bare Canvas, but then I’ll stop there. I don’t lust after these enough to collect them all.

REVIEW: MAC Invisible Set Powder
Price: $24.00 for a 1.1 oz jar
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B


By far for the past few months Laura Mercier Translucent Loose setting powder has been my favorite thing to top off every range of foundation – tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, etc.

Yet old beauty habits die hard, so I’m always on the hunt for new makeup.

I’ve been wanting to try MAC Pro’s Invisible Set for a while, so during my last trip to the MAC Pro store the first thing on my list was this product. The Set powders are loose powders designed to stabilize and fix makeup, and you can only purchase them at Mac Pro stores. By the way – you don’t have to have a card to shop at the MAC Pro Store! All you need is your credit card and a massive amount of self restraint.

The skinny on MAC Invisible Set Powder…

– jet-milled
– contain micronized pigments and talc for pure colors and soft application
– sheer-light coverage
– matte finish

There are seven shades, including:

MAC Lilac: Whisper soft lavender
MAC Peach: Light-medium beige peach
MAC Deep Peach: Medium-deep beige with neutral peach undertones
MAC Soft Yellow: Creamy soft yellow
MAC Dusty Rose: Very soft pink
MAC Porcelain: Soft white
MAC Invisible: Transparent ivory

One of my issues with Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose setting powder is that it doesn’t have enough lasting shine control. I’ve read that Invisible Set is a great for ladies with oilier skin, so I was very excited to see how it performed in comparison.

I’ve been alternating MAC Invisible Set makeup with Laura Mercier Translucent over the last two weeks. I wish I could scream from the rooftops that MAC Invisible Set is my new favorite powder but I just feel so-so about it.

What I liked about MAC Invisible Set Powder…

– matte finish that absorbs oil for long periods of time (although this seems to be dependant on the base that I use)
– only have to use very little to get good coverage
– no weird grey cast
– huge makeup jar!

What I didn’t like about MAC Invisible Set Powder…

– has a more stark finish and not as “soft-focus” as Laura Mercier Translucent Loose
– requires more thoughtfulness during application. I can’t just slap this on and go. I really have to be careful not to overload my brush and have to dilute, dilute, dilute; otherwise my makeup looks too Memoirs of Geisha
Invisible Set makeup definitely keeps me less oily throughout the day, but on my skin it really depends on what type of base it adheres. I’ve tried it with various types of coverage, from light tinted moisturizers to medium coverage liquid foundations. By far the best results were from the heavier coverage products. When I wear Laura Mercier Oil-Free foundation, Invisible Set makeup really grabs onto the color and won’t let go. But when I use Laura Mericer Tinted Moisturizer, Invisible Set seems to get oilier much more quickly.

On me, Invisible Set gives a more theatrical, dramatic finish than Laura Mercier Translucent. Laura Mercier’s Translucent is like “I’m running barefoot through a field of sun flowers in afternoon light in sun-dappled Tuscany” while Invisible Set is like “I’m wearing Dubonnet red lips, a black Armani suit and four-inch Manolos and you better move out my way when I’m strutting down Market Street.” Get the picture?

You might like MAC Invisible Set Powder if…

– you like to have a range of powder finish options
– wear heavier foundation
– have really oily skin

The final word on MAC Invisible Set Powder…

I probably won’t buy it again simply because of the fact that this particular jar is going to last me into the next lifetime. It’s huge! And I barely need to use any of it to get great coverage.

Also, I also like to have different powder options on hand, and will use this on days when I want a more dramatic look to my skin. It’s a fun option to have in your makeup arsenal, but if you’ve got a limited budget then it’s not a must-have. However, if you’re skin is super oily and you wear heavier products, this could be a godsend.

I think in the future I’ll actually mix MAC Invisible Set Powder with Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the results of this Franken-powder experiment.

REVIEW: MAC Plushlash in Plushblack
Price: $11.00
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+ and a big fat HELL TO THE YAH!


MAC Plushlash will kick your Plushass!

I’m usually a big fan of drugstore (aka cheap!) mascaras and makeup, but MAC Plushlash is actually worth spending your hard earned cash on. And, baby, I know you work hard for that money.

Plushlash awesomeness begins with the huge brush. It’s all puppies and rainbows from that point on, ladies:

– excellent curl hold
– great lengthening and thickening
– deep, dark black color
– doesn’t smudge

Just for fun the other day I applied four layers of MAC Plushlash in Plushblack, and I actually went out in public without feeling like a total freak…
After three years of heavy weight domination, MAC Plushlash now knocks out DiorShow as my new fave higher end mascara. LOVE IT!

