With the MAC Daphne Guinness Interior Life Quad, There’s a Storm Brewing, But It’s Cool

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MAC interior life quad

I love it when life imitates art, or seems to, like it did yesterday when a storm passed overhead while I was contemplating the Eyeshadow X4 quad in Interior Life ($38).


The gray clouds came out of nowhere — clear skies one minute, a downpour the next — and when a blast of thunder roared, I was clutching the quad and its four cool-toned shades.

Remember this scene from the end of the first Terminator movie?

Looking up at the sky and then down at the quad, I realized that both of them were cut from the same cloth, a shawl of moody grays, purples, blues and pinks…

Now, I like these colors. I do. They’re just not the easiest shades for me to wear, and if you’re a damsel with a darker skin tone like mine, you might find that these shadows appear quite sheer when applied.

Who is Daphne Guinness?

The Honorable Daphne Suzanne Diana Joan Guinness, the Irish heiress to the Guinness brewery fortune, is a style icon and world-renowned fashion journalist. Tom Ford once called her “one of — if not the — most stylish women living.” She was also the inspiration behind last year’s holiday collection from NARS.

This year, MAC joined forces with Daphne to develop a 21-piece collection for eyes, lips, cheeks and nails in a mostly cool-toned palette of gray, pink, brown, taupe, charcoal, blue, green and lavender.

I’ve played with nine of the pieces so far, and from what I’ve seen, this release looks stunning for lighter lasses who wear cool-toned grays, pinks and purples well.

With Interior Life, MAC continues to play with sheer pigments. In comparison to Miss Piggy Pink, I think these shades offer a touch more coverage, and while I can appreciate MAC wanting a change of pace, I can see why it might ruffle the feathers of MAC fans addicted to pigment.

mac interior life

MAC interior life quad

MAC went with quiet finishes for this quad, which should appeal to gals averse to shimmer. Even though, technically, light pink Stratus is the only matte, the other finishes here (two satins and a veluxe pearl) still appear almost matte on my skin.

To work this quad by itself, I have to get creative, layering the shadows atop a darker, sparkly base like Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Strut. But if you have the coloring to pull it off, go for it. Worn by itself, I think this quad has the potential to produce a wonderfully sculpted, clean look a la Bobbi Brown.

PRICE: $38
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to North American MAC counters and stores and online December 26; internationally in January


I’m playing catch-up

Happy Friday, fabulous. πŸ™‚ Guess what? Yesterday I recorded two classic Christmas movies I’ve never seen before, White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life. Yup, I know, but I’ve never seen either of them before, so I’m really looking forward to watching them tonight.

In other news, how are things going out there today? What are you up to?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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  1. Fieran says:

    I’m too much of a pigment lover πŸ™ Sheer shadows just frustrate me. Sorry MAC, I’m passing.

  2. corallista says:

    Looking at the swatches I wouldn’t have thought it could look as good as it does on you here!
    corallista recently posted … Christmas/New Year party makeup look 2 : Earthy Bronze and Red

  3. Nina says:

    TGIF … i like the quad a lot. the colors are right up my alley and with different bases, a lot can be done with this one!

    • Karen says:

      I had a feeling you’d like this one!

      You’ve got Strut already, right? The two are really beautiful together.

      • Nina says:

        i do! i also have the mufe aqua cream in 1 and 2. 1 is darker and if i wanted to go dramatic, that would be perfect. 2 is lighter and almost silvery and would certainly wake up the muted colors in this quad.

        • Karen says:

          Good call! I will have to try these on top of those Aqua Creams.

          You know what also could be really pretty? A shimmery liquid liner in like a gunmetal gray. Maybe even some false lashes.

          • Nina says:

            i love gray liner! kat von d makes one that is the perfect dove gray. i swatched it one time and have never been able to get it out of my mind.

          • Karen says:

            Me too! I like it because it’s so much softer than black… also it plays up brown eyes quite nicely.

            I will have to hunt down that Kat Von D one. I keep hearing nice things about her makeup, but I have trubs getting over the packaging (not my fave).

          • Nina says:

            yep. i bave a couple of her palettes and they dont get a lot of love because of the packaging ….

