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News – The San Francisco Fashion Week Countdown Continues – 5 more days!

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Five days till I go backstage with MAC at San Francisco Fashion week! Sometime today I’m going to plan my interview questions and plan out what the hell I’m going to wear. While I’m tempted to rock the high heels all night long, I fear that I will have to go with practical (yet stylish) shoes and clothing so that I can take pictures without having to worry about my dress flying open or my boobs hanging out.

Have you visited the MAC site lately (silly me, I know better than to ask that question of a MAC-acholic!)? Anyway, to help get you excited for SF Fashion Week, here’s another in a series of backstage looks they are currently featuring on the Web site. This is Future Graphic!


What do you think of the black-lined eyes? For some weird reason I love’em. I would love to see these looks on sci-fi hottie Mila Jovovich or Kate Bekinsale during her vampire days in the movie Underworld. I’m not crazy about that orange-ish lip, but I guess it would look really stand out on the runway.

WOO HOO! FRIDAY! El Hub and I leave for Tahoe at the crack o’ dawn today, so please send us safe travel (and no traffic!) vibes. I hope that you’re day is going well so far, and that your night is even better. Kiss a hottie!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog – August 17, 2007

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Friday means that it is time for your weekly dose of good ole’ fashioned advice from Is gel liner a mystery you can’t figure out? Completely clueless about the difference is between sugar and hard wax? Need to know the upcoming winning lottery numbers? While I can’t help you with that last one, I do try my best to answer all of your other burning beauty, skincare and makeup questions. OH – and I give out great tough love too, should you need to know if those jeans make your butt look big!

Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog,

I have acne and it totally sucks. What’s worse is that I can’t stop picking at my zits! It’s gross, but even when I try to stop I just can’t help myself. What should I do?


Pimply in Pennsylvania

Dear Pimply in Pennsylvania,

I so feel your pain. It’s really hard to keep your hands off your face, especially when there’s the temptation of big, juicy, pop-ready zits. Totally been there.

First of all you’ve got to remember that popping pimples and touching your face does not help you! Not only does it extend the time of the zit, you can permanently scar yourself. YIKES!

Here’s what helped me. First I made the decision to keep my hands off my face, because hands on face inevitably leads to pimple popping. When I was tempted I told myself out loud (or mentally, if others were present) that “This is not helping the situation, it’s making my skin worse and I HAVE TO STOP.”

Secondly I started tracking when I would be tempted to pick. In high school, my forehead was where I got the worst breakouts, and I would always pick at the zits just out of habit when I was stressed out while taking a test. I saw this pattern and tried really hard to break it. I actually cut my nails and started sitting on my free hand during tests so it wouldn’t wander out to the zits on my forehead. It was hard, but eventually I stopped doing it and it really helped my skin to heal.

These days I know that I’m always tempted to pick late at night, right after I brush and before I go to bed. I try really hard to avoid that situation by turning off the bathroom lights immediately – ya sure as hell can’t pick your zits in the dark. At least I can’t, because the visual is a big thing for me. Eww so gross, I know, but readers that say popping a pimple isn’t satisfying have got to be lying or in total denial.

Figure out when you are most likely to be tempted to pick and then do what you can to break the habit or avoid the temptation. Your skin will be spared from scars and will thank you for it. Good luck!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog,

I noticed you have lots of pictures of me up on your blog. Why?


Christian Bale

Dear Christian Bale,

Yes, I do like to post random pictures of you on my blog, but that’s cause I run the show
here and I can do whatever I want!


In fact, here’s another one just for fun.

I am so very flattered by your offer to make out with me. Okay, so maybe you didn’t offer to make out with me in your letter but if you offered it would be – dare I say – truly awesome!

Unfortunately I’d have to turn you down, as my husband would probably not be happy with such a heavy exchange of spit between us.

Take care, and please keep lifting weights.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


News – The San Francisco Fashion Week Countdown Continues

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The countdown is on here at, and I’ve got six days until I get to peep all the makeup magic MAC has cooking backstage at San Francisco Fashion Week.

The MAC Web site currently features some backstage looks, so here are a few that we might see next week from the Techno-Colour series:

My faves here are the bright bubble gum glossy lip in the top row and the purple eye in the middle. I really hate that yellow eyebrow, bluh!

