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MAC Unsung Heroes: Greensmoke Eyeshadow

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mac greensmoke

It’s time, friend…

Time to clap our hands and stomp our feet! Time to raise our hands to the sky and testify to the dawn of a new era! — the season of smokey eyes!

Oh, fall… You make me so sad when you shoo summer away, but then your cool, crisp winds give me an excuse to bust out my MAC Greensmoke Eyeshadow ($15), one of my favorites for smokey eyes.

MAC describes it as a tarnished olive, but Greensmoke is so much more than that.

On my NC42 skin, I get a smokey, grayish khaki with flashes of golden pearl and flecks of silver glitter. It’s a complex color, and one I can’t recall seeing duped by anyone else.

Packing it my lids or applying it with a wet brush brings out more of the golden pearl and greenish tones, while buffing it coaxes out more of Greensmoke’s gray.

For a different, and wonderfully complex, take on smokey eyes, I’ll apply Tarnished Eye Kohl as a base all over my lids, layer Greensmoke on top (I keep wanting to type “Gunsmoke”), and then buff out the edges.

mac greensmoke

mac greensmoke swatch
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MAC Unsung Heroes: Ample Pink Plushglass

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mac ample pink plushglass

Wait. Stop! Before we drive out to Modesto to roam the streets looking for Jeremy Renner’s family home — and hell yes, gurl! I totally agree that this is a perfectly sane idea — I need to check my purse.

Keys? Check.



Okay, where’s my phone? It has to be here somewhere… I need it just in case the boss calls me.

Yes! There it is.

Now, where’s that tingly, creamy pink gloss I like to keep in my purse? MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink ($19.50)?

Hmm… I think I may have left it in my other bag. Hold up. Let me go check. I’ll be right back.

What’s that? Yes, I am aware that there are no fewer than 10 other glosses in my purse, but none of them are Ample Pink. And hello, we’re talking about Jeremy Renner here.

mac ample pink plushglass

A semi-sheer pinkish mauve, Ample Pink is like a cross between a subdued MAC Spite and a tube of MAC Viva Glam V without the glitter, and I can’t believe we haven’t talked about it before.

I feel like I’m always pimping it out to friends who love my-lips-but-better looks, especially the ones who prefer cooler-toned pinks without a ton of shimmer.

I love the way it looks with smokey eyes… Not overpowering at all.

mac ample pink plushglass swatch
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MAC Unsung Heroes: Indianwood Paint Pot

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mac indianwood paint pot

The Walking Dead. It’s not just a TV show anymore.

It’s also an apt description of moi, specifically my eye area when I’ve stayed up too late pondering important issues like mint tea ice cream (how would it taste? — amazing or nasty?), or when I’ve stayed up too late reading post-apocalyptic young adult “literature.”

So yeah, I’m becoming increasingly familiar with my zombie girl side, although I have yet to develop a taste for brains…

But who knows? If I don’t start getting to bed earlier, I might start craving fleshy snacks!

Thank goodness for MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood ($18.50)… Right now it’s the only thing slowing the transition to full-on undead.

mac indianwood paint pot

Whenever I get up looking a little worse for wear, I like to smear this shimmery bronze cream shadow on my lids with a finger and blend out the edges with a fluffy domed eyeshadow brush (I’m partial to the MAC 217).

The stuff is nothing short of a minor miracle! It brightens my lids, making me look better rested, radiant and almost glowing (almost).

You can wear it with easy, elegant looks, like with some mascara and MAC Teddy eyeliner along your lash lines for a quick work look, or in sultry, seductive looks with false lashes and MAC Feline eyeliner along your lash and water lines.

mac indianwood paint pot swatch with rubenesque for comparison
Indianwood on the left, with MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque for comparison

mac indianwood paint pot
MAC Powder Blush in Supercontinental on my cheeks and MAC Lipglass in Ready to Roam on my lips; both from the new Styleseeker collection
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MAC Unsung Heroes: Bare Study Paint Pot

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mac bare study paint pot

What delivers bright-eyed, bushy-tailed looks in less than a minute and works as a great base for all of your favorite gold and beige eyeshadows? — heck, for most of the other colors in your eyeshadow collection, too?

Wait — before you answer, have you met MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study?

Hint-hint. 🙂

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot: How to fake getting eight hours of sleep in 30 seconds or less

One of those super easy “Wake me up before you go-go” shades, to borrow a reference from Wham, this $18.50 golden beige cream shadow gives me heart palpitations (but I’m told this kind aren’t dangerous).

Bare Study is perfect for last-minute appointments. All I do is pat a small amount on my lids and blend out the edges with a finger, coat my lashes with one or two quick layers of mascara, and treat my lips to a bright lipstick, and it’s off to the farmers’ market for me!

The soft, light-reflecting pearl finish makes me look almost like I got a good night’s sleep. Little would anyone know I spent half the night awake (and biting my nails) while reading the last half of Angelfall (highly recommended if you liked The Hunger Games).

A shade for makeup lovers of all levels of experience

If you’re shy about wearing a lot of color on your eyes, try a dash of Bare Study on your lids paired with your favorite eyeliner, and then maybe one day if/when you felt a little more confident about eye color (but still not gung-ho), you could try layering it under neutrals like brown, beige or gray.

If, instead, you’re all about eye color, then Bare Study has other strengths you might like. For one, it loves to layer with a wide variety of colors.

mac bare study paint pot swatch
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MAC Unsung Heroes: Rubenesque Paint Pot

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mac rubenesque paint pot

There’s an old urban legend about today’s MAC Unsung Hero, MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque

Rumor has it that Tabs the Cat was the inspiration for this shimmery, peachy gold — more specifically, his shapely figure and the sunset-like shades that dance across his Rubenesque tum.

I’ve asked him about it a few times, but he just turns and walks away, neither confirming nor denying the rumors.

I don’t know if there’s any truth to it, but I do know one thing for sure — every year by the end of summer, this creamy shadow is my jam!

Come August, when buttery brown tans are at their peak, peachy golden Rubenesque comes out to play. I love the way it looks on bronzed skin — like late afternoon sunlight on my lids (and my face, but more on that in a few).

If you’re new to the MAC Paint Pots, picture a powder shadow with a creamier formula. I like to use them as standalone eyeshadows or as color-intensifying bases for other powder shades.

I think they’re great for when you don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning, or for any time when you just want to add quick color to your lids without having to bust out a bunch of brushes or spend 20 minutes blending.

When I’m sporting a tan and want to draw some extra attention to my eyes, that’s when I’ll reach for Rubenesque.

For a doe-eyed beach babe look, I’ll pat it on my lids with a finger and feather out the edges with a domed blending brush like the MAC 217. Then, to create the illusion of thicker lashes, I’ll line my upper water line with a black gel liner like MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and apply a lash lengthening, lifting mascara like the new MAC Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara.

mac rubenesque paint pot swatch

mac rubenesque paint pot
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