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Spring Has Sprung Like a Lilac Blossom Thanks to Pacifica French Lilac Body Butter

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Apparently, my deal with El Hub not to buy any more Pacifica Body Butters until I finish the tubes in the bathroom is officially null and void.

Poor guy actually asked, “Who needs four bottles of body butter?”

Uh, I do.

Of course, it’s not entirely my fault…

Okay, it is, but I’m still blaming French Lilac ($18). 🙂

Even though it’s technically the middle of winter, my heart has moved on to springy scents, and French Lilac’s moisturizing body butter is hitting all the right notes. I fell for the shower gel a while back and like the body butter just as much.

Light and delicate, French Lilac’s official fragrance notes include lilac, magnolia leaves, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, hyacinth and nectarine, but I detect more of the lovely lilac on my skin than anything else.
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Today Mother Nature Did My Makeup, and She Used Products from Make Up For Ever, MAC, NARS, Pacifica and Laura Mercier

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make up for ever wild & chic palette

Today I found my makeup inspiration by looking down — down at the multi-colored leaves scattered on the sidewalk outside. Yup, I turned to Mother Nature this afternoon and reached for colors in copper, beige and khaki for my face of the day.

I’ve been meaning to try a look with Make Up For Ever’s new Wild & Chic Palette ($39) for, um, ever! MUFE fans, this palette does not disappoint. The rich colors are super easy to blend, and I think they look pretty great in pictures, too.

This look also features my new favorite lip combo — Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in Blood Orange topped with Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Blush. I wore it last week to Thanksgiving dinner and even got a few compliments from the makeup-loving cousins. 🙂

The look also features a few other tidbits from MAC and NARS.

make up for ever wild & chic eye shadow palette (2)

make up for ever wild & chic palette
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$28 Works Out to Half Off Pacifica’s Magic Carpet Ride

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pacifica magic carpet ride (9)

There’s no doubt about it: I’m slowly turning into my mother, and there are moments when it hits me, like after I’ve clipped a great coupon (score!) or cleaned the oven and felt an overwhelming sense of joy.

Magic carpet ride?I had one of those moments the other day when I spotted the new Pacifica Magic Carpet Ride body butter set ($28).

Limited edition for the holidays, it comes with three of my favorite Pacifica scents. The first one, Island Vanilla, has a hint of tea and a grown-up twist. The second one, Indian Coconut Nectar, makes me hungry for warm vanilla cake with coconut frosting and dulce de leche drizzled on top (OH, GAWD!). And sniffing the third one, Tuscan Blood Orange, with its fresh, sparkling notes of blood orange, mandarin, strawberry and raspberry, causes my taste buds to tingle.

pacifica magic carpet ride (7)

I’ve been a fan of Pacifica’s Body Butters for years! Not just the three scents that come in this set, but also others in the line; I’ve lost track of how many of the tubes I’ve gone through in that time.

At their regular price, which is $18 each these days, they’re kind of pricey, but I’m such a big fan that I’ll usually overlook the price. They contain a long list of great botanical ingredients that serve to keep the skin on my shins (and elsewhere) from reverting to a scaly reptilian state.

And it’s not just the ol’ marketing trick where the company squirts in a few drops of honeydew so they can call it “natural.” I also like these for what they lack, like parabens, phthalates and propylene glycol, to name just a few of the undesirable frequent fliers we see a lot in products like these.

Tabs would love to see Pacifica release one of these in a seafood scent, but I told him not to hold his breath for that. 🙂 He is happy, though, that the current lineup doesn’t contain any animal ingredients and wasn’t tested on animals.

Considering that this set contains three of Pacifica’s full-size 8-oz. tubes, $28 is a pretty great deal (that is, if you like the scents). They work out to $9.30 each, for a savings of just about 50%. When I did the math in the body care section, I actually pumped my fist Jersey Shore-style, “UH!”

Take that and rewind it back.

pacifica magic carpet ride (2)
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Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tints Prove That Makeup Is the BEST Medicine

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pacifica color quench
Wearing Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in Blood Orange on my lips


The sun has set, and I have the cover of darkness now. I’m almost positive I’m going to get away with it. I slowly withdraw the keys to the car from a bowl sitting on a table by the hall. They barely make a sound. Just a quiet jingling, barely audible, and I think I’m safe.

