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Eyeko Nail Polishes for Fall 2010: Will Limited Availability of These Saucy Shades Rain on Your Parade?

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eyeko rain polish eyeko saucy polish swatches review photos

It’s typography time! If you can name the font on this bottle of British brand Eyeko’s new Saucy Polish, not only will you receive mad props from your fellow font nerds, but you’ll also earn an honorary degree from the University of Makeup and Beauty Blog in Font Detect-ology. 😀

New limited edition Saucy Polish (“for naughty nails”) and Rain Polish (“for city nails”) apply with smooth, non-streaky color and reach full opacity in just two coats. Both shades, released for fall, dry to a blinding shine. They’re not the easiest products to get out here on this end of the pond, a major drawback for gals ’round these parts, but prices before shipping start at $5.50 each.

While neither color strikes me as particularly groundbreaking, I like the overall presentation (LOVE the packaging).

eyeko rain polish swatches eyeko saucy polish swatches review photos
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Eyeko Has an Eye for Nail Polishes in Spring and Summer 2010

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eyeko nail polish

Girl, I’ve got my Eyeko Eye on you — Eyeko as in the London-based beauty brand that’s part manga at heart. Manga? You know, the Japanese comic art form? Eyeko flat-out loves the stuff.

Ironically, I don’t really see manga reflected in their five new spring/summer nail colors, but they still score mega-adorable points from me for their dainty .30 oz. bottles, darling labels and edgy colors.

Eyeko Nail Polishes for Spring and Summer 2010

  • Petite: a creamy, semi-transparent baby pink
  • Tea Rose: a creamy rose
  • Posh: a creamy taupe
  • Coral: a creamy reddish coral
  • Vampira: a semi-matte black with red glitter

You may recall some Eyeko polishes we talked about back in December. These are even better. Where those applied streaky with bubbles, these go on as smooth as silk.
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Eyeko Mixes Makeup and Manga: Say Kon’nichiwa to Their Six New Nail Polishes

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eyeko nail polish

Eyekosuki desu ka? Do you like Eyeko? 🙂 If you like cheeky manga (Japanese comics) and makeup, you’re in luck. That’s Eyeko’s specialty! The UK brand has just released a new line of $5 nail polishes.

After taking a quick look at them this morning, I’m really liking the Indigo Polish, a shimmery blackish blue (kinda reminds me of Lancome’s Declaring Indigo), and Cosmic Polish, also a shimmery black, but with flecks of black, green and orange glitter.

Now, the Nude Polish caught me by surprise… I’m picky about my nude nail polishes, but unlike most of the ones I’ve tried before, Eyeko’s didn’t streak at all. Two coats deliver creamy, opaque coverage.

As for the other three shades — a little too bubbly and streaky for me.

I like the $5 price, but that’s assuming you can find them in a store. They haven’t been the easiest polishes to find in my area. The company does ship from across the pond, but shipping can be expensive and take up to 21 days, ouch!

Let me know what you think from these swatches and if you’d like to see more. 🙂

eyeko indigo polish
Eyeko Indigo Polish

eyeko cosmic polish
Eyeko Cosmic Polish for Space Age Nails
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