Neat and New to Me: MAC Cosmo Lipstick

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mac cosmo lipstick

Neat and New to Me

Unlike my Unsung Heroes series, which features permanent collection products I’ve known and loved a long time, the Neat and New to Me series showcases permanent collection products that slipped under my radar for a while, but then I discovered them! — and now I think they’re neat and new to me.

Just when you thought you didn’t need ONE MOAR PINK LIPSTICK!

Who are we kidding…? There’s always room for one more pink lipstick, and this one by MAC is a real contender. I just wish I’d found it sooner because…isn’t it gorgeous!? :) It’s called Cosmo, and it’s one of MAC’s Amplified Lipsticks — the ones with the creamy, long-lasting formula of which I’m a big fan.

It’s classified as a brownish pink, but I think it’s more pink than brown on my NC42 skin. I’ve heard through the makeup grapevine, which is code for, “I went to the MAC counter and talked to a few artists about it,” that Cosmo 1) registers as a pink on lighter skin tones as well and 2) looks amaze-balls on olive-toned skin.

So if your skin has yellow undertones, pour yourself a Cosmo, honey! (It should be noted that this one will not cause hangovers.)

mac cosmo lipstick

Another thing I love about this color — other than the color, I mean — is how it fades. I put it on the other day around 3, then went about my business. Chatted with the neighbors, took some pictures for the blog, pet Tabs (FOR A WHILE), went to go get a regularly scheduled blood test and stopped by HomeGoods to look at autumnal dinner plates.

When I checked my makeup later at around 7:30, I could still see a hint of Cosmo on my lips. It had lost its creamy shine, of course, but it hadn’t lost its color. It turned into a pretty, pink stain.

mac cosmo lipstick
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Quick Blush Tip: Don’t Press Too Hard on That Brush

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blush tip dont press too hard

blush tip dont press too hard

Just a quick blush tip that should also spare your wrist muscles. When you’re applying and blending blush, try holding your brush a little further back away from the tip. It should lighten the pressure you apply on the bristles (so you should see the bristles bending a little less).

And why don’t you want to press super hard on that brush? Well, when you press really hard, you tend to push the blush into a smaller area, as opposed to buffing and smoothing it around. It also just plain makes the job harder, and no one wants blush blending to be the bane of their existence.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. My in-laws are visiting the Bay Area tonight and tomorrow for a special visit because my mom-in-law just turned 70! She’s 70 and absolutely fabulous. :) We’ll be treating them to a night at the San Francisco symphony tomorrow, which should be a lot of fun.

This’ll also be Baby Girl’s first time hearing her grandparents. I’ve read that at 16 weeks babies can hear voices outside the tummy, so I’m going to have her nana sing to her (once upon a time, she sang back up for The Beach Boys!) as much as possible.

Sunday Brunch Makeup

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sunday brunch makeup top

An easy Sunday brunch makeup tutorial, step-by-step (ooh, baby!)

I usually start thinking about Sunday brunch around Thursday…

Or Wednesday.

OK, you got me — Monday afternoon! :) What can I say? I really, REALLY like Sunday brunch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, brunch is my favorite meal of the day, and I look forward to it all week long.

Tee from Nordstrom

To brunch or not to brunch; that is the question (profound tee from Nordstrom)

As for my makeup for brunch, the effort I put into it varies, depending on whether I’m hungry enough to gnaw on my arm. Sometimes I’m so ravenous by brunch time that I don’t care about my makeup at all, and I’ll leave the house with a bare face, wearing stretchy pants and a sweatshirt covered in cat hair from head to toe (of course).

But when I’m not completely starving and have a little extra time to get ready, or when I’ll be meeting friends, I will try harder…but not too much harder. It is brunch after all. :) And who wants to deal with falsies and winged liner on a Sunday morning? NOT THIS GIRL. Plus, I gotta save mental energy for the difficult brunch decisions like, “Should I get pancakes, French toast or both??”

sunday brunch makeup pancakes or french toast

Pondering the important questions…


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Did You Know? | Sephora Beauty Classes

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Yes, ma’am, you’ll find me in the front row at a Sephora beauty class, taking notes like the nerd I am. :) I’ll be the girl with the glittery purple notebook and the noisy four-color click pen, click-click-click-click!

I’ve mentioned these classes a few times on the blog since I started going to them this summer, and I’ve gotten quite a few questions. Long story short, they’re free, fun and highly recommended.

Picture a college classroom, except instead of learning about chair versus boat conformations of cyclohexane (which is about the only thing I remember from O-Chem), you learn about skin care and makeup. There’s a long list of different classes available, too (now in all U.S. stores). So far I’ve taken the Correcting and Concealing, Perfectly Paired Lips and Cheeks, and Daytime Smoky Eyes classes, and I learned some good stuff in each one.

sephora beauty class 1
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Quick Blush Tip: When You Apply Blush, Angle Your Head to the Side, Instead of Looking Straight Into the Mirror

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Try this...

Try this…

...Instead of this

…instead of this

As the world turns…so turns my head! Now. When I apply blush.

I had a “forehead, meet desk!” moment when this occurred to me, as obvious as it sounds, but up until it did, I was usually looking straight ahead into a mirror when I applied my blush, starting with the brush at the apples of my cheeks and pulling back toward my temples.

For me, this made sense — looking straight ahead into a mirror — because it’s also how I apply my foundation, eye makeup and lip products.

So why wouldn’t it be any different for blush?

Well…when you think about it, how often does someone look at you from directly straight ahead like that? Sometimes, but not always, right? Chances are still good that when Nick Jonas sees you from across that crowded room, he’ll be admiring your blush blending skills from many different angles, and not just the front. He’ll be seeing you from the sides, too. (P.S. I expect an invite to your wedding.)
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