MAC Haute Dogs Collection Fall 2015

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It’s time to raise the roof! (Get it? Sorry…) It’s MAC Haute Dogs time.

I wish I could have hired a professional dog actor to serve as my cuddly co-broadcaster for this video… I guess I could’ve put Tabs in a dog outfit, or better yet, dressed him up as an actual hot dog of the “meat in a tube” variety — complete with all the fixin’s, of course (but please hold the sauerkraut) — but you and I both know how either of those scenarios would have gone down. There would have been hell to pay, and the payment would have involved me being scratched-the-eff-up by some very sharp tabby talons!

MAC Haute Dogs is a pretty hefty fall release with 33 pieces, and here’s a look at 13 of them (limited edition products), along with thoughts on the MAC Mineralize formula, because the collection is heavy in the Mineralize department. Got some swatches in there, too. :)

mac haute dogs collection

13 of the 33 pieces from the MAC Haute Dogs collection

mac haute dogs pure bred quad

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Eye Shadow X 4 in Pure Bred ($46)

mac haute dogs glimmer of gold quad

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Eye Shadow X 4 in A Glimmer of Gold ($46)

mac haute dogs posh pedigree quad

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Eye Shadow X 4 in Posh Pedigree ($46)

mac haute dogs lipsticks

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Lipsticks from the left: Fashion Pack, Rare Breed, Barking Gorgeous, Nose for Style and Labradorable ($23 each)

mac haute dogs collection glass

MAC Haute Dogs Mineralize Glasses from the left: Lap Dog, Sheer Coincidence, Modest, Dressed to the K9S ($23 each)

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Dressing Room Makeup Hack: Use Your Shirt As a Protective Barrier When You’re Trying on Clothes

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Anthropologie white and yellow striped top

Things I do inside dressing rooms…

Have you ever accidentally gotten makeup on the clothes you were trying on in a dressing room?

(Uh…I am totally guilty of doing this, and yes, I’m a little ashamed.)

Even though I always do my best to keep it from happening, sometimes it’s darned near impossible! — like if it’s a shirt or a dress that’s really hard to take on or off.

It almost happened to me a while back when I was trying on a white dress at Ann Taylor. I was wearing a full face of makeup, and the dress I wanted to try on had a very narrow opening at the neck.

Standing in the dressing room, I realized that there was no way I was going to get in or out of the dress without getting makeup on it…and that’s when I had an aha moment! I draped the shirt I was wearing that day, which happened to be black, over my face like a veil, where it could work as a protective barrier between my makeup and the dress. Then I slipped the dress over my head without leaving a mark on it.
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Tuesday Tip: Apply Moisturizer Before Your Face Primer

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Let's get ready to moisturize and prime!

Ready to moisturize, blot and prime!

I know I say this all the time, but that’s because it’s freakin’ true! — it really does take a village, so to speak, when you’re trying to do the whole smooth/flawless skin thing, or as close as you can get to it.

Oh, my goodness, yes, it would be SO nice if it were possible to do it all in one easy step, but that hasn’t been my experience. There are lots of steps involved in getting as close as possible to perfect-looking skin for me, and it takes a lot of work, especially upfront prep work at the beginning of the process.

But here’s something that helps, and I always do it, without fail: I always apply moisturizer before my face primer.

When I do, my skin looks smoother, my makeup lasts longer, and everything I apply on top of moisturized skin just seems to work better.

I really don’t know why… Maybe the moisturizer plumps the skin and makes whatever I apply on top of it look smoother. Colors also look richer and more intense.

Here’s my basic process…

Step 1: Moisturize

First, I moisturize, and it’s the first step when I’m applying my makeup (before this, however, right after washing my face in the morning, I apply any skin serums and products with SPF).

My combination skin is more dry than oily (but it’s also oily on my forehead and around my nose and chin), so I reach for rich moisturizers, and I like ones that don’t contain SPF, in this case, to avoid the telltale white cast that can happen when you mix SPF-containing products and flash photography. I also like moisturizers that don’t pill or clump when I apply other products on top of them.

Once my face is fully moisturized, I give the moisturizer enough time to fully absorb and sink in, which is usually around five minutes. Note: this step is very, VERY important because if the moisturizer is still wet in spots, products applied on top of it won’t last as long as they should/could.
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The Fab 5, Vol. 8: Chanel

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Those double Cs, man! They get me every time.

I’ve drooled over and chased after Chanel for… I don’t even know how long! Years and years. It’s one of my favorite beauty brands (and fashion and accessories, etc.) of all time.

Makeup-wise, their permanent collection is huge and daunting. At their counters, there’s a LOT of great stuff to play with and look at, and between the lipsticks, glosses, eyeshadows, blushes and more it can be overwhelming.

So where do you start? Hopefully this episode of The Fab Five gives you some ideas. It might even spark a lifelong love affair with Chanel, oui, oui! :)

I wear these five pieces almost daily. They’re the products I find myself grabbing over and over again.

The Fab 5, Vol. 8: Chanel (probably part one of two, haha)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Bring Your Foundation Up Into Your Hairline So It Doesn’t Look Super Obvs

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Are you wearing foundation, or is that a kabuki mask?

Or, who’s that guy who wore the scary white hockey mask in those slasher movies? Was it Jason Voorhees??

Ah, the dreaded line of makeup demarcation…

Well, this is one of those things you may not think of straight off the bat (I sure didn’t), but when you realize that you’re not doing it, you’re like, “Oh! How did I not think of that?”

I don’t know how it is for you, but when I first started applying foundation, I would stop right before my hairline because, I figured, well, that’s the edge of my skin…so that’s fine, but then when I saw myself in pictures, there would be a distinct line of demarcation between where my foundation stopped, and my hairline began, and it looked like I was wearing a mask.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix. All you have to do is gently drag product up into your hairline with your foundation brush or BeautyBlender sponge.
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