What’s in a Name? With NARS G-Spot Multiple, A Lot

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Oh, NARS! You and your cheeky naughty nurse names. 🙂 I would love to sing the praises of your new G-Spot Multiple ($39; part of the new Holiday 2011 collection) to every woman in my life, but as much as I love the color, I can’t bear the thought of mentioning it to my mom…


I can hear it now — she’d like the color and would say, “I really like that G-Spot!” or “Thanks for the G-Spot!” or “Next time you order online, would you get me a G-Spot?”

Sure, Mom, okay, anything, can we please talk about something else?

It’s like that time we were stuck in traffic when George Michael’s I Want Your Sex was playing on the radio, and my brother yelled, “TURN IT UP!”

Now THAT was a long ride home, but I digress…

About G-Spot’s rosy golden hue, I think it looks kinda dark at first, but blended in this cream blush produces the most perfectly coy “Please be gentle with me” flush.

Love. love

For more on the NARS Holiday 2011 collection, check out…

And it gives my cheeks a good bear hug, too, latching on to my dry skin for a good five or six hours, which is not too shabby, tabby — especially for a cream product.


Thing is, even though it costs a hefty $39, I love how natural it looks and how easy it is to apply (no brush required).

I guess I’ll just have to keep it on the ‘low around my family, because I’m not about to hear how my granny told all her homies at senior bingo night that she’s wearing G-Spot with her Revlon Orange Flip lipstick. Nope. Sorry. No can do. 🙂

PRICE: $39
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to NARS counters and available now online

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Yari says:

    You look beautiful in this pic!!! And the blush is soooo cute!!! Tho I’m currently on a naked face kick because EVERYTHING breaks me out…

  2. Lulee says:

    I’m really turned off (heh see what i did there?) by this product’s name. if i see a 14 y/o on youtube singing the praises of her G-spot (like they do with orgasm) i will lose it. I think these names are over the top and vulgar.

  3. AS says:

    If you ever get tired of blogging, you could be the the BEST TV comedy writer ever. I love how you bring back and riff on previous jokes and stories. I love the pictures on your blog, but seriously, your humor knocks it out of the park, A+!

  4. Christy says:

    I don’t normally wear multiples but this shade is sups pretty 🙂
    Christy recently posted … EOTD Weekend Neutral + Tutorial

  5. Maddy says:

    I LOVE your necklace! Where did you get it?

  6. Chris25 says:

    I love this rosy color. Cream blushes tend to work better for me during the winter, when my skin is less oily.

    My fave G Michael song is “Monkey”. He dances his butt off in the video!

  7. wow Karen you look stunning in that pic. I’m about to pick that Nars G-Spot, and hope it makes me look that amazing! And yes I agree with that first comment by Yari, you should be a comic writer. this post was hilarious.Adore you!

  8. Katherine G says:

    Great color and I agree on the part about mentioning it to your mom. I mentioned the Orgasm blush to my mom and I’ve heard the same thing more or less! Nars Orgasm is still a fave of mine but G-Spot looks pretty and not quite as sparkly, like a toned-down version of Orgasm.

  9. nai says:

    omg, karen–that quip bout revlon orange flip? totally cheeky! LOVE IT.

  10. Joyce says:

    G-Spot looks lovely on you, but I prefer powder blushes because they’re quick and easier to use. =)
    Joyce recently posted … Swatches & Comparisons: Rimmel London 621 Orion Eyeshadow Trio

  11. Nina says:

    that multiple is the prettiest ive seen!!!

  12. AilurophileNZ says:

    What a great post – so funny & I completely agree with you. It does look a lovely colour, and as much as I love Nars, the names are beginning to put me off & I am really not a prude!

  13. Phyrra says:

    The name makes me giggle. I love the color.
    Phyrra recently posted … Raven’s Prophecy of Darkness

  14. AnieJ says:

    Sadly, the story of your granny at bingo night having *that* discussion was not the most disturbing I’ve heard today…but at least this is a lovely color. Do you think this may be too much for much fairer skin?
    AnieJ recently posted … Estee Lauder Equalizer Smart Makeup SPF 10

  15. Vijaya says:

    I like NARS’s names too. Orgasm the multiple? Oooh, you naughty, naughty color namers!
    Vijaya recently posted … Final Fantasy Inspired: Yaag Rosch

  16. Mel says:

    That’s a nice color, I wonder what it would look like in powder form? I love Nars’s “creative” names but some of them, like this one are a bit too much for my delicate sensibilities. I’d be kind of embarrassed to mention it to anyone.

  17. Anina says:

    I really love how your photographs have been looking, definitely upping your glam! Especially with the wit! Pretty pictures, biting wit makes sense to me!

    And the shade looks good on you! I have to admit I like the giggle factor that goes into NARS product names.

  18. Vonvon says:

    Pretty color!
    Vonvon recently posted … Photos: Fall 2011, Part 2

  19. Yianna says:

    this was so funny, u made my day Karen thank you 😀
    By the way how would u compare it to orgasm multiple? does g-spot has chunky glitter like orgasm?

  20. Naj says:

    Okay, you look super hot here. Love that necklace too!

    & I hear ya. Mentioning this blush will be like sharing the news of buying a new sex toy with your family. Eeww!

  21. Haha, yeah, it would be really uncomfortable sharing this product with your mom or grandmom. 😛 Oh, the names of some cosmetics!

    I enjoyed reading this post – funny!
    Swatch And Learn recently posted … Smorgasbord Sundays: Some of My Crushes

  22. kiwikiwidragon says:

    I LOL’ed at those that find this “vulgar”, it’s all just for fun. Your tale reminds me of my MIL, god rest her soul, she had a vibrating back massaging mat and wands that she referred to as her vibrator/s and we used to tell her not to call them that, as in “I was using my vibrator last night….” or “Hang on, let me get my vibrator and you can see if it helps your pain too….” Good times and good memories!! Thanks Karen.

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