While I’m usually color shy with makeup myself, I love seeing bright colors on others and on the runway! BEAUTIFUL! I hope the artists bust out a few looks inspired by this series.

OH! I just found out that I was kindly invited by MAC to attend a dinner next week hosted by the key makeup artists for San Francisco Fashion Week, Victor and Louise, to kick off Fashion Week. Um, hello, excited much?

This weekend I will be getting some much needed rest before all of the hub-bub next week. El Husband and I will be going to Lake Tahoe! We’re going to visit the lake (apparently it’s hella cold so swimming might not happen, boo hoo), do some gambling, and maybe I’ll hit the spa if there’s time. If you have any recommendations on what to do/where to go/what to eat (!) please let me know! We’re leaving at the crack o’ dawn tomorrow so today is my FRIDAY! WOO HOO!

I hope that your Thursday so far has been mellow and that your eye makeup looks RUNWAY HOT!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



Product Review – Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in #2

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Oh, Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. How much do I love thee? If I could I would probably make out with you and then hold you tight as you slept next to me … I would even let you steal the covers. Okay, not really. But seriously, where would I be without this stuff? Most of the waking world would wonder if I was questionably undead if I didn’t have this wonder powder to keep my dark circles hidden.

Secret Brightening Powder takes setting your undereye concealer to the next level. It’s not exactly a highlighter, but it’s not exactly a face powder, either. Its transparent white color helps to brighten your undereye area, and it contains very fine micronized pigments, which keep it from settling into fine lines.

It looks oh so innocent in its cute little 0.14 oz jar but then brush some on top of your favorite concealer and BAM! It’s like spooky Harry Potter magic happened all up in your face!
Case in point: here are two pics I took during a tutorial I did a week ago. If undereye circles could speak, these purple devils would tell you that I was up till the wee hours watching mind-rotting reality television.
And here I am after applying Secret Brightening Powder with the MAC 217 Brush over a layer of MAC Select Moisturecover. Presto-chango, evil purple circles are gone!
What I liked about it

Full Disclosure: I tried this product a few months ago at a Laura Mercier event and initially I wasn’t wowed by it. I liked it, but I didn’t love it enough to buy it on the spot. After recently purchasing this on a whim at Sephora and seeing it in pics I have really come to depend on Secret Brightening Powder. It’s now a main staple in my daily makeup routine.

The best part of this powder is the texture. It’s so finely milled that it’s barely noticeable, yet it has great staying power throughout the day and keeps my concealer from budging. The second best thing is that it really brightens up my undereye area and makes me look more awake and refreshed without looking too obvious. The third is that I only have to use just a little bit to get great coverage, so I know this small jar will go a long, long way.

What I didn’t like about it

There were no negatives for me, but some might find spending $22 on a such a small jar a rip off. However, if you think about it in terms of daily use, then the price tag is easily justifiable. A little really goes a long way.

The final word

I have nothing but love for Secret Brightening Powder, and if it were ever discontinued I’d first probably have some form of bodily convulsion. Then I’d buy the remaining jars in a three state radius and store them in my closet until the second coming. Seriously, I ain’t lying. Try this stuff … a super-duper Makeup and Beauty Blog Winner!

News – Skin Inc. Magazine’s Face & Body Spa & Healthy Aging Conference and Expo in San Francisco, August 25-27, 2007

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It’s going to be non-stop fun here at next week. In addition to going to San Francisco Fashion Week I’ll also be attending the Face & Body Expo Spa & Healthy Aging Conference and Expo next Sunday, August 26, 2007, at San Francisco’s Moscone Center!

There will be over 250 cutting edge beauty companies exhibiting their newest products in skincare, body care and makeup. I’m so excited to go because there are several makeup companies that I’ve never heard of before – Kryolan Professional Makeup, Lizette Cosmetics, Naked Cosmetics and Brenda Christian Cosmetics to name just a few!

If you’re a skincare or spa professional you may want to check out the conferences that are being held. The advanced education classes include Esthetic Science, Healthy Aging and Trends.

You can register online if you want to attend. Hope to see you there!

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