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Update Your Wardrobe With Fun, Flirty Florals From Macy’s INC International Concepts

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Macy's INC International Concepts Floral-Print Peplum Scuba Jacket

It started with a pair of shoes… A pair of high-heeled caged shoes in a blush color to be exact. I spotted these high heels by INC International Concepts at Macy’s last week and was overcome with that special tingly shoe feeling — you know, the one where you know you have to get a particular pair of shoes in your life.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself… This story actually starts a month ago.

I woke up one morning, opened my closet doors to pick out my clothes for the day, and realized that everything I own is gray or black.

Not that there’s anything wrong with those colors. Black is always chic, and gray effectively hides the tabby cat fur. But I came to the realization that I just don’t want to be clad in black and gray from head to toe right now.

Spring is coming, and I feel like bright colors! — like a blooming garden with flowers all over the place and rainbows and a teal pegasus soaring across the sky. :) It’s time to update my clothing garden/game, and I’ve been looking for floral pieces that both match these shoes and also work with things I already have in my closet.

What do you think of this floral peplum jacket?

Macy's INC International Concepts Floral-Print Peplum Scuba Jacket

A silver zipper adds some edge

Macy's INC International Concepts Floral-Print Peplum Scuba Jacket

A closeup of the peplum!

I love the different shades of pink and how they vary from soft blush to intense hot pink. I think the peplum also gives it a very ladylike sweetness, while the zipper gives it a bit of an edge.

It’s also pretty versatile. I dressed it down here with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and a white tee, but I think it would also look super cute with a gray pencil skirt, or perhaps on top of a white flowing dress… Or maybe with a pair of mint green skinnies, because there is a little mint green in the pattern.

I’m affectionately referring to these tapered printed soft pants as my Blanche Devereaux pants because, hello! — Blanche would have totally rocked these in the Golden Girls era, and they still look good. They’re like an updated version. They’ve got that draping, hugs-your-curves-in-all-the-right-ways vibe to ‘em.

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Revamp Your Spring Wardrobe With These Fabulously Fashionable, Affordable, Comfortable Jeans: The Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans by Old Navy

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I’m on a mission to revamp my wardrobe. No more sad tabby gray for this gal! First thing on my list: pants.

I recently discovered these fabulous Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans by Old Navy, so of course I had to share them with ya.

See why you need these in your closet ASAP. :)

As always, thank you for watching.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


17 Ways to Think Pink

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Hello, Pink!

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, and something tells me it had to do with the constant presence of tabby fur on my person, but somewhere along the way, my closet became the Novato version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Literally. Like almost everything in there is a shade of gray or black.

There are a few occasional bursts of color here and there, but I’d say that 80% of the clothes in my closet are gray…

I walk around dressed like a storm cloud of doom.

So when I opened my closet this morning and looked through all the gray shirts and pants, that was it! Something snapped. I decided I’m done wearing so much gray.

But why all the gray in the first place? Well, it’s not that I’m afraid to wear colorful clothing. Not at all. I love colorful clothes! The problem is…so does the cat hair! But my tabby’s fur doesn’t stand out on gray.

One day, hopefully soon, I’ll be able to open my closet doors and see a bright explosion of happy, fun colors that reflect how I feel on the inside — like a turquoise pegasus with a rainbow mane flying across a cloudless blue sky. :)

Or something like that.

pinkI’m starting by gathering inspiration, and I found a ton of it today in the form of pink while I was cruising the Nordstrom website. Pink is one of my favorite colors to wear. Vibrant hot pinks, soft baby pinks, sultry coral pinks — if it’s pink, chances are I’ll want to wear it.

I put a bunch of things in my cart today that I desperately want have no intention of getting (yeah, you don’t even want to see the total, LOL!), but ya know how it is… Window shopping. And thinking.

Maybe there’s something here I could get… Maybe just one thing??


Tildon Racerback Shift Dress, $38

Tildon Racerback Shift Dress

Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer, $74

Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer

Kate Spade Metro Heart Dial Leather Strap Watch, $175

Kate Spade Metro Heart Dial Leather Strap Watch

Ellen Tracy Belted Herringbone Stretch Fit & Flare Dress, $128

Ellen Tracy Bleted Herringbone Stretch Fit & Flare Dress

Kate Spade Kiss and Make Up Lipstick Stud Earrings, $48

Kate Spade Kiss and Make Up Lipstick Stud Earrings

Stem Perfect Slub Tee, $25

Stem Perfect Slub Tee
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Latest Shoe Obsession: These Leopard-Print Flats From DSW

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There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to make you feel like you conquered the world, and these are my newest pair. And I love them, love them, love them! They’re my reward for making it to the end of the week in one piece.

Hey, sometimes you just gotta reward yourself for crossing the finish line. :)

What are you up to tonight? If it’s high energy fun, I will be with you in spirit, but me — I’m kind of tired today, so I’m gonna take it easy and grab some dinner.

I may or may not be going back to Super Duper again because I’m craving that veggie burger hardcore… Maybe this time I’ll actually snap a picture of it before I inhale it. After that, the movies to see A Most Violent Year.

Have a great night, whatever you’re doin’.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Quest for Cats: Bringing You Cat-Themed Cuteness Since 2007

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Have I mentioned that I like cats?

I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned that before, that I like cats. Have I…?

Well, I do. I really, really, REALLY like cats. :)

Just a peek into my brain and the things that catch my attention around town…

Loved & Loyal Dishtowel, $18,

Crazy Cat Lady Mug, $12,

Cat Nap Flight Aid Kit, $16,

Meow Pint Glass, $8,

Cat Sup Spiral Notebook, $8,

Cat Notebook, $8, Urban Outfitters

Smitten With Kittens tiny gift book/stocking stuffer, $5.95, Barnes & Noble





Neon Cats Sock, $8,

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