I start toward the door, my eyes checking the corners for signs of movement. The coast is clear. I walk faster now, my sneakers all but silent on the tiled hallway floor.

Almost there. I reach the door and take the knob in my hand, turning slowly. I have one foot out the door when…

“Where ya headed?”

“Gah!” My heart practically leaps from my chest. I turn toward the sound of the voice, but I already know who it is. El Hub. “Uh…to go pick up some medicine,” I reply as naturally as possible, but I don’t feel like I sound convincing. After a few seconds calculating my next move, I realize that I’m still holding the doorknob and promptly let go.

It’s as if he materialized out of thin air like a Portuguese ninja. POOF! Blast him and all those years of martial arts!

A knowing smile creeps across his lips. “Oh,” he asks coyly, “the Costco pharmacy?”

“Uhh…” He likes Costco, so I know I can’t say that. I try to think of something else, but I draw a blank. I know that too much time has passed when he finally speaks again.

“Babe, I don’t think makeup counts as medication.”

The cat’s out of the bag now, so I don’t hold back. “Hello, it totally does!” I shout. “I have a headache, and makeup is like homeopathic or something.”

We both stand there at the door, our unblinking eyes locked together. It’s a familiar battle of wills that continues for a few more seconds. “Well, that sounds serious,” he says, flashing his cutest grin. “Maybe I should drive.”

Makeup addicts, you know you married the right person when even after an exchange like this after a long day at work, your man (or woman) is still willing to shuttle you to Sephora (aka makeup nirvana) to self-medicate on a Friday night. 🙂

And ooh, guuuurl, I had a field day in the store, especially when I got to the Pacifica section.

I’d originally wanted to get some Pacifica Malibu Lemon Body Wash, but for some reason the Sephora near my house recently stopped carrying it (boo!), so I ended up snagging the new Island Vanilla Body Butter and a couple of tubes of their new Color Quench Natural Moisture Lip Tints ($9 each) instead.

Love, LOVE these! I’ve been alternating between the Blood Orange and Guava Berry ones, two of the four available shades, since Friday night, and I like both of them so much that I plan to head back to Sephora this week to get a few more tubes as Christmas stocking stuffers for the ladies in my life.

They’re creamy, moisturizing, non-sticky lip treatments that give lips a light sheen as they lightly coat them with sheer pigment, and man! — they smell and taste yummy (very natural; not synthetic at all). Each one has its own flavor, too. Orange for Blood Orange (obvs) and guava for Guava Berry.

pacific color quench

pacifica color quench
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Tahitian Vanilla Keeps Pacifica Island Vanilla Body Butter Away from Cookie Dough

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pacifica island vanilla body butter

In college I had a lab partner who smelled just like Play-Doh. Bless her heart. She was a cool girl, and we got along well, but whenever she was around, the air was thick with the doughy scent of edible modeling clay; consequently, I couldn’t titrate to save my life.

It wasn’t until later that I put two and two together and figured out the reason why: vanilla body butter. She was wearing some kind of vanilla body butter.

Makes perfect sense, too, because it can be tough to find a vanilla body butter that doesn’t smell anything like cookie dough or plastic. So many of them do, especially to people with very sensitive noses.

I guess that’s why I was so surprised by the new Pacifica Island Vanilla Body Butter ($18 for an 8-oz. tube; $12.50 for a 2.5-oz. tube), a Sephora exclusive scent. It’s made with Tahitian vanilla, and whether that’s responsible for the floral quality Pacifica claims the butter has, I don’t know. I think the product does smell more authentically vanilla than usual, though, and it makes all the difference in the world.

pacifica island vanilla body butter tube

“Something magical happened to vanilla in Tahiti. It changed from its native South American flavor to become sexier, more lush, with floral notes and a little fruit deep in the structure of the scent. Inspired by this beautifully distinct version of the classic fragrance note and many surfing trips to the South Pacific, this is my vision of the perfect vanilla.”

— Pacifica Co-Founder and Lead Perfumer, Brook Harvey-Taylor

pacifica island vanilla body butter back
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