The 20-Piece $75 LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Is a Cyber Monday Steal

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lorac 20th anniversary collection

The 20-piece $75 LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection set

It takes a doozy of a bodacious Black Friday deal to lure me away from leftover Thanksgiving pie.


Dude, seriously, nine times out of 10, I’d rather stay home in the comfort of my living room in a pair of flannel jammies than contend with the Black Friday shopping crowds.

You feel me?

Join me, and let’s stand together! — or, rather, lie horizontally — in our pajama-clad solidarity.

That said, if we choose to stay home cocooned on our couches on Black Friday this year, it doesn’t mean we still can’t take advantage of great beauty deals, like this one here. It’s one of the best Black Friday-ish deals I’ve ever seen in my life.

Black Friday-ish because it’s actually a Cyber Monday deal. It’s the 20-piece $75 LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection set, and it’ll only be available online, starting Cyber Monday, November 30, at while supplies last.

lorac 20th anniversary collection

The LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipsticks from the left in Bombshell, Visionary, Secret Agent, Free Spirit, Beauty Guru, Party Girl, Hot Shot, Celebrity, Dominatrix and MUA

This is one of those once-in-a-blue-moon kind of things, and it literally made my jaw drop.

It comes with a staggering 20 full-size LORAC lippies for what works out to $3.75 each (!), which is INCREDIBLE for LORAC. There are 10 Alter Ego Lipsticks (which usually go for $16 each) and 10 Alter Ego Lip Glosses (which sell for $15). Considering the quality you get with LORAC, that’s a steal.

lorac 20th anniversary collection

The LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipglosses from the left in Bombshell, Visionary, Secret Agent, Free Spirit and Beauty Guru

lorac 20th anniversary collection

LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipglosses from the left in Party Girl, Hot Shot, Celebrity, Dominatrix and MUA

The lipsticks are opaque, pigmented, comfortable and smooth, and they don’t have any funky flavors or scents.

As for wear time, they last about four or five hours for me.

The glosses are also pretty incredible — smooth, non-sticky, moisturizing and so much pigment (the glosses last three or four hours). Wearing one is almost like wearing a liquid lipstick.

Unlike the lipsticks, the glosses do have a flavor and scent. It’s a light brown sugar.

lorac 20th anniversary collection swatches

LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipsticks from the left in Bombshell, Visionary, Secret Agent, Free Spirit and Beauty Guru

There’s absolutely nothing basic about the colors in this set, and I don’t see any throwaways. Most of them are high fashion and current, like the funky purples and ’90s-style browns. There’s even a blackened blackberry.

In putting together this set, someone had their finger on the pulse of cutting edge makeup artists and enthusiasts — and anyone, really, who likes colors that aren’t the usual peaches and pinks we’ve all seen a million times before.

lorac 20th anniversary collection swatches

LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipsticks from the left in Party Girl, Hot Shot, Celebrity, Dominatrix and MUA

All 10 of the lipsticks have corresponding gloss colors, so they match!

I wish brands would do that more often… I mean, like most girls/guys, I like coming up with my own color combos, but dagnabbit, sometimes I want my lipstick to match my gloss!

These do. πŸ™‚


Three of the colors — burgundy Dominatrix, violet Free Spirt and warm brown Secret Agent — are re-promoted bestselling shades from the LORAC permanent line, while seven are brand new shades that are exclusive to the set. They include light purple Beauty Guru, peachy nude Bombshell, berry wine Celebrity, bright fuchsia Hot Shot, deep blackened violet MUA (Makeup Artist), medium pink Party Girl and taupe-brown Visionary.

lorac 20th anniversary collection swatches

LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipglosses from the left in Bombshell, Visionary, Secret Agent, Free Spirit and Beauty Guru

lorac 20th anniversary collection swatches

LORAC 20th Anniversary Collection Lipglosses from the left: Party Girl, Hot Shot, Celebrity, Dominatrix and MUA

Oh, the set also comes with a keepsake faux leather box with a removable tray that you can reuse for storing whatever you want, like the homemade vegan cat treats you just baked, your extensive collection of gold doubloons, your collection of handwritten love letters from Ryan Gosling — whatever.

lorac 20th anniversary box

That box is a keeper…

I can’t recommend this set enough! It’ll be available on the LORAC website first thing on the day of November 30, while supplies last, so if you’re thinking about it, go for it early that day (Nov. 30). Don’t delay.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    Wow! This is a really good deal and all the shades look very wearable! Well done, Lorac!
    Agata recently posted … A Pumpkin Spice FOTD feat. Makeup Geek Pigment in Vegas Lights

  2. Chelsea says:

    What a nice set! Love the box it comes in, very luxe. I’m not a lip product person (nor is anyone on my Christmas list) but I can see where this would be a great deal if you’re the kind of gal who’s always wearing lipsticks.

