A Look at Two Products from the Clinique Redness Solutions Line

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Olga of MakeUpAcademia

Written by OIga

Could Clinique’s Redness Solutions line be the solution to mild rosacea? See what Olga has to say about it in today’s special Thanksgiving Day guest post. 🙂

The Clinique Redness Solutions Line

Having suffered from mild rosacea for a few years, I am always on the lookout for products to conceal the redness on my face without making it look like it has been dipped in pancake mix. This time that search led me to two makeup products from the Redness Solutions line by Clinique: the Targeted Corrector and the Instant Relief Mineral Powder.


Despite the way these two are advertized (helps skin “keep its cool” and reduces redness on contact) they do not reduce redness (at least, not on my skin); they merely conceal it. Good enough for me, so let’s get on with the review. 🙂

Redness Solutions Targeted Corrector

Clinique Targeted Redness Corrector

Before corrector (left) and after (right)

This is a yellow concealer pen with a thick, pasty consistency. It’s pretty dry, so I would avoid using it on the undereye area (luckily, this is the only part of my face that never gets red and bumpy like the rest!). The best part about this corrector is the great coverage it provides -– I have tried it both with and without foundation, and the redness was covered up pretty much completely in both cases.

Its weak point is that it makes enlarged pores stand out even more (perhaps this could be fixed by using a primer underneath; I personally don’t like primers so I have not tried that) and accentuates dry patches if used on bare skin.

PRICE: $19.50

RATING: 8/10 overall

Instant Relief Mineral Powder

Clinique Redness Powder

Clinique Redness Powder
Before powder (left) and after (right)

I have mixed feelings about this one – on one hand, I hoped for more coverage, on the other, it looks so natural no one can even tell you have it on.


This product works best as a finishing powder -– it sets your makeup and absorbs the oil while covering up mild redness. Coverage is very sheer, and I like the natural finish. I don’t think it could look cakey no matter how much of it you applied. I have oily skin, and I found that the Instant Relief Mineral Powder does not last as long as I’d like (up to 4-5 hours), but if you have dry skin, I think you will get better performance out of it.

Apart from having rosacea, my skin is also very sensitive and acne prone. Happy to report that this powder did not clog my pores or cause any irritation whatsoever. 🙂

Overall, I would say that the Instant Relief Mineral Powder does not conceal redness as much as a full coverage foundation would, but together with some lighter everyday makeup (such as a tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation) it can do wonders. I have worn it on a bare face on days when I did not feel like putting on any other makeup, and although it does not cover up my rosacea, it does reduce it by quite a bit.

PRICE: $32.50 (trust me, this jar will last you forever!)

RATING: 9/10 when used as a finishing powder, 7/10 for its redness reducing qualities

Olga of Beauty on and out of MakeUpAcademia

Written by OIga

This post was written by Olga from MakeUpAcademia, originally from Russia, but currently a graduate student in Baltimore, MD. She is passionate about physics equations, beauty and skincare products, travel photography and her cat Saathi.


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  1. Antonia says:

    Thank you for a great review, Olga! I love how detailed and honest it is! And you’re very brave posting the “before” pictures of yourself – even though I don’t see any major redness problem there, still, i think most people wouldn’t dare to do that=)
    Antonia recently posted … Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt1

  2. Saffron says:

    Thanks for the review, the pictures were great at conveying the products. I had mixed feelings about the powder when I got a sample (very natural but so sheer and a little shinier than I like) – but I mixed it 50/50 with a more matte, full coverage loose powder and the result is fabulous, luminous and natural but with a little more coverage and a more finished look.

  3. Maria says:

    Hi Olga – nice to see another physics fanatic!! I did undergrad physics – makeup saved me from all the testosterone in class 🙂 Great review … the mineral powder looked flawless and natural.
    Maria recently posted … Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation

  4. Tracy says:

    Fantastic post as always Olga! 🙂
    Hey have you tried the redness reducing foundation? I’m kind of on the fence about it right now-not quite sure if I like it or not.
    Tracy recently posted … Wet N Wild Pearlescent Pink Blush Is A Pretty Close Dupe For NARS Deep Throat!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hey Olga!
    Have you tried Clinique’s new Redness Solution Foundation? It gives fuller coverage with a lightweight feel. And Clinique also has Redness Solutions skincare products that will help to reduce the amount of redness your experiencing 🙂
    Sarah recently posted … Has Sally Hershberger Made Me A Believer

  6. Nina says:

    clinique’s anti redness line is pretty awesome … my sister had a bad case of steven johnson’s syndrome a few years ago and that was the only thing that worked in covering up her peeling and redness!

  7. RetoMary says:

    Hi Olga. Many Thanks for the honest review with the Great Photos. I wish Clinique had more stuff with sunscreen. They tell me they’re concerned that sunscreen will cause irritation, but I’m concerned because sun exposure causes wrinkles!

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