$375 Chanel Sublimage Texture Universelle: Someone Forgot to Tell Chanel about the Economy

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Question: How does Chanel intend to weather the down economy?


Answer: Simple, they’re gonna release another $375 skincare product.

Their Sublimage franchise has been a big hit, accounting for half the brand’s skincare sales wherever they’ve been sold, so this January the company plans to add a new product to the mix, Sublimage Texture Universelle, an identically priced cream offering the same broad anti-aging benefits as the original Sublimage cream, but in a lighter texture for even more skin types.

Back in April I tried and LOVED Chanel’s Sublimage Eye Cream (I even kept the empty 0.13 ounce sample jar as a memento, LOL!), but Chanel broke my heart by charging $225 per ounce!!!

The addition of Sublimage Texture Universelle brings the Sublimage line to a total of four products, including an eye cream and a serum. Introduced in September 2006, the original cream has been renamed Sublimage Texture Supreme.

As Chanel’s premiere skincare line (no kidding), Sublimage targets wrinkles, loss of firmness, dehydration, lack of radiance and uneven pigmentation.

Why does Sublimage work so well?

Psychosomatic placebo factors aside … it’s thanks to a compound Chanel calls Plantifolia-PFA, the line’s active ingredient, derived from the fresh fruit of a Madagascan orchid-family plant. Chanel claims the compound boosts skin’s inter-cellular communication. “If Texture Supreme is cashmere,” the press release says, “Texture Universelle is silk.”


That’s mostly marketing fancy talk, but I did think the rich, jasmine-scented Sublimage eye cream worked well. I loved it even more than my previous eye cream crush, MAC Moisturelush ($30, 0.5 oz jar), and that’s saying a lot.

Chanel must agree because they’ve priced Sublimage out of reach of most consumers. The new Texture Universelle will cost $375.00 for 1.7 oz. The other sizes will be priced from $175.00 to $385.00.

Because of the price, the Sublimage line gets limited distribution, but you can usually find it on Chanel’s counters in Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Because we all love SPF (learn from my mistakes, girls!), I should also mention that Chanel plans to launch a facial sunscreen in March. UV Essentiel ($48 for 1 oz) will offer full spectrum UV and pollution protection with SPF 30+. “We didn’t want to compromise an existing product by putting in a high level of sun filter,” said Elizabeth Mankin, vice president of marketing at Chanel Beaute, “so we decided to create one that is a stand-alone.” With a light matte texture, the lotion will target UVA/UVB rays, pollution, free radicals and dark spots. Stay tuned for more info…


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  1. Katee says:

    Yeah, that is just too expensive for me. What a shame! My price limit on expensive skin care stuff is about $100 bucks. And I can only count the times I have spent that much on one hand.

    Katee´s last blog post..We Have A WINNER!

  2. Dao says:

    Thank you so much Chanel for creating another one, but I’m quite happy with my Olay 🙂

    Dao´s last blog post..Obsessed with Johnson’s Softwash Gentle Exfoliating 24 Hour Moisturizing Wash

  3. Tekoa says:

    Who buys it? I’m really curious. Is it the average person who saves diligantly, or the person with a high paying job? What’s their salary?

    For that matter, why is it impolite to ask how much a person earns? Is it still impolite? *ponders*

  4. Vivian says:

    Obviously Chanel forgot to take a cue from Rock Republic’s $225 bronzer compact-who cares that it has swavroski crystals-tinier crystals don’t worth much or anything. Do we get PURE GOLD in this?

    Even when the economy is soaring, I couldn’t make myself buy the La Mer. Even celebs save money, even if they buy something expensive, they will save on other affordable brands. So, whatev. Unless I win over 1 million lottery! LOL

  5. Monika says:

    OMG!!! The most expensive cream I bought was Estee Lauder. And I though it was a lot. But this…

    You can have a box of MAC stuff instead this cream. OK, it’s Chanel, but I don’t think it works a lot better than cream that cost 1/10 Chanel price.

