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Face of the Day (FOTD) – MAC Woodwinked Shadow with MAC Sweet Sage Fluidliner

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I got this amazing SLR camera and I’m on a picture kick so here’s another Face of the Day with a little splash of green color on the eyes!

I was feeling the gold vibe after looking at the Photoshaped pics today so I decided to play with MAC Woodwinked and see what would happen. I did this easy, subtle look (this seems to be my dominant makeup theme, LOL) that pairs Woodwinked with a splash of green liner and powder on the top lid. You can’t really tell straight off that I’m wearing color, but when I blink my eyes I can see a flash of green! If you are color-shy like me then try this – it’s totally not scary!

Here are the eyes.

Looking down

I’m watching you!
I used (working from brow downward)
1. MAC Concrete shadow on brow, with 266 brush
2. MAC Bare Canvas Paint on entire lid, with 217 brush
3. MAC Ricepaper shadow over entire lid, with 252 brush
4. MAC Woodwinked shadow over outer half of lid and crease (concentrating the most color on the outer part of eye), with 217 brush
5. MAC Mulch shadow in outer v, with NYC cosmetics eye shadow applicator
6. MAC Sweet Sage Fluidline on upper lash line, with 209 brush
7. Maybelline Antique Jade shadow layered over MAC Sweet Sage upper liner, with NYC cosmetics eye shadow applicator
8. MAC Sweet Sage Fluidline on lower lash line, with 209 brush
9. MAC Woodwinked shadow layered over MAC Sweet Sage lower liner, with NYC cosmetics eye shadow applicator
10. MAC Select Moisturecover concealer, with LORAC 103 brush
11. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder #2, with 217 brush
12. Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof mascara in black

After the eyes were done, I did the usual round of Laura Mericer Oil-Free Foundation Primer, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Almond mixed with Laura Mercier Oil-Free Moisturizer in Sunset Beige and topped with Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

The cheeks: one layer of Neutrogena Soft Suede Soft Clolr blush, then a layer of Nars Torrid blush, with MAC 129 brush

And last, but not least, lips were lined with Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Daring Nude, then MAC Viva Glam II lipstick, topped with a layer of MAC Gemshine Lipgelee.

And here’s the final look in two different light levels.



I think that I will keep playing with this look – there are so many potential ways to change the eyes by layering different shadows and pencils.

One more day ‘till San Francisco Fashion Week starts!

Here’s the last of the MAC backstage looks on the MAC website, Taylored.


This is by far my favorite group of look Maybe I’ll use this as inspiration on my current quest to be no longer SOS (Scurred of Scarlet.)

Yay, it’s Tuesday. I raise my cup of coffee to you and to your fabulousness. Cheers!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Face of the Day (FOTD) – MAC Frankly Scarlet Blush layered with MAC Woodwinked Shadow

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Last week I did a post on how I found some scarlet colored goodies in my makeup case. They are both really beautiful, but slightly terrifying to me because I usually don’t wear brights. I’m trying to not be so fearful of color, so this week I’ll be doing makeup experiments with MAC Frankly Scarlet Blush and MAC Russian Red Lipglass so that I will no longer be SOS … aka, Scurred of Scarlet!

Bloggers Kia over at Yummy411 and Apple Diva at Pumps and Gloss suggested trying layering over the Frankly Scarlet Blush. I couldn’t get a hold of MAC Other Worldly (a warm yellow-gold blush from MAC’s Moonbathe LE Collection) at my local counter so I fished out the Woodwinked and decided to do some improv.

Here are a few pics of what I worked with:

Frankly Scarlet, in all of her glory
Woodwinked, a veluxe pearl shadow described on the MAC website as “warm antique gold”
And here are swatches of both:

I tried to keep the eyes and lips neutral to keep the focus on the blush.

First I prepped with MAC Bare Canvas Paint. You really can’t see it here because I shrank the picture down so much, but this is a really beautiful, natural-toned primer with soft flecks that helps “grab” your shadow. I like it as a primer for matte browns.

I then used the following to create a soft, matte brown eye. Going from the top eye brown and working downward:
1. MAC Concrete shadow, with MAC 266 brush to fill in brows
2. JANE Dream Cream Eyezing shadow on brow bone, with MAC 252
3. MAC Soba shadow, with MAC 244 in crease
4. MAC Soft Brown Matte shadow on lid, with MAC 217
5. MAC Saddle shadow in outer v, with NYC Cosmetics shadow applicator
6. MAC Fluidline in Graphic Brown on upper lash line, with MAC 316 lip brush
7. Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara in Brown
8. MAC Saddle shadow on lower lash line, with MAC 213
9. MAC Select Moisturcover concealer in NW 25
10. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder in #2


After doing a quick eye cleanup and then applying foundation and powder, I used MAC 129 to apply Frankly Scarlet, a bright rose-red matte, to the cheeks. The blush is highly pigmented, so I had to dilute the color by swiping the brush on the back of my hand, then tapping it on the side of the sink. I barely had to use any to get a nice, bright flush.

I then used the same 129 brush and applied MAC Woodwinked shadow on top of the Frankly Scarlet. I was very pleased with the soft, glowy flush.


I don’t have anything on my lips in this pic and I probably could’ve stopped here, but on a whim I decided to line the lips with MAC Spice liner and MAC Clear Lipglass.


What do you think? Scarlet’s not so scary, yah?

I returned from Tahoe and I am sad to report that I did not win the jackpot, boo hoo. However, I am happy to report that me and The Hub had so much fun. The good folks at Harrah’s hotel upgraded our room to a suite, which included this massive spa tub.

