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Kauai, Day 5: Jungle Hikes, Kayaks and Ke’e Beach

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I’m a little sad about having to leave Kauai this morning, but vacations never last forever…

Who am I kidding? I’m very sad about it. No more falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the beach, no more secret swimming holes and snorkeling spots, no more lush tropical landscapes, jungle hikes, waterfalls or fresh papaya picked from farms down the street!

And what about the kitties!? Poor Tuxie, Tortie Girl and Tabby Mac. Who will feed the kitties!?

Oh…I know someone else will. I hope. It’s time for me to pass the torch/Friskies box to another CCL.

In other news, we kept busy yesterday, trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible on our last day here. We started with a kayak ride up the Wailua River (just one small part of it) and a hike to the Secret Falls, and finished the day at Ke’e Beach, located at the very end of the paved road that runs along the east and north sides of the island. There’s nothing else beyond it except treacherous jungle hikes and steep cliffs along the coast.

It’s going to be tough leaving this beautiful island, but that’s the thing about beauty — it’s everywhere we look. 🙂 This time tomorrow I’ll be back in the Bay, so I’ll see you again soon from California.

But before that, here’s one last look (for now) at lovely Kauai…

This way to the Secret Falls

Diving feet first into the Wailua River…

This way to adventure!
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Kauai, Day 3: Bumble and Bumble and a Boat Called Sea Breeze

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The boat day.

Kauai’s majestic Nā Pali Coast beckoned El Hub and I, so we embarked upon a 4-hour tour!

Since I knew the trip called for high winds, I didn’t bring along my new hat (by the way, I found it at Target for $12!), but I still wanted something to protect my new highlights.

Enter the new Bumble and Bumble Color Minded Line. All three pieces here are TSA friendly (2 ounces apiece). You get a shampoo, conditioner and a UV Protective Styling Balm for $28. The products have a light floral scent that I like, and the shampoo and conditioner keep my knotty hair under control.

But most importantly, they’re keeping my highlights from getting brassy.

I’ve been bringing the UV Protective Styling Balm with me everywhere, including on the boat yesterday, and reapplying after each dip in the water.

Also picked up a bottle of Ocean Potion Aloe Gel to help soothe El Hub’s sunburned skin (NOTE: He’s not crazy about the Neutrogena spray sunscreen I mentioned the other day).

Ocean Potion is one of the few topical drugstore aloe gels I’ve found that doesn’t list alcohol, which can be quite drying, high up on the list of ingredients. Aloe is the third ingredient on the list; the first two are water and glycerin.

I discovered it a few trips back and just love the stuff.

Onward to the Nā Pali Coast!

Our trusty ocean steed: the Sea Breeze.

Just look at those cliffs… Some are more than a thousand feet high, straight down to the ocean.

During the winter months, huge swells buffet the Hawaiian islands, and waves as high as 70 feet crash against those cliffs.
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Kauai, Day 2: Snorkeling, Sweet Treats and a Savory Pie

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Greetings, fellow beauty lover. Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend got off to a good start. I just wanted to say a quick hi before I try to burn off some of yesterday’s indulgences (and my, have I indulged). It was a day filled with food, fun and Friskies (more on that later)!

To take care of my beauty business yesterday, I used the mighty MAC 266 brush to fill in my brows with MAC Concrete Eye Shadow.

Shh… Don’t tell anyone, because this probably sounds a little makeup obsessive, but I preloaded it with Concrete and brought it along for the day to touch up after getting out of the water. Ya know, just in case we decided to do something else. 🙂

Next to the 266, we have Hourglass Superficial Mirage Waterproof Bronzer.

I can’t really remember how waterproof it actually was/is…but I used it en lieu of actual powder. I still wanted to wear something with a bit of a matting effect, and I love the little brush that comes with it. It’s wide, with dense bristles, and the shape fits the contours of my face just right.

As a lip/cheek option, I brought Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon, because I like the color, it’s water resistant, and you can use it as a blush and/or lip tint (versatility win!).

MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash took care of my mascara needs. It’s a basic black waterproof mascara, good for lengthening, and it gets the job done (helped along by my beloved Shu Uemura Lash Curler).