How’s your Saturday been? I’ve been slightly out o’ commission because earlier today I was listening to “Get Low” by Flo-Rida (She hit the floor, next thing ya know she got low, low, low, low…). I started dancing around the house, which is standard operating procedure ’round here, and then proceeded to pull a muscle when I got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low. Yes, this is what happens when you’re 32 and you don’t warm up! So I’ve been wobbling around all day like a pirate with a wooden leg. Not cute!

Anyway I hope whatever you are doing is fun and that you are enjoying your day!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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Makeup and Beauty Tips for Breast Cancer Patients: Staying Beautiful Inside and Out!; Product reviews – Bath & Body Works In Touch Breast Self-Exam Glove; Tarte’s Sweet Dreams Lipstick

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Makeup and Beauty Tips for Breast Cancer Patients: Staying Beautiful Inside and Out!

This is a picture of my friend, Mary Anne. She’s a breast cancer survivor and the coolest dentist I know.


We met a few years ago at UC Davis (GO AGS), where she had the annoying habit of getting good grades in organic chemistry!

It seemed like our lives were destined to follow a certain track: finish school, get great job, find kick-ass boy, etc.; so when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year it was really shocking. It felt like it was only yesterday when we were at her house at 2:00 in the morning “studying,” aka pigging out and watching Jerry Springer.

Next thing I know we’re kickin’ it at the chemotherapy ward and making jokes about the IV she’s toting around.

Yet despite this difficult and emotional year, I’ve watched my friend handle this challenge with grace and positivity.

One of the many challenges for Mary Anne was navigating the world of makeup and beauty as a cancer patient. How do you deal with losing your eyebrows? What do you do when you feel a hot flash coming on? These are just a few makeup/beauty issues that she had to deal with.

So without further ado, here are a few great tips that she’s learned this past year on how to stay beautiful both inside and out.

And if you have a friend or a relative who has breast cancer or was recently diagnosed please forward this post to her. Let’s make someone feel hopeful today!

Makeup and Beauty Tips for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors from the Lovely Mary Anne

Mary Anne

Age and occupation
31 years old (My 31st birthday was very special, it happened to be my last day of radiation!)

When were you diagnosed? How did you find out?

During a routine physical exam in October 2006, my primary care physician found a lump on my left breast. Prior to that, I had no idea it existed and never had any symptoms. Nine days later, the pathology report was in. I was in total disbelief when the doctor said “malignant invasive ductal carcinoma.” All I could do was cry.

After feeling the lump for the first time, I thought to myself…”It’s so obvious; I should’ve found it earlier!” I did not do monthly breast exams and thought I was immune to cancer because I was young, strong, and heading to the top of my career. Cancer was NOT on my agenda. Little did I know, it was going to be my only agenda item for this year.

Self-breast exams are recommended every month after our menses. Palpating your breasts in the shower with soap is the perfect time to get to know your breasts. Be sure to lift your arm and check the underarm areas as well.

What are makeup/beauty tips that you’d give to a woman who has breast cancer to stay beautiful on the outside?

Here they are in order of importance! I had to figure most of this stuff on my own, so I thought I should share them all.

– Hydrate daily. Drink plenty of water and moisturize your body including your lips. I like Cetaphil and Eucerin products.

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, about $11 for 16 oz bottle, at your favorite drugstore

– When you feel tired, your body is telling you something…it’s saying “REST, I’m tired!”

– With clearance from your doctor, EXERCISE! If you are taking steroids to counter the side effects of chemo drugs, don’t be surprised if you find yourself a little plumper.


– Eat healthy but don’t deprive yourself of an occasional treat. Ask your doctor to speak to a nutritionist. Some hospitals offer complimentary consults. If needed, you may also want to consider speaking with a cancer psychologist as well as a social worker to assist with financial aid and participation in cancer programs.

– FLOSS! See your dentist for regular dental care. Post chemo and radiation, I now have xerostomia (dry mouth) and gum recession. Some cancer patients also experience cold/canker sores. I recommend topical fluoride treatments (like Omnii Pharmaceutical’s varnish) and regular cleanings with clearance from your medical physician. Saliva acts as a buffer against the acidic environment that causes tooth decay; so lack of saliva (dry mouth) may result in increased cavities. Speak to your dentist about Biotene (for xerostomia), Periomed (which contains stannous fluoride), Prevention Oncology Rinses (found it in Walgreens, soothing to the tissues), and Colgate’s Orabase (it contains cyanoacrylate, the same stuff in crazy glue, it’s palliative for cold sores). Chew sugar free gum with xylitol. Brush twice a day.


– Before your hair falls out, try a funky, new, bold short haircut to minimize messy floors and clogged drains. It was only two weeks into chemo that my hair started falling out in clumps. A very sweet hairdresser, Jessica, at Thirteen Salon in Walnut Creek, CA shaved my head. It was one of the most liberating things I have ever done.

