With the Urban Decay Summer 2015 Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil, Ozone Bulks Up

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urban decay summer 2015

Urban Decay Summer 2015: Ultimate Ozone ($20)

One thing’s clear about Urban Decay’s $20 Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil — this handy husky wonder multitasks, and it handles some of its tasks better than others.

This here is basically a larger version of UD’s existing clear Ozone Lip Pencil, which many makeup lovers use for multiple purposes. It’s a clear-colored, unscented, unflavored multipurpose pencil with a silicone-like texture.


Have you ever tried Benefit’s dr. feelgood? It feels a lot like that — slippery and velvety — and did I mention it multitasks?

For instance, you can use it as a lip primer, where it helps keep your lipstick or gloss from wandering beyond your natural lip line, anchoring them down for extended wear time. Just trace and fill in your lips with Ozone first, and then layer your gloss and/or lipstick on top.

You can also use it as a makeup remover, by dabbing Ozone lightly over any mascara, eyeshadow or liquid liner boo-boos/mistakes, and then lifting any wayward flecks and bits away with a Q-tip.

Or, use it as a blurring face primer, by blending it all over and around fine lines and wrinkles.

First, I think it rocks as a lip primer. It makes my lipgloss last and stay put much longer than when I’m just left to my own devices without it (I’m a lip smacker/rubber, as you may already know if you’ve watched my YouTube videos… I know, I know. I’m trying to break the habit, but it’s so hard!).

I also like that the formula is clear, because it means not having to match it to other product colors. It doesn’t dry out my lips either.


As makeup remover/spot cleanup tool, however…it’s just OK. I was hoping that it would work like one of those magic eraser pencils, and I’d just touch it to my makeup, and pigment would — poof! — disappear, but I still have to follow it up with something else, like a Q-tip, to finish the job. I could just as easily stick to the Q-tip alone and save a step.

urban decay ultimate ozone

Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil ($20)

Also as a face primer, again, I think it’s just alright. Not as robust as the dedicated face primers in my regular rotation, like Smashbox Pore Minimizing, which is BOMB, but I’ll use it in a pinch.

Considering how many things you can do with it, Urban Decay’s $20 Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil is handy to have around. It may excel as a lipgloss and/or lipstick primer, but its other abilities are added bonuses. You could get the original 0.04-oz. Ozone Pencil and have basically the same product, but this larger 0.10-oz. version gets your twice as much for the same price, which is always a good thing.

PRICE: $20
AVAILABILITY: Available online and at Urban Decay counters starting April 15

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  1. Allison C says:

    I love multi-taskers and the bit about removing makeup mistakes sounds fab! I’ll keep it in mind for when I finish my Milani universal lip pencil and my TF Lip Insurance. It would be good to replace them with one thing
    Allison C recently posted … Bite Beauty Vivid Luminous Creme Lipstick Duo: Colors for Spring!

  2. Rachel says:

    I like the