The sunshine, humidity, chlorine, salty air and water are all tough on my skin, and so I also brought three MAC Studiofinish Concealers with SPF35 as well. Three because I use the one in NW25 to slightly brighten my under-eye area, the NC42 one on blemishes (it’s my color match) and the darker NC45 one for when I tan. I like these because I can apply and blend them with my fingers and only have to use a dab to even out my skin.

On my lips, I went with the same Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother Cooling Hydragel SPF20, except I chose shade Sheen 50.

And then to clean up after the beach — a necessity because I look to’ up when I get out of the water — I used Olay’s Wet Cleansing Cloths in Sensitive.

With the car gassed and ready for the day’s adventures, El Hub and I fueled up with breakfast at Tutu’s Soup Hale on the makai side (ocean side) of Kuhio Highway, just past the Wailua River as you drive north from the Lihue airport.

It’s cute, quaint, clean and a great breakfast spot. Lots of parking, friendly staff, a creative menu, all-day breakfast and yummy food? What more could you ask for?

Oh, yeah. They serve more than just soup. 🙂

El Hub had (and finished!) The Kahuna — with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and avocado on multigrain bread; served with a papaya slice on the side, YUM!
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Kauai, Day 1: Purple Potatoes, Potstickers and Pruny Swimming Pool Skin

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Aloha, and happy Friday. It’s a few minutes after sunrise, and I’m off to get in a quick run before it gets hot. Today we’re thinking about driving up to the North Shore to do some snorkeling. It’s a little early in the year for it up there (winter and early spring are the big wave months), but I’m hoping the water’s nice.

Pool products of the day: Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Spray in SPF30, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream for Face in SPF 55 PA+++, Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother Cooling Hydragel SPF20 in Glaze 60

I’ve never tried this particular spray sunscreen before, but I do like sprays. This one? You can spray on wet skin. I haven’t been using it long enough to gauge how well it works, but I like the consistency and the light floral scent (smells just a little bit like sunscreen, but not bad).

Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection Cream for Face is an oldie but a goodie. It’s VERY water resistant, just like it says on the tube, haha! No, really, it is. And it never gives me breakouts. It’s great for dry/oily combo skin like mine.

And the only color product I’ve been wearing so far has been Neutrogena’s super moisturizing Soother Cooling Hydragel SPF20 in Glaze 60. It’s a lightly tinted berry with a light minty flavor that really does feel cooling on my lips.

It’s just a little splash of color for when I pop out of the water.

Cafe Coco on Kauai

“May I show you to your table, miss?”
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And We’re Off!

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Wake up, buttercup! It’s bright and early here on the West Coast.

Well, it’s actually still dark here…so I hope you’re asleep. 🙂

Yours truly sure could use a hot cup of tea, or two. I need to caffeinate before heading to the airport. I had to get up with the chickens this morning to catch my 7:20 flight to Kauai, but I wanted to say a quick hi and wish you good morning.

Good morning!

I plan to eat plenty of pie and do lots of sightseeing while I’m on the island, but you know me. I can’t stay away from MBB for long. I haven’t been away from it for more than a few days since 2007, and that’s no joke!

I’m sure I’ll be checking in often.

Before I go, here are a few fun facts about the Garden Isle (could come in handy on Final Jeopardy)…

Fun Facts About Kauai

  • Kauai is the fourth largest, and northernmost, island in the Hawaiian archipelago.
  • Kauai is also the oldest of the Hawaiian islands (the Big Island to the south is the youngest), at more than six million years old!
  • The wettest spot on earth is located in the middle of the island of Kauai atop Mount Wai’ale’ale (“rippling waters”). The spot receives an average of 432 inches of rainfall per year. To put that in perspective, Seattle, Washington, only gets 36.49!
  • The state’s only navigable rivers are on Kauai (ya know, on account of all that rain).
  • Kauai has a miniature Grand Canyon! Waimea Canyon is about one mile wide, 3,600 feet deep and 10 miles long.
  • Over 60 movies have been filmed on Kauai, including Jurassic Park, Outbreak, 6 Days 7 Nights and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Okay, I really gotta go now! Tabs is insisting on one more deep-tissue massage before I leave… Per usual, his pet sitter will be around to cater to his every whim (DIVA!), but he says that I have “the magic touch.” If I don’t do as I’m told, he’ll be hella grumpy when I get home. You know cats. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict (with lots of love),


P.S. Aloha!