We’ll Always Have Paris: The Sparkling Lancôme Petit Tresor Holiday Collection

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lancome moonlight rose closeup

Lancôme Blush Highlighter in Moonlight Rose ($42) from the Petit Tresor Holiday 2013 collection

It’s December 18, barely a week before Christmas, and I have so much holiday shopping left to do that all I can do at this point is succumb to procrastination’s warm, snuggly embrace — to wrap myself up in it like a living, breathing procrastination burrito (with extra guac on the side, haha!).

I’m behind. Way behind. Which, of course, means that the only logical thing left to do now is watch Casablanca for the umpteenth time and put on a few pieces from the Lancôme Holiday Petit Tresor collection. 🙂


The 19-piece Parisian-inspired collection’s gold, taupe, bronze and garnet makeup and nail polishes glided onto cosmetics counters and lancome-usa.com last month.

I don’t know where you are with your holiday shopping (I sincerely hope you’re further along than I am), but what do you say we do a little more procrastinating this afternoon, and check out a few pieces from the collection?

The Color Design 5-Pan Palette in Sapphire Fling ($49)

lancome sapphire fling

Color Design 5-Pan Palette in Sapphire Fling ($49)

I like the way this five-pan palette of taupe, gray, peach, blue and black powder eye products (four eyeshadows and one liner) sparkles on my lids.

lancome sapphire fling

One of three quints in the collection, Sapphire Fling is “my rockstar quint,” because the products take on that lived-in, distressed look as the day goes on (like they’ve been out partying on Hollywood Boulevard all night long).

I like it — the whole rocker chic vibe — but if you’re averse to any creasing or fading, you’ll probably want to carry it with you for touchups throughout the day.

The Blush Highlighter in Moonlight Rose ($42)

lancome moonlight rose

Blush Highlighter in Moonlight Rose ($42)

A shimmery, yet subtle, peachy pink blush and highlighter in a gorgeous pan with rose detailing. This long-wearing cheek product lasts a good 12-14 hours on me and lovingly steers clear of my pores.
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: A- ($42 seems like a lot)

Vernis in Love Nail Polish in 522 Bubbly Gold ($15)

lancome bubbly gold

Vernis in Love Nail Polish in 522 Bubbly Gold ($15)

What do you get when you take an intensely pigmented bronzy golden nail polish and give it an extra wide brush? Here’s what: a polish that’s extra easy to apply. One coat delivers opaque coverage and loads of fine, glittery sparkle.


Swatches on my NC42 skin

lancome sapphire fling moonlight rose swatches

Swatches of Sapphire Fling on the left and Moonlight Rose on the right

lancome bubbly gold swatch

Bubbly Gold

lancome petit tresor holiday 2012 collection overhead

Three of the 19 pieces from the limited edition Lancôme Petit Tresor collection

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. So, procrastination. What’s your favorite way? Mine is either by watching movies or playing with makeup. Or better yet, doing both at the same time.

Oh…but I forgot about YouTube and surfing nordstrom.com. Those are other escapist behavior/procrastination favorites of mine.


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  1. BooBooNinja says:

    I am a proficient procrastinator. I, too, play with my makeup, read beauty blogs, try to learn how to apply makeup via YouTube, read, and play with my sister. :). I have many more methods and those are the few I’ve recently employed.

  2. Mel says:

    HULU! I’m all for watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon clips and laughing hysterically instead of studying.

  3. Chelsea says:

    That highlighter is so pretty! Might have to go hit up my old counter and try it on.

    I’m excellent at procrastination, due to being in grad school (though I turned in my last final of the semester today!) Cleaning is a great way to procrastinate on doing papers. Also, YouTube, Beauty Blogs, and definitely Pinterest!

    • Karen says:

      It would look really pretty on pale skin. The pink tones might show up on you more too (so jealous!).

      Congrats on turning in your last final for the semester, YAY! What are you doing for break (besides spoiling the fur children, haha)?

      • Chelsea says:

        haha, the benefit of being pale!

        The best part of being done is that I also work for the university, so starting Thursday I have no work or class for almost 3 weeks! YES! I’ll be headed up to Northern Michigan for a few days to go see my parents (they’re supposed to get a foot of snow this weekend). My brother should be in the state too (he lives in Madison, Wisconsin, working on a PhD). I hope to get some reading done! I have a Percy Jackson book I want to read (a young adult series that I’m a huge fan of), and I was thinking about reading some of the Game of Thrones books. I might try and get some research done too.

        Also was invited to a couple parties this week – my friend Lisa’s mom is in town and wants to make us all a bunch of Filipino food (thought of you!), and then the next day I’m going to an End of the World/Friend’s Birthday party with the same bunch of ladies.

        • Karen says:

          Lucky you! I hope you sleep in every day, and that your parents make you breakfast (SO GREAT).

          How fun that you’ll get to eat some yummy Filipino food. Do you know what you guys are making?

          I’m sure your party makeup is going to be fab, btw. 😀

          • Chelsea says:

            I definitely plan on sleeping in every day! I’m sure Jiji will be happy to have a napping partner!

            No idea what we’re having, but I’m excited! One of my fiance’s neighbors up north was Filipino actually (I used to babysit her daughters, the little one was always yelling “ATTEEEEEEE” after the other) but I never ate her cooking! I’m excited.

  4. Melissa says:

    I love shopping, even if it means for other people. So almost all my Christmas shopping is done. But… For cleaning house and work….well, that’s a completely different subject. True procrastination.

  5. I’m like Melissa and am a true pro at putting off cleaning. I’ll do anything to avoid having to clean. This month I’ve been watching American Horror Story( both seasons) to avert cleaning. Alas, I am now caught up to the present and must find something else now lol! Thinking about starting to rewatch X-Files on Netflix because that’ll take me a a few months haha! As for these Lancome pieces, they are pretty but too much pink for me!
    Tracy@Beauty Reflections recently posted … Deep Thoughts By Tracy-To Dye Or Not To Dye: That Is The Question

  6. Lisa says:

    Hope you’ll be able to post some photos of what this looks like. Maybe you did, and I need to read on! LOL.

  7. EmmyJean says:

    I’m a “recovering procrastinator” 😉 but when I do put off projects, it’s usually a mixture of silly games (e.g. Mahjong), netflix, and reading beauty blogs that keep me entertained.
    EmmyJean recently posted … Silk Naturals Party Girl & Nice Nudes Wardrobe for Lips: Review & Swatches

  8. ID says:

    love lancome, great brand but quite underrated.
    ID recently posted … Lipgloss: MAC Lychee Luxe, Lancome Caprice, Lancome Crazy Clementine

  9. Gina says:

    The highlighter is sooo pretty! Might add that to my xmas wishlist! 🙂

    Gina recently posted … Stuff I want #2

  10. Jennifer says:

    The highlighter is awesome! But that polish, I’m not feeling it. I always find that my skin reacts to Lancome because the products are scented so heavily. Did you notice a scent?
    Jennifer recently posted … Play with Jouer: The Bare Beauty Collection

  11. Nina says:

    The highlighter is very nice! Its a bit spendy though, for what it does. :/

  12. Kim says:

    Procrastination burrito? I love that! Probably because I’m the procrastination enchilada (you know, covered in cheese and sauce). 🙂 This collection looks fab for the holidays but I know I haven’t been wearing sparkle very well, so I’ll have to appreciate it on others.

    Like you, I procrastinate by watching movies (or reading a book). At work, I read my favorite blog. 🙂

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