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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 240

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Hello kittens,

My loves, as you can tell from my pic, I’m 1) dripping in diamonds (don’t you just love the bling?) and 2) absolutely and completely exhausted.

I’ve been working overtime this weekend, and it hasn’t all been gravy and naps. I had to practice posing in all of the windowsills at home — you know, to give the neighbors a good show — and also just for practice.

Then I put together this extra special list of possible Mother’s Day gifts for my favorite cat moms (like you!).

Yup, Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 12), and while I’m not a super sentimental cat, just between us…I really do like my assistant/cat mom/BFF. 🙂

This year for Mother’s Day, I think we (the cats among us), should shower our loving cat moms with affection and presents, and here are 21 kitty-inspired gift ideas for $42 or less.

As always, all my love,


21 of the Best Feline-Focused Gifts for Cat Moms on Mother’s Day

1. Kitten Infinity Scarf, $22

For the stylish, fashion-forward cat mom who loves accessories…

Available now at the Redd Apple Etsy shop.

2. Kitty Cat Ring, $9.99

Ready to fully commit to your cat mom? Then put a ring on it with one of these kitty cat rings.

Available now at the iluxo Etsy shop.

3. French Lavender Aromatherapy Cat Eye Mask, $26

Treat your cat mom to a few minutes of well-deserved “meow” time with this black satin cat eye mask filled with organic lavender flower buds harvested from the South of France.

Available now at the Naomilingerie Etsy shop.

4. Crazy Cat Lady Wayfarer Glasses Tank, $23

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