Urban Decay’s Big Holiday Bang: The Apocalyptic Nail Kit

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Written by Jen, aka Raging Rouge

Today Jen of Raging Rouge reveals her hidden edgy side with Urban Decay’s latest *BIG BANG* — the Apocalyptic Nail Kit.

Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit

My personal style is total “suburban Mom.” My everyday look is classic, maybe even a bit boring: caramel balyage, neutral eyeshadow, jeans, flats… sometimes I even wear pearls! My point is, I generally don’t stray from what most would consider “ordinary.”


But in spirit, I’m part rock star and part punk, sporting goth-black hair, tattoos — and perhaps some sort of weapon concealed in my cleavage.

It’s that hidden inner edge that has me heralding Urban Decay’s latest big bang. Their nail enamel is back on the market, and just in time for the holidays. The Apocalyptic Nail Kit, an adorable mini nail enamel kit, looks great for gifting OR for keeping!

Think you can’t pull off these in-your-face shades? Do what I do. You can still look the part of suburban Mom by using these nail lacquers for your pedicure. It’ll be our little secret. 😉

Retail price is $26 for the seven small bottles of nail color, and all are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde-free.


Meltdown: This electric shade of purple has a shimmer that dances in the sunlight.

Big Bang: Love pink? Love glitter? You’re in the right place! From Urban Decay’s original collection, this polish is a sizzling hot pink packed with tons of sparkle.


Apocalypse: A dark, inky, almost black purple. Piss off an octopus, and this is the color of his defense.

F-Bomb: This shade (my personal fave) is a smokin’ sex siren red with a shiny patent-leather finish. The only thing sexier would be a pair of stilettos in this exact shade!

Grunge: Generation-Xers are rejoicing over this hopelessly hip evergreen shade. It appeals to the Kurt Cobain-loving Seattle-dweller within us all.

Gunmetal: This polish is a super-dark titanium with brown undertones. Urban-Chic fashionistas will die over this way-better-than-black shade.

White Widow: This snowy, frosty pale white with a cool gray cast should be perfect for wearing on the slopes!


Written by Jen, aka Raging Rouge

This post was written by Jen of Raging Rouge blog. A part-time beauty blogger and full-time mom to two completely fearless boys, Jen got hooked on makeup at seven years old when her parents let her have her first little lip balm.


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  1. Christina says:

    Jen, I love the description of your style because I can totally relate. I can’t wear some of the things I’d like as a professor… but these colors on my little piggies? Yes, please!

    Great guest post!

  2. Karen says:

    Must. Have. MELTDOWN!!!

  3. Marisol says:

    These are on my Christmas wish list. F Bomb & gun metal are my faves.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… A Day of Ups & Downs =-.

  4. amy says:

    These colours are hot. I like Big Bang, Grunge and Meltdown because of the colours, but I especially like F-Bomb because of the name! LOL
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD A Tarte Face Christmas: Simple Greens and Teals with Berry Pink Lip =-.

  5. Hyzenthlay says:

    Doh! I didn’t want this until I saw these swatches . . . I think I can live without the set, though. I really am looking forward to the Up and Away CG collection this spring 🙂 I may have to get that whole set . . .

  6. Jen says:

    Glad you all like the post! The colors are hot, but the price and petite packaging make this kit even harder to ignore (less than $4 per bottle… hello)! As a former “road-warrior”, I can also attest to the fact that this nail kit would be a great gift for a frequent traveler!
    .-= Jen’s last blog post… Spa Week Giveaways: Best Beauty Blog Post Of 2009! =-.

  7. lexi says:

    Yup I can relate. Luckily I have the gun metal shade to keep me feeling cool even though I don’t always project the image that I feel internally. I am praying UD re-introduces this line and I can buy a full size bottle in gun metal – I’d buy ’em in bulk if I could hahaha

  8. Jen says:

    I totally agree, Lexi! My guess is Urban Decay was testing the waters with this holiday kit, to see if they should re-launch the full-sized line. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed!
    .-= Jen’s last blog post… Holiday 2009: The LipFusion Collection Giveaway! =-.

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