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Have You Been to Ann Taylor Lately?

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I used to think that Ann Taylor was too stuffy for me, and I still think it’s kind of stuffy, but they’ve got some really cute clothes. I’ve purchased a few things from them over the past couple months, like I’ve gotten some accessories, a couple necklaces, a scarf, a linen tank top and a jacket (I wore it last week).

They always seem to have some kind of sale, too, and some of them are HUGE, like the 50% off ones, some for in-store and some are just online.

So check out Ann Taylor next time you pass by the store at the mall. I also think that the fit is better, and the fabric and the sizing are more consistent, than LOFT, their sister store.

I got a couple of linen tees from LOFT last spring, and also a linen tank at Ann Taylor, and the tank is definitely softer than the tees.

Have you done any shopping at Ann Taylor lately?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Ann Taylor Seersucker Jacket, Linen Tank, Cat Lady Jewelry and What I’m Wearing to Dinner Tonight

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ann taylor seersucker jacket

It’s been a hot one here in Marin County today! Tabs has been running the ceiling fan ragged all day long. I’m heading out to meet my friend Courtney for dinner, and since it should (fingers crossed) cool off a little this evening, I’ll be wearing this seersucker jacket by Ann Taylor, a linen tank, skinnies and few of my current favorite pieces of jewelry (including a pair of cat lady studs El Hub got me for my birthday!).

urban outfitters cat stud
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The LOFT Riviera Sailor Shorts and J. Crew Gingham Button-Down Shirt That I’ve Practically Been Living In…

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j crew gingham shirt loft riviera shorts

For all intents and purposes, I have been living in this J. Crew Factory Gingham Shirt.

Gingham, like ’90s lips, is having a moment right now (I’ve been seeing it all over the place), but even though I think this shirt seems pretty trendy and “now”, I also think it might last me a few seasons (I hope). Because print-wise, gingham’s also a classic.

But the print isn’t the only thing I love about this shirt. It also breathes, because it’s 100% cotton and feels very comfy. I brought it with me to NOLA last week, and no matter what I was doing or where I happened to be, whether on a frigid air-conditioned plane or slogging along a humid French Quarter street, it felt good and stayed pretty wrinkle-free throughout the day, which is a huge, huge plus.

Wrinkly clothes are the bane of my existence, I swear…

It’s available in a range of sizes, both petite and regular, and different prints, too.

Today I’m wearing it with a pair of coral LOFT Riviera Sailor Shorts I picked up a while back.

DUUUUUUUDE, I love these shorts. The color feels so summery, and I love the button detailing on the front.

FYI: the front doesn’t have pockets. Those buttons are just there for display, which is kind of annoying (because I’m all about pockets, because where else am I gonna keep the cat treats?!), but at least there are a couple of real-deal functional pockets in the back.

The shorts are available in coral, black and a gingham print, and they’re currently 40% off right now online.

I’m just sayin’… :)

j crew gingham shirt loft riviera shorts
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LOFT Lace Shorts, New Favorite Necklace and the Hunt for the Perfect White Shirt

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loft lace shorts

These lace shorts from LOFT almost didn’t make it home from the store with me. I was a little unsure about them at first because I don’t usually do lace (the tabby claws get stuck in the little loops, boo!), but I’ve been trying to break out of my comfort zone lately…and my BFF Jen gave them a thumbs up. :)


Seriously, as it pertains to last-minute fashion advice, thank goodness for texting and the ability to send pics from your phone. If it weren’t for those two things, I’d still be in stretchy pants and covered in cat hair.


The shorts, by the way, are the $49.99 Scallop Lace Riviera Shorts by LOFT, currently marked down from $59.99.

Actually, as of this very moment, it looks like they’re an additional 50% off on top of that! That’s $25!

Doesn’t look like there are many sizes available right now, but if you can’t find your size, these other lace shorts look pretty similar and cute.

Here I’m wearing the shorts with my new favorite necklace, this multi-strand Pearlized Crystal Statement Necklace by Ann Taylor (LOVE), and an old white button-up shirt from Halogen.

I have to be honest about the shirt, though… It drives me a little nuts. It wrinkles easily, and it’s super sheer, so I have to wear a cami under it, which makes me feel bulky around the middle.
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Dressing Up Denim With the Dynamic Duo of a Jacket and a Pair of Printed Shoes

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loft colorblock varsity jacket

I recently had a fashion revelation, and by recently I mean a few days ago. If you throw on a cute jacket and a pair of shoes with a snazzy print, you can pretty much turn any standard-issue outfit into something pretty darned cute.

I’m not sure why this trick works, or what the fashion-based scientific logic is, but it does. Something about the different shapes, lines, textures and patterns on what would otherwise be a ho-hum canvas…

Take this white tank and skinnies…

Super casual on their own, yes? But instead of wearing them with “the usual,” also known as my favorite black Zella hoodie and a pair of flip-flops (seriously, most of the time I’m tempted to dress like I’m going skateboarding by the beach), I put on this casual beige and gray zip-up jacket with these cute cat-print Vans.

The addition of the jacket and printed shoes slightly dresses up the outfit but doesn’t make it look overly dressy. Perfect to go to a baseball/basketball game, a picnic or a barbecue.

You might remember these shoes… I got them last year when Vans did their ASPCA collaboration. You’d think that a pair of shoes covered with cats would only interest a minority of crazy cat ladies, but I get a surprisingly high number of compliments on these shoes, and not only in pet stores, LOL!

VANS Cat Shoes

Vans Cat Shoes

VANS Cat Shoes

I think in the case of these particular shoes, the cat print works with so many different outfits because of the preponderance of neutral-colored kitties. The gray, beige, tan and black go with almost everything in my closet.

See how the gray and beige in the shoes matches with the beige and gray in the jacket?

Ooh, matchy-matchy…but not ridiculously so.

The jacket, by the way, is from LOFT (big surprise), and it’s very soft and cozy. Feels almost like high-end sweatshirt material. I’ve wanted to upgrade my casual outerwear situation, and this achieves that nicely. It goes with jeans and tees, casual dresses, shorts, rompers…and you can even wear it with workout clothes, too. It’s very flexible!

And it’s on sale online right now for 60% off with the promo code FLASH, if you’re interested.

Here’s another example of the same jeans and tank, but this time with an oversized alligator green jacket with big pockets, and a pair of leopard-print flats.

loft cotton linen anorak
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