  4. Joyce says:

    From the swatches, it seems like an easy skip. However, when I saw how gorgeous it looks on your eyes when applied, I’m considering about getting the quad. The eyeshadows are lovely shades and they seem usable & wearable when you use more effort and technique to apply them. =)
    Joyce recently posted … Stila Coupon Code 2011 – 10% OFF All Orders

  5. Valerie says:

    I like the colors but I will pass. I am an NC42. I know I can work with the colors but for the price, I expect good pigmentation. I might pick up a couple of the lipsticks though!

    • Karen says:

      Ooh, the Pro Longwear Lipcremes? I love, love that formulation. πŸ™‚

      Since we wear the same foundation color I’d love to know what your MAC go-to products are!

      • Valerie says:

        I love pairing Freshwater with Blue Storm. That combo guarantees compliments. I also like Star Violet with Nocturnelle.
        Ricepaper is a must!

        I use Dollymix almost daily.

        For fun lips I like Speed Dial. My favorite red is Dubonnet.

        I bought Eloquent Air from the Glitter and Ice collection. I use it with grey smoky eye looks. I put Buxom Lips Eva over it to tone down the silver.

        • Karen says:

          Ricepaper IS a must! And so is Dollymix. Love it applied with a fan brush and a light hand.

          Thanks for the eyeshadow combos… I’ll have to try the Freshwater/Blue Storm one soon. πŸ™‚

  6. Vonvon says:

    You really did justice to the quad! Lovely eye look, Karen!
    Vonvon recently posted … Random Post: Friday Crunchie

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Vonvon! Do you think you might pick this one up?

      • Vonvon says:

        Hmmm….. Good question, Karen! Thing is I don’t have a MAC store/counter near where I live. Then, when I go to London, there are so many other temptations like Tom Ford and Suqqu at Selfridges. And there is just so much I can buy and store. Lol! Yes, storage crisis….running out of space, serious!

        We shall see… πŸ˜‰
        Vonvon recently posted … Random Post: Friday Crunchie

        • Karen says:

          I know what you mean. I often go to the cosmetics department for one thing and then get distracted by all of the shiny, sparkly baubles!

          As for storage… there are always was to consolidate and save space. πŸ™‚

  7. Crystal says:

    Your eyes look beautiful with this quad! Did you hear that Stabler from L&O SVU is going to be on True Blood this next season? Wooo hoo!
    Crystal recently posted … Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder #08 Ebony

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Crystal. πŸ™‚

      Yes, I heard about that! Whoever came up with the idea of adding Un-Stabler into the mix is a freaking GENIUS. I’ve read he’s supposed to play an older vampire… really though, could you see him playing anything else? He’s totally NOT a shifter.

  8. Vijaya says:

    WOW. Not in love with how they look in the swatches, but you made them look fab on your eyes!
    Vijaya recently posted … Makeup Tips For Women With Dark Features

  9. Kaoyee says:

    Forget the e/s quad! I want to know what you’re wearing on your nails Karen!!

  10. Love these pix…especially the first one…are they selfies?? FAB!!

  11. Edith says:

    White Christmas is my favorite holiday movie. It’s so old and occasionally a little conservative but I love how talented the main characters are. I hope you like it! Now I want to take out my copy of the soundtrack! πŸ™‚

  12. Sarah says:

    Looks really interesting! <3 MAC to death, but only have 3 products:/
    I'd really appreciate it if you checked out my own beauty blog!

  13. Amber says:

    That’s a gorgeous eye, think I need to try it! I’ve noticed that the mauve-y color is in a lot of palettes right now. Love it but not sure yet if I can pull it off.
    Amber recently posted … Burning out my fuse

  14. Karo says:

    They are georgeous on your eye!
    And you look so amazing!
    I love your necklace!
    Karo recently posted … Chanel Jade 407

  15. Jen says:

    Your look is really, really pretty but the quad and shadows look a little blah to me anyway.

  16. Dawn T says:

    I saw the pre-release pictures of this eyeshadow quad and could not wait for it to come out. I loved the smokey look of these colors and the fact that they are not all glittery and frosty. Then I saw the swatches and was so bummed at the lack of pigmentation:( Now, after looking at how they look on you I’ll have to reconsider! So smokey and pretty. Looks like they blend so well. Is this true, was it easy or a bit of work to get the look?

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