Halle Berry with a short style

Alyssa Milano with cute, short hair

– Anastasia’s Eyebrow Kit. I was never one to draw in eyebrows. The kit has everything for a beginner…stencils, mascara, the perfect eyebrow brush and colors.

Anastasia Five Piece Brow Kit, $65.00, or Sephora

– Find pretty nail polish. Chemo drugs such as Adriamycin and Cytoxin will turn your nails black. I prefer darker colors like OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark and Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ.

OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, $7.50 at

– Treat yourself to a nice scarf. I found a classy large scarf at H&M for $8!

– Try NARS bronzer and blush. Apply a little bit to give yourself a healthy glow. It works!

Nars Orgasm Blush and Laguna Bronzer duo, $36 at Sephora

– Attend “Look Good, Feel Better,” a seminar held by the American Cancer Society free of charge for cancer patients. They give $200-$400 worth of brand name cosmetics to each attendee. They also give free wig and make-up tips. Call your local society for more information.

– Carry hand sanitizer wherever you go.

– When a hotflash comes on, just imagine that you’re in a sauna and think peaceful thoughts. Get a meditation CD.

What beauty tips would you give to a woman who has breast cancer to stay beautiful and positive emotionally?

– Pray. Meditate. Yoga. Walk.

– This really helps…Whenever I was feeling down, I started to count my blessings. I thought of all the things I am thankful for i.e. mom, dad, sisters, brothers, nephew, relatives, friends, advances in health care, food on the table, plumbing, clean water, chocolate.

– Remember, life is worth every minute. You can choose your thoughts. Keep a positive attitude and if there is any time to erase negativity in your life, it’s NOW. Choose to LOVE LIFE and never lose HOPE. Plus, when your kids see you love life and do good for others, they will be happier and will contribute more to this beautiful world in their lifetimes. As you go through this challenge, you will be amazed by your strength, courage, and stamina. You will also be amazed by the resilience of your body.

– Growing up, I have always believed that there are virtues that no one can ever take away from me like integrity…same goes for your HOPE, FAITH, and your ability to LOVE.

– Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Truly Forgive.

– SMILE, it doesn’t cost you anything.

– Dance, it doesn’t cost you anything.

– It’s okay to cry. It can be very cleansing. Lean on your family and friends for support.


– Take a picture of your baldness. I wish I did.

– Do something good for yourself everyday.

– Meet other cancer patients and survivors. Make friends at the infusion center. Might as well make your 3-5 hour infusions pleasant.

Welcome to the sisterhood, sista! When you are done, you will come out with GRACE, SERENITY, and POWER! This is where true beauty is found…in your heart and soul. There are people who are fighting for you and who want you to win this battle!

What are you looking forward to most in the next year?

I’m looking forward to enjoying family, friendships, life, more rigorous workouts, learning how to cook gourmet meals, travel, and mission trips. I’m looking forward to practicing dentistry again. I love my patients. Oh and, taking a picture with the kitty on this website.

More Fab Breast Cancer Awareness Products

It’s not too early to start thinking about stocking stuffers for Christmas! One gift I plan on getting all the women in my life is In Touch Breast Self-Exam Glove, which you can purchase at Bath & Body Works for $9.00.


This reusable glove reduces friction by 50% and increases sensitivity, so your fingers can glide smoothy across the breast during your monthly breast self-exam. This kit also includes complete exam intsructions, a monthly reminder calendar, and a pretty travel satchel for your glove.

I just tried this glove during my last breast self-exam and it really does make it easier. I now keep the kit in my bathroom and just check off date on the calendar so I can keep track of my exam dates. Every woman on my Christmas list is getting one of these!

Another great stocking stuffer is tarte’s inside out lipstick in the shade Sweet Dreams, which I reviewed a few weeks ago.

October is a great month to pick up this pretty dusty-pink rose lippie, because 20% of the retail sales will go to Young Survival Coalition, You can purchase Sweet Dreams inside-out lipstick at Sephora stores nationwide.

Ladies, please do a monthly breast self exam and encourage the women in your life to do the same!

Hugs to you and to all the breast cancer survivors fighting to stay healthy.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



News: Out of Office Message – I Feel Like Total Crap

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Hey Ya’ll –

So I had this super mega post reviewing my MAC loot from the Pro Store, but I didn’t finish it this afternoon because I’ve had the migraine from hell since I got home from work at 4:00. The right side of my brain feels like it’s trapped at a club with some killer pounding bass, so the whole subject/verb/insert funny phrase here process has not been crackin’.

