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The Curvy, Creamy, Dreamy MAC Ultimate Lipsticks

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MAC Ultimate Lipstick

The new MAC Ultimate Lipsticks, $23 each

What’s gray, curvy and totally luxurious?


Um…good guess! But not quite. :)

Yeah, the new MAC Ultimate Lipsticks ($23) and Tabs definitely have a few things in common; both are gorgeous, and curvaceous, and look like they were sculpted by Michelangelo.

MAC Ultimate Lipstick

Curves for days

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The Clinique Nutcracker Suite Act I Three-Piece Holiday Collection Is Totally En Pointe

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Clinique The Nutcracker Suite Holiday collection

Even though the pink and glitter in The Nutcracker Suite, Clinique’s new ballet-inspired holiday collection, are totally en pointe, they will not help you pirouette your way to ballet greatness.

Clinique Nutcracker Act 1

Wearing the Eye and Cheek Compact, Chubby Stick Baby Tint and Blended Face Powder from the Clinique Nutcracker Act I, part of The Nutcracker Suite holiday collection

But I can see why you might think they should…

After all, it does make a certain kind of sense to think that since your makeup looks like a ballerina’s from The Nutcracker, you should probably be able to dance like one, too, and then you bust out some pliés on your creaky knees and scowl at your ballet teacher when she says something snarky about your butt sticking out too far!

Er, well…maybe that’s just me and my childhood dance trauma.

Clinique Nutcracker Act 1

The Clinique Nutcracker Act 1, part one of two sub-collections in the Clinique holiday collection

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So Sweet, You’ll Want to Keep These Treats for Yourself: The Fresh Sugar Holiday Sets

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Fresh Holiday 2014

Fresh holiday 2014

“Sugar, above all else!”

If I were to leave my mark and carve my mantra above a doorway with a blunt object and my bare hands, that would be it, because as far as I’m concerned, sugar dominates — sugar kills it, bro! — over the salty, the sour and everything else.

Since I’m a girl who can devour a pecan pie all by herself in less that 48 hours (hey, at least when I ate those two slices for breakfast, I had the “restraint” to skip the whipped cream), I’m all about the sweet stuff, and that includes these sugar-themed holiday sets by Fresh, a brand I’ve been kind of obsessed with lately (I totally blame it all on their Black Tea Toner and Fresh Life fragrance, which will forever be my Fresh gateway items).

This year the brand has several sugar-themed holiday sets for the pecan pie-eating, doughnut-print-loving sweet tooth in yo’ life.

Fresh Sugar Legends set ($55, a $79 value)

Fresh Sugar Legends

The Fresh Sugar Legends set

The tints in this seven-piece set are sheer enough to quality as “easy to wear” but colorful enough to stand on their own, which should make them a good gift option for just about anyone with a pronounced sweet tooth…because they’re also sugary scented and flavored. One taste and you’ll be smackin’ your lips for more…MORE!

Fresh Sugar Legends Set

One for every day of the week

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Clé de Peau Beauté Perfect Lash Mascara: So Close to Perfect That It Almost Makes Up for the Price

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Clé de Peau Beauté Perfect Lash Mascara, $50

Clé de Peau Beauté Perfect Lash Mascara in Black ($50)

Clé de Peau Beauté Perfect Lash Mascara may be the most expensive mascara I’ve ever touched.

It’s $50! — a price that makes Guerlain Cils D’Enfer, Chanel Le Volume and YSL Faux Cils look like castoffs in a discount bin.

Clé de Peau Beauté Perfect Lash mascara

Holy crap, this tube is $50!

Logically, I know that it’s completely insane to even consider a mascara that costs as much as two bags of groceries at Trader Joe’s (that’s a lot of Pretzel Slims), but oh, my gosh, it’s the mutha-truckin’ ish.

I don’t have a lot to work with in the lash department naturally, but when I wear Perfect Lash, I look like I got lash extensions in Beverly Hills. My short, wispy lashes look impeccably long, lifted and defined, and I feel like a 1940s screen siren when she bats her eyes.

One layer works well, but I prefer two.

Clé de Peau Beauté Perfect Lash Mascara, Before (top) and after (bottom) two coats

Before (top) and after (bottom) two coats

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Should You Say Eye Do to Eyeko Makeup?

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Wearing Eyeko Brow liner, Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner and Eye Do Mascara; Lips are MAC Matte Lipstick in Damn Glamorous

Bangs and a British accent are partly responsible for attracting me to Eyeko makeup.

I desperately wanted to believe that lining my eyes, coating my lashes and filling in my brows with Eyeko products would summon the powers of makeup magic, so that suddenly, one misty morning, I’d awaken with fab fringe and a bangin’ British accent like Alexa Chun, the stylish model/TV presenter/writer and face of the Eyeko brand.

Hey, man, you never know… Stranger things have happened. :)

If, one day, I’m pimpin’ Lloyd Christmas hair in my pictures and start a post with, “I fancy a pasty this morning and a spot of tea!” you’ll know the deal.

Eyeko products from the left: Brow liner, Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner, Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner, Me & My Shadow in Charcoal and Eye Do Mascara

I’ve been using some of Eyeko’s permanent collection products lately — a couple of their liquid liners, a mascara and a brow filler — and here are a few thoughts…

Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner ($19)

This waterproof liquid liner’s thin, flexible felt tip says “meow!” to the part of me that loves kitten flicks and skinny lines (it’s a BIG part). It’s preternaturally precise, but I have to make quite a few passes with it to get the color fully opaque, and that’s a bit of a bummer.

I’ve been using Mocha, the brown shade, but it’s also available in Ebony and Marine.

Eyeko products from the left: Brow liner, Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner, Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner, Me & My Shadow in Charcoal and Eye Do Mascara

From the left: Brow liner, Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner, Visual Eyes Liquid Eyeliner, Me & My Shadow in Charcoal and Eye Do Mascara

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