This tub was the shizz, ya’ll.
It was deep and had six jets that heated the water. I must’ve taken three or four baths, and it was the cleanest I’ve ever been in a 48-hour time span.

Tahoe itself was so beautiful. The lake water was so clear – it actually looked like a tropical ocean! Too bad it was too damn cold to go swimming in.

View of the lake from Camp Richardson. Yes, I’m in pajamas.

The view of the mountains from our room
My favorite part of the lake is Emerald Bay, where you can see the only island in the lake.

I hope your weekend was fun and that your Monday hasn’t been too hectic. Have a great week!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


News – The San Francisco Fashion Week Countdown Continues – 3 more days!

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San Francisco Fashion Week gets closer and closer! We’ve been checking out runway looks from the MAC Web site for the past few days, and here’s yet another batch of beauties, the Photoshaped series!


I think this is just stunning. I like makeup that looks natural but has a little kick to it. And there’s just no way one can hate on gold shadow. (Is that even possible?) I love the nude lips in all of these pics, too – totaly reminds me of something Angelina Jolie would rock.

Yeah, Sunday! Don’t you love sleeping in?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and smile today!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



The Weekend Beauty Roundup – August 18, 2007

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Beauty Blog Network Badge

Rise and shine Morning Glory!

I know you’re tired because you had a good ole’ time last night at the club (was that you dancing in the cage?) or at the sideshow ghost riding your whip or whatever your bad self does on Friday nights! But now it’s time to wake up, pour yourself a cup of coffee and get to this week’s round up of the best beauty blogs around from the Beauty Blog Network.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic reviews Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara.

A Touch of Blusher gives the lowdown with the Fall 2007 Makeup Trend Report.

All Lacquered Up swatches the OPI Russian collection just for you.

Beauty and Fashion Tech checks out Everyday Minerals.

Beauty and Personality Grooming breaks the cycle of dry hair with these DIY conditioners

Elke Von Freudenberg gives tips on how to be a bronze goddess.

The Mineral Makeup Blog shows off her beautiful Eye of the Night.

Will gamble for MAC! I’m visiting Lake Tahoe right now and at this very moment hopefully winning some cash so I can buy myself some Fix+, MAC Wipes, Other Worldly Blush and Viva Glam Lipglass. Who am I fooling? I’m really hoping that right now I’m winning enough to also liberate myself from the chains of earthly monetary concerns, aka, TAKING HOME THE JACKPOT. You gotta pay to play, baby. Or so they say. *sigh*

My friend Bernadette and I were talking the other day about obsessing over lashes, so I hope that on this Saturday your lashes are full and curled to perfection. Have a good one!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



News – The San Francisco Fashion Week Countdown Continues – 4 more days!

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FOUR MORE DAYS! Can you handle it?

A few days ago I got an invite to a SF Fashion week kick off dinner hosted by the key MAC makeup artists. I’m excited, but a little nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve been in a social situation where I really don’t know anyone around me. I’ve been leading a somewhat solitary day-to-day existence as of late because I’m always writing or working on a computer, so my small talk skills need a little brushing up. I know it sounds dorky but I actually did research on this! Honestly, I’d be a hot mess if it weren’t for the Internets!

Here are a few tips on the art of small talk from an article I found on the CNN Web site.

1. As you prepare for a function, come up with three things to talk about as well as four generic questions that will get others talking. If you’ve met the host before, try to remember things about her, such as her passion for a sport or a charity you’re both involved in.

2. Be the first to say “Hello.” If you’re not sure the other person will remember you, offer your name to ease the pressure. For example, “Charles Bartlett? Lynn Schmidt — good to see you again.” Smile first and always shake hands when you meet someone.

3. Take your time during introductions. Make an extra effort to remember names and use them frequently.

4. Get the other person talking by leading with a common ground statement regarding the event or location and then asking a related open-ended question. For example, “Attendance looks higher than last year, how long have you been coming to these conventions?” You can also ask them about their trip in or how they know the host.

5. Stay focused on your conversational partner by actively listening and giving feedback. Maintain eye contact. Never glance around the room while they are talking to you.

6. Listen more than you talk.

7. Have something interesting to contribute. Keeping abreast of current events and culture will provide you with great conversation builders, leading with “What do you think of …?” “Have you heard …?” “What is your take on …?” Stay away from negative or controversial topics, and refrain from long-winded stories or giving a lot of detail in casual conversation.

8. If there are people you especially want to meet, one of the best ways to approach them is to be introduced by someone they respect. Ask a mutual friend to do the honors.

9. If someone hands you a business card, accept it as a gift. Hold it in both hands and take a moment to read what is written on it. When you’re done, put it away in a shirt pocket, purse or wallet to show it is valued.

10. Watch your body language. People who look ill at ease make others uncomfortable. Act confident and comfortable, even when you’re not.

11. Before entering into a conversation that’s already in progress, observe and listen. You don’t want to squash the dynamics with an unsuited or ill-timed remark.

12. Have a few exit lines ready so that you can both gracefully move on. For example, “I need to check in with a client over there,” “I skipped lunch today, so I need to visit the buffet,” or you can offer to refresh their drink.

When should you exit a conversation? According to Susan RoAne, author and speaker known as the “Mingling Maven,” your objective in all encounters should be to make a good impression and leave people wanting more. To do that, she advises: “Be bright. Be brief. Be gone.”

What should I put on my list of three things to talk about? Perhaps the elusive creature known as the outer-v?

I guess if all else fails I can always bring up Michael Jackson’s scary abuse of blush.

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