I wish!

The most my brain has been able to tolerate were a few episodes of “Kimora Lee Simmons: Life in the Fab Lane,” oh gawd!

Will be back tomorrow, in full force. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


MAC Makeup, Face of the Day (FOTD): Matte2 in Copperplate, Fig. 1 and Poison Pen; Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog

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Face of the Day with Mac Matte2, aka When Purple Doesn’t Reign

Try as I might, I can’t seem to get it together when it comes to MAC’s Matte2 shadows. I’ve tried to do a full on matte eye a few times but it’s just too hard for me in terms of blending. Plus, I need a lil’ sparkle and some shine, ya know?

Here’s one of the attempts with three Matte2 colors:
Fig. 1 – eggplant purple
Copperplate – muted mid-tone grey
Poison Pen – deep mid-tone purple with grey



Although I originally wanted to do an all matte eye, I ended up using Next to Nothing (from the Smoke Signals palette) on the browbone to offset the dark colors.

I also used:

MAC Bare Canvas paint as a lid primer
MAC technakohl liner
MAC Plushlash in Plushblack

On my lips that’s MAC Mattene in Composure and on the cheeks is MAC Emote blush.

The colors were really hard to blend, and I had to really put that 217 into overdrive to avoid having stark lines of definition. I also had to work fast too, because once the Bare Canvas paint dried blending was virtually impossible.

And did I mention that I felt too purple to function?


I dunno how I feel about this. I guess next time around I’ll try it with a lighter hand, which I think will make me feel less, um, purple.

Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog…

You know that you need tough love some times. And that I’m here to give it to ya!

Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog,

I think my boyfriend is wearing my eyeliner.

I noticed a few weeks ago that I seemed to be going through my favorite eyeliner (MAC’s Technakohl in Graphblack!) really fast. I mean, I wear it every day, so I’m not surprised when it runs out. But lately it seems like I go through it so quickly. And one morning when I reached for it in my makeup kit, I noticed that the cap was off, which is something I never, ever do.

That night during dinner I mentioned it to my boyfriend, and told him that I thought there was a ghost or something in the house messing with my eye liner. He made a weird face and said that it was probably nothing and that I forgot to put the cap back on. Well, in between bites of pasta I looked closely at his lashline…and it seemed to look thicker, and bit more defined. That’s when it hit me: he’s using my eyeliner!

What should I do? Should I confront him about this? Should I just let it go? Help!


Confused in California

Dear Confused,

It’s not the end of the world. Think about it: there are plenty of boys out there who work the lined eye with plenty of success.

Pete Wentz does Cleopatra liner

Prince does the cat eye

Jared Leto does a light smokey grey on the outer 2/3rds

However, if it really makes you uncomfortable, you might want to have a little discussion with him.

Here are a few approaches I’d think about taking if I was in your shoes.

Bait and Switch: Let the boy keep wearing liner…just don’t let it be your expensive eyeliner

I would hide my precious Technakohl away and replace it with a Prestige or Wet n’ Wild liner from the drugstore. I did this a few years ago when El Hub kept using my pricey Bumble & Bumble Gentle shampoo in the shower. He had no clue that it cost an arm and a leg, so I just replaced it with some Suave and he was none the wiser.

Full on Frontal: Ask him straight up why he’s wearing your eyeliner…but be mentally prepared for a potentially shocking conversation

This direct tactic is the one I’d be most likely to take in this situation, but I wouldn’t go into the convo without preparing myself thoroughly. First, I’d make myself a mental list of all the potential answers that El Hub could eventually give me:

“Honey, why are your wearing my eyeliner?”

Potential answer #1
“Because I want to be a rock star like Prince, so I’m quitting my job to start a band!”

Potential answer #2
“Because I’ve discovered that I like wearing makeup. By the way, those stretched out panties you’ve been complaining about? It’s not cause you’ve lost weight. It’s cause I wear them when you’re at hip hop class!”

You get the picture.

Next, I’d brainstorm all of the possible ways I’d react to these answers.

Would this exercise help me in the end? I don’t know for sure. However, I do know that going through the possible scenarios would get me thinking about how to handle each possible situation with compassion, dignity and grace. I would also hope that the exercise would prepare me for *anything* he threw my way. And should shit hit the fan, I would hopefully be mentally prepared enough to not lose my cool and be an understanding and open-minded partner during the conversation.

Make Him Up, 101: If he’s determined to wear the liner, make sure that it at least looks good

So if the boy is hell bent on wearing liner, then the least you can do is to make sure it looks good. I’d perhaps give my guy a lesson on blending and brushes, plus a fresh pot of his own MAC Fluildline in Blacktrack.

Good luck, and keep on trucking.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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