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The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Extension Collection: The Power of a Powder Without Looking or Feeling Too Dry

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mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Extension Collection (L-R) in Nuanced, Faintly Fabulous, Perfectly Lit, Sunny Side, Enhanced

anna oh ao illustration beauty mac mineralize skinfinish

Illustration by Anna Oh

One of my favorite ways to dupe great-looking skin is to layer dewy, light foundations over pigmented concealers.

My least favorite thing about these dewy foundations? Applying powder afterward…for sure! I can’t count the number of days I’ve gone from hero to zero because of a cakey setting powder. When I saw that MAC was bringing a limited-edition extension to the Mineralize Skinfinish range, commonly referred to as the MSFs, I was more than excited to run my fingers across those velvety domes.

Available in a range of textures, the new Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals ($32) separate their pigments into quadrants so you can mix your own intensity. These powders have the ability to be a powder without looking or feeling too dry. I appreciate having a powder option that wants to works with, and not against, the luminescence of skin.

mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

mac mineralize skinfinish natural 2016

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MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection: Golden-Age Glam

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MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection Spring 2016

Hi, everyone! MAC is back with one of the most exciting releases of the year, the MAC x Charlotte Olympia Spring 2016 Collection, and this is one of the bigger MAC collections, too, with an emphasis on lips and accessories.

For those not familiar with the designer, Olympia is a luxury shoe and accessories designer obsessed with the bygone era of old Hollywood glamour and unafraid of a little humour.

The MAC x Charlotte Olympia collection has strong retro-glam vibes packaged in adorable printed boxes. They’re a collector’s dream come true.

MAC Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia for MAC Spring 2016

MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection Spring 2016

mac charlotte olympia spring 2016

Wearing Retro Rouge Matte Lipstick!

There are no fewer than three different types of lip products (lipsticks, lip pigments, and pro lip liners), and all of them are in various shades of red.

You know how every now and then you’ll bump into a friend looking for their “perfect red lipstick”? Well, you should direct their attention to THIS collection, because each red is GORGEOUS, but just a little different.

MAC Charlotte Olympia Collection Spring 2016 Lipsticks
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Some Weekday Glitter Featuring the New Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation

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anna oh art beauty illustration fashion gold glitter

It’s all about the eyes! Glitter eyes

Hi everyone!

The other day I was having coffee with a few girlfriends — probably the BEST time to get makeup inspiration — and I fell in love with one of my friends’ pretty glittery eyeliner. I tried it out myself and found it to be an awesome way to pull off a little glitter during the day. I call it a “weekday glitter” look, and I hope you’ll be into it as much as I’ve been!

shiseido synchro skin foundation swatches

One of the key components to this look is nice and even skin tone. I used the new Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation ($45 for 1oz) in a custom mixture of Golden 2 and Neutral 3. The foundation comes in Golden, Neutral, and Rose undertones ranging between 1 and 5. For some reason, the range isn’t complete, but we will probably find more colors coming with demand.

shiseido synchro skin foundation swatches

Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation in Golden 2 and Neutral 3

shiseido synchro skin foundation close up
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The MAC Face and Body Collection Dives Into a New Dimension of Skin Sculpting and Defining

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mac face and body collection

“Almost done! Be down in five minutes!”

I wonder if boys are born knowing that that phrase up their actually means that they’re gonna be waiting at least another 30 minutes, or if it’s knowledge they acquire over the years.

Poor El Hub… Sometimes I think I can actually hear his eyes rolling when I yell to him from upstairs, “Almost done! Be down in five minutes!”

It’s all the little bits, ya know? Those are the things that can really add up to take so much time — the things like shading, contouring, highlighting and texturizing we do to give our makeup extra bamf!

You know how it goes… Like J. Renner told Ellen, you start with the basics. “Brows, lashes, lips — frame the face!” (at about 3:34 in the video). But then somewhere along the way, the makeup train derails. Next thing you know, you’re holding five brushes in one hand and two palettes in the other, and the sink is covered in fallout.

Possessed! That’s how you look, but you feel like the queen of the world! 🙂

If those little beauty bits — the things like sculpting, defining and adding texture to your skin — light your fire like they light mine, don’t miss the new MAC Face and Body collection, a 27-piece release.

It includes 13 travel-sized bottles of MAC Face and Body Foundation (1.7 ounces for $27 each, versus $35 for the regular 4-ounce bottles), six Pro Scultping Creams ($20 each), six shimmery Pressed Pigments ($21 each) and two brushes ($25 for the MAC 215, and $35 for the MAC 163).

Here’s a quick look at four pieces from the collection and a few first impressions…

mac accentuate
Peachy beige Pro Sculpting Cream in Accentuate

mac coffee walnut
Deep, dirty cool brown Pro Sculpting Cream in Coffee Walnut
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For Corporate Climbers and Business Beauties, the MAC Office Hours Collection Puts in the Overtime

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mac office hours collection
Eyes: Pro Longwear Eyeshadows in Linger Softly and Bloom On; Cheeks: Pro Longwear Blushes in Eternal Sun and Baby Don’t Go; Lips: Pro Longwear Lipglass in Boundlessly Beige

Cubicle crusaders, overworked assistants and every other late-night office dweller logging in extra office hours every week, say it with me now!

We’re not gonna take it!

NO, we ain’t gonna take it!

We’re not gonna take it…ANYMORE!

We’re saying “No!” to wimpy wear time and makeup that malfunctions while we’re working overtime (which reminds me, anyone who says that working for a plus-size kitty supermodel is an easy gig obviously hasn’t done it before).

“No!” to the naysayers who say that it’s wrong to wear anything but bone or brown in the workplace.

“NO!” We demand delicious pops of pink, coral, plum and red to go with our office neutrals.

It’s time for our blushes, eyeshadows and glosses to work as hard as we do! Time for long-lasting makeup capable of keeping up with our busy schedules! Time for makeup able to log in just as much overtime as we do while still looking stylish!

Yes, the time has come for all of those tired, played-out pieces with weak wear time to step aside, and make room for the new 25-piece MAC Office Hours collection.

mac office hours collection

Starting with that first sip of coffee in the morning, all the way until your after-hours snack (don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your secret chocolate stash), the MAC Office Hours Collection never goes home early. When it comes to wear time, this limited edition collection of MAC Pro Longwear products for lips, cheeks and eyes just plain shreds!

The MAC Pro Longwear products are still relatively new, but I feel like I’ve loved them forever. I mean, finding MAC Pro Longwear Concealer was almost a life-changing experience. Remember Styledriven from last fall? — with the Pro Longwear products for lips and eyes? Office Hours feels like an extension of that collection to me.

It’s office makeup, MAC-style. Okay, sure, the overall look has “super-wearable” stamped all over it, but MAC included just enough color to hint at the rebel that resides behind most button-down shirts, pinstriped suits and sensible shoes.

The color palette includes shades of nude, pink, peach, beige, red and rose for lips; ivory, rose, brown, camel, red, mauve, gray and blue for eyes; and coral, beige, pink, rose, brown and plum for cheeks.

Here’s a quick look at six of the pieces…

mac linger softly
Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Linger Softly

mac linger softly
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