  6. Luv J says:

    umm.. yeah.. I’ll save my $375 — for more Chanel blushes!! That’s about 8 of them enough to last me a decade!! I’ll just fake my youthful glow with my fave joues contraste blushes 🙂

  7. Bella says:

    I have such a love-hate relationship with Sublimage. Before I tried it, I was all, “Bah, can’t be worth that much money.” Then I tried it, and the next morning my skin was so SOFT and silky that I realized why some people will pay hundreds of dollars for the cream. I still don’t think ANY cream should cost that much, but — don’t hate me — the Sublimage line is pure luxury, so I can see why the mega-wealthy might buy it. It feels and smells amazing and makes my skin look good. When my sample runs out, though, that’s that.

    Bella´s last blog post..How-To: Kelly Ripa’s Down-Played Daytime Makeup Look

  8. kia says:

    your title said it all.. LMAO!!

    kia´s last blog post..Yummy411: By Request- Makeup Tutorial

  9. Ellery says:

    I’ve never tried Chanel skincare. They have cheaper stuff, right? I love Chanel and I love skincare but damnnn!

    Today I finished all my MAC skincare (cremewash, microfine refinisher, moisturelush) all at the same time, so it’s time to try something new now! 🙂

  10. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,
    We actually already have Texture Supreme and UV Essential over in the UK and next year (im pretty sure its around june time) we are releasing a light fluid version of Sublimage cream.

    I have never tried it on my own skin because A) it is far too rich for my combination skin and B) im 21!! not to mention the important C) even i wont spend that much on a face cream!! But I have to say we do have a lot of very very loyal Sublimage customers who would not be without the full set!(BTW we also have a Sublimage Masque in the UK) I think this cream is really a winner on people with very dry skin though and more than its anti ageing properties I think its the intense moisture it gives that keeps them coming back for more!

    I have to say though I absolutely love all of the Chanel moisturisers I have tried both Hydramax gel cream and fluid and Beaute Initial fluid and although I will swap and change with clarins cleansers and toners it would take a lot for me to switch my moisturiser!

  11. Almira says:

    Oh wow! Getting older sure is expensive!

  12. Rowena says:

    What you need to do karen, is walk past a chanel counter every morning and apply a dollop OR you walk past the counter to test, scoop a load out on your finger then when you run round the corner put it into your jar. Trust.

    Rowena´s last blog post..Kat Von D

  13. Marisol says:

    Yeah I won’t be getting that. 😀

    Marisol´s last blog post..Flickr Faves

  14. yen says:

    If they made a good effort to hand out samples, you can get almost anybody who can’t afford something to buy it if they are willing to pay.
    I’ve sold fine jewelry and handbags. If someone who can barely afford paying for their bills are willing to shell out 1k for Coach items (which I think is a waste, Coach is faux-luxury) it seems probable they would pay this much for an eye cream that delivers. I would rather have younger looking skin than carry around any bag! I’ll make sure to factor in those expenses for my retirement plan.

  15. lexi says:

    I’m very happy with my kiehl’s eye cream and oil of olay moisturizers! That’s too rich for my blood – does it come with a gold boullion too? HA – I hope it works for that kind of loot! =)

  16. Giovanna Winter says:

    I was wondering if I can purchase some samples of Sublimage face cream and Sublimage eye cream. I would greatly appreciate if you can reply with an answer. I’m really intersted in trying the Sublimage face and eye cream by Chanel.

    Thank you
    Warmest regards

    • Karen says:

      Hi Giovanna,

      As far as I know you can only get them at the counter, usually with a gift with purchase. I’ve heard rumors that Chanel is discontinuing their samples so who knows if it’ll still be possible in the future.

  17. Angie says:

    I was given a sample of the Sublimage La Creme texture supreme and it is the best product I have ever used on my sensitive, acne prone skin. I had people actually comment on how nice my skin was. Mind you – because of the price I have not yet purchased any, but I am seriously contemplating it. If I can justify $400 IPL treatments this does not seem to far of a strech.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Hi Karen, love the site and was directed here after doing a quick search– Chanel Sublimage is available online at costco for $300! A great deal if you were seriously considering purchasing. Costco has all your Chanel skincare and bulk cereal needs covered.

  19. JJ says:

    Oh yes! This stuff rocks! I won a basket of Chanel products last Christmas, and this little (and I do mean little) baby (0.21 oz) was one of the products. It worked instantly on my 53 year old skin! I absolutely love it, and I was absolutely crushed to see the price when I looked on line….I too, have the jar as a souvenier! 🙁

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