    I love your videos! You’re so friendly, like I could just fly out to California and talk about cats with you.

    Mina fell in the toilet the other day (I’m pretty sure it’s not her first time, since we find her wet sometimes…) and instantly jumped on Jiji, who was NOT PLEASED. I think her lack of a tail makes her a little klutzy!

    • Karen says:

      Aww, thanks Chelsea! I feel the same way about you, like we could just sit at a cafe talking cats and bunnies! πŸ™‚

      Wait, what?! Did you see her fall into the toilet? What was she doing checking out that thing in the first place, LOL!?

      • Chelsea says:

        I was washing my face at the sink, so I saw most of it! She likes to drink out of there, despite having a bowl of fresh water.

        She’s obsessed with the bathtub too. Silly kitty!

        • Karen says:

          What a funny little baby! Is she also the type of kitty who likes to drink water out of the faucet? Tabs is sooooo not that cat. He gets all diva-ish when his paws get wet. LOL!

          • Chelsea says:

            That’s my girl! She doesn’t mind wet paws too much. I was sitting in the bathtub, and the top of my legs were above the water, and she was pawing at them. She’s always getting in the sink too.

          • Karen says:

            She must be part baby tiger, LOL! What a sweet pea. I wonder if she’d enjoy swimming in the tub. I’ve seen vids of cats doing that it blows my mind! Tabs hates water. Absolutely can’t stand it!

  3. zVintageFashionizta says:

    I heard about this set a couple of days ago and was hoping that someone would get it early to show swatches. If I don’t get my hands on one of these sets I am going to cry! Thank you Karen! πŸ™‚

  4. Rachel says:

    I agree completely. So many deals you can get online, why bother with the crowds? I know last year Macy’s had some awesome beauty deals and they were available online, if I had gone to the store they would have been sold out for sure!

  5. Tracey E. says:

    Now that’s a FIND, Karen! I’ve noticed that more Black Friday door busters are available online now, so I join you in flannel comfort while grabbing these deals!

  6. Jessica says:

    I have got to ask- what color are you wearing on your nails in this vid, Karen? I have been looking for a berry/wine/fallish color like that! πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jessica,

      It’s called Dark Like Me, and it’s by Smith & Cult and from their permanent collection. I’ll have a post with some swatches on it soon! πŸ™‚ If you have any questions about it let me know.

  7. I am so jealous of your great sales days! Cyber Monday would me my preferred one too, I very much prefer online shopping to braving the crowds.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Splashing water in my face – MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation

  8. Aw man, people are going to be ALL over this one! πŸ™‚ Definitely one of the best deals I’ve seen so far, I agree!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask

  9. Jessica says:

    Pretty Lippies!!!
    Jessica recently posted … France, etc.

  10. Kim says:

    OK, you would look great in ALL of these so it would be an absolute steal. I could wear like 3 or 4 (and you know which those would be). HAHA! Thank you for making me laugh with your doubloon comment, btw. I’ve been wondering where I should store mine. πŸ™‚
    PS Lots of people think that the “help” over the radio at the end of TWD was Glenn. I can’t imagine he got out of there but I find I’m consistently wrong about that show. Did you watch Into the Badlands? I really liked it!

  11. Erin says:

    Wow, what a great deal!
    Erin recently posted … VINTJS Arneis

  12. Janelle says:

    Putting an alarm on my phone right now! I really want to snag this set!

  13. Rachel R. says:

    This looks like a great set. It really does have a nice variety of shades. I was pleasantly surprised to see purples.

  14. 80sChicwithglasses says:

    Hi Karen! I too feel you on staying in and braving the internet instead of crowds, lol! How do you think this lip set would work for deep skin tones? For reference, I’m a Mac NW 45-50ish…depending on the product. I’ve been into lippies these last few months and this looks beautiful!

  15. melissa says:

    Wondering why my posts don’t show up?

  16. tova says:

    uh, wish i could get that, but live in sweden :((((

  17. Sabrina says:

    Wow these colors are absolutely fabulous. I hear too many great things about Lorac. They seem to really have their lives together. And I completely am with you on the lipstick colors we see all the time and how it gets boring. This set is put together very well.

  18. Amanda says:

    I am so getting this on cyber Monday! I love Lorac cosmetics and I need to get this. One thing about your video, you were pronouncing Lorac wrong the whole time. :/ it’s pronounced Lor-rock

  19. zVintageFashionizta says:

    I received my set today (Beautiful!) but after inspecting the lip glosses some appear to have shimmer, am I correct?

  20. zVintageFashionizta says:

    UPDATE: Lorac confirmed it, a few of the glosses have micro shimmer.

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