YSL Fard Lumière Aquarésistant Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow: For Eyes Like an Oasis

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A desert princess might wear Yves Saint Laurent’s Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow in Golden Sands to a royal banquet, but I’d probably wear it to the club. 🙂


New to YSL’s makeup line, it’s a very light, airy mousse eyeshadow, thinner than a regular cream but thicker than a liquid. One of six colors overall, it’s the only one to come out for summer 2010 (available now).

ysl summer 2010 makeup

For $30, you get 0.22 oz of light peachy golden glitter for your eyes, like a sunset in a jar. As a shimmery wash over the entire lid, it’s a marvel, water-resistant and easier to use than a glittery powder that might leave fallout on my cheeks.

ysl summer 2010 makeup

This particular shade isn’t very pigmented at all; it’s almost like glitter suspended in a mousse base, but judging by the swatches online, some of the other colors pack a stronger punch.

How it works

I spent a while brainstorming ways to use it but could only find one way I liked a lot — A LOT! I love it for fast, shimmery washes over the eye. It didn’t build up with layers well (too cake-y), and it didn’t do anything for the powder eyeshadows I attempted to layer on top.

But for a very specific use — the shimmery wash over the eye — YSL struck gold.

Luckily, they’ve decided to add it to their permanent collection, so you’ll have plenty of time to give it a try. Ironically, however, during actual application, time is of the essence.

This stuff dries faster than rain in the desert. I have to apply and blend within 30 seconds; otherwise, it’s cake for dinner!

ysl summer 2010 makeup

Something tells me YSL has a real winner on their hands with Golden Sands. My only reservation has to do with the $30 price. That’s not cheap. Also, for the record, the color works a little differently depending on your skin tone. I swatched it on a friend’s NW20 wrist — the pigment was virtually invisible! But while more of the peachy golden base shows through on my NC35 skin, I still think it’s beautiful on light and dark alike. Lighter ladies get a gorgeous glittery glow, and darker girls get more pigment with their shimmer. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B+

ysl summer 2010 makeup


And you won’t have to reapply because it lasts all day long — longer than all day, even. Basically, it lasts until I take it off. Water won’t do it, of course (it’s water-resistant), but any decent makeup remover should. I’ve used Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes and Benefit Gee… That Was Quick, and both work fine.

I’ve read that it’s supposed to feel “fresh” on the skin… What does that mean? Would I want to get fresh afterward?? I haven’t figured out what YSL means by “fresh,” but I’m guessing it just refers to its lightweight feel.

There’s not a lot out there that reminds me of YSL Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow. The texture makes it somewhat unusual. Urban Decay has the Stardust Shadows, which are powders, but I think they’re a similar idea — super sheer pigment with LOTS of glitter, but here you get your glitter in a mousse (ha!). Plus, I think the glitter’s even more refined.

You might like YSL Fard Lumière Aquarésistant Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow if

  • …you want an eyeshadow that you can apply quickly
  • …you’re in the mood to treat yourself
  • …you want lots of shimmer
  • …you need a long-wearing product that’s also water-resistant

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Nina says:

    Ive been on a grey eyeshadow kick lately so that Amethyst Grey is like magic to my eyes. Kinda spendy but if it lasts all day, it might be worth it.

    This is a timely post though because I own a similar product that I have no idea how to use – its the Paul and Joe Eye Gloss and the I have it in a yellow/gold shade and a pink one. For the life of me, ive tried it on my eyes, my lips and even as a highlight but I look like a glitterbomb.

    Maybe the way you did it with the YSL product will help, thanks! 🙂

    Do you hear the weekend calling us? 🙂 TGIF, Karen!

  2. NeenaJ says:

    Just curious if you’ve ever tried Makeup Forever’s Aqua Creme eyeshadow creams. How do they compare?

  3. lexi says:

    I literally came back from Sephora on Powell Street and was only able to swatch the blue shade. Okay is it me or do their displays just make you sad? They are constantly sold out of thing I really want or test (testers are always missing too). I do like how it goes on easily and just like mousse. I think I still like the EL liquid eyeshadow better – color wise. I still want that thing too!

  4. Lisa S. says:

    Love #1,2,3 but it does add up to a cool 60 bucks for 3 shadows. Of course, depending on where my friends wanna go to dinner I could blow that amount on eating out. So actually 60 bucks for eyeshadow is waaaay better for something I’ll have and use for awhile as opposed to, well, ick you know, food that doesn’t stick around……. Ok, no further shall I go….. ;0)

  5. Smashley says:

    This looks and sounds a lot like the Japanese brand, Kate’s gel eyeshadow. It also depends on the skintone of a person wearing it. I like anything airy or mousse-y, I would give it a try when I have $30 to spare!

  6. I’d really like to add come gel shadows to my collection in time for summer!
    .-= Polish Earthgirl’s last blog post… OPI Shrek Forever After Collection =-.

  7. This sounds kinda like the Jill Stuart eye jellies! Or like Smashley said the Kate gel eyeshadows. It looks very poofy and cute in the jar 🙂
    .-= makeup morsels’s last blog post… Love Thy Sunscreen =-.

  8. Vonvon says:

    Golden Sands and Riviera Blue for me anytime. The colors are bright. Looking at the texture in the photo…..it looked kind of yummy….creamy mousse…..

    Good to hear it’s in the permanent line….then I can wait for it to go on sale….;)
    .-= Vonvon’s last blog post… Shopping Morning & Now Time For My Little Girl’s Spa =-.

  9. Liza says:

    What do you have on your lips in this photo? It’s gorgeous!

  10. emma says:

    The wear is like Awake’s eye tints, no longer available in US. It’s also very similar to other liquid shadows I’ve used, except YSL’s cream version is easier to dab over powder shadows. I also bought YSL’s Sand. Looks great on you. Color is worth the price tag, as it’s the most versatile of the lot–can be worn by itself or over/under other colors.

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