You Just Might Lava c.Booth Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask

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Written by Annabella

Not even active volcanoes can stop UK beauty blogger Annabella of Skin Scrubs! Her beauty adventures have taken her from the British Isles to Appalachian drugstores — like the one where she discovered the subject of today’s guest post.

Mother Nature is a powerful force. It makes the trees grow, gives us beautiful tabby cats, and can delay flights for several hours when Icelandic volcanoes decide to erupt.


My holiday flight to Atlanta was delayed by nine hours last spring as the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull decided once again to spew ash into the air. Thankfully I found out the evening before so I wasn’t sitting around the airport all morning; however we still ended up sitting on the ground waiting for a new time slot to take off as the ash cloud above weaved its way around UK airspace. Eventually we took off but our flight was nearly two hours longer than usual as we had to fly around the ash. I am grateful though that our delays weren’t as bad as the first time disruptions started earlier this year.

A few days later whilst driving around the hills of Kentucky I went into a Rite-Aid store looking for something that I can’t remember only to notice the c.Booth Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask ($9.99 for a 4 fl. oz. tube) sitting on the shelf. Already knowing that a volcano can delay my holiday, I wondered if it was powerful enough to help my mostly oily, some times irritated and blotchy skin.

It promised to shrink pores, absorb impurities, and detoxify your skin as do most masks, although this one actually works! I have pores the size of the Grand Canyon and with traveling in a hotter climate than the UK (South Eastern United States) the heat and humidity makes them look even bigger – like they can be seen from space. After one use I saw a difference. It has a mattifying effect as well but doesn’t leave your skin covered in a film. I saw a continual improvement over the time I used it whilst away, and it cleared my skin of blemishes while leaving behind a peaches and cream look. I would also say that it appears to have a firming effect on my skin.

The mask doesn’t take long to dry (about 10-15 minutes) and can also be used as an overnight spot treatment. I would only use this on one or two spots though, if you have several your pillowcase would probably turn black. Recommended use is twice a week. I personally don’t think people with dry skin would benefit from this mask, it’s best for oily skins.


Wet mask

Dry mask

Is there any downside? The mask I bought was quite runny so I had to be careful when I applied it. I used a foundation brush to do it and it worked fine.

When removing the mask you definitely need a warm wet wash cloth to wipe it off. I tried just rinsing it off by splashing water on my face several times, but I just ended up making a mess. Use your favourite toner to wipe off any residue. I always use my Molton Brown Skin Balancing Toning Lotion chilled straight from the fridge which finishes off my treatment nicely.

For the price point and results, I would definitely recommend c.Booth Deep Cleansing Volcanic Mud Mask!

Written by Annabella

This post was written by Annabella, who’s loved all things beauty since the age of four, when her mum never left the house without her face on. Annabella goes crazy for cute lip balms and cried the day Bath & Body Works discontinued their Kona Coffee scrub.


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  1. Just thought I’d let your readers know that I got in touch with Delicious Brands about the runny mask and someone from quality control sent my mom in Tennessee a new one which she forwarded on to me. Now that’s customer service!

  2. HanaBerlin says:

    My skin is dry so I’m prob have to skip it. I like masks but if they are overdrying I can’t use them. Thanks for the tip on putting the toner in the fridge. That’s genious. =)

  3. Hey Hana! This mask is definitely for oily skin, drier skins wouldn’t find this beneficial. Glad you liked my toner tip x

  4. Trina says:

    This stuff looks good. Maybe when I use up my Mint Julep mask, I’ll check this one out. I really like what clay masks do for my oily skin.

  5. Lovely review! I particularly like the idea of using it as a spot treatment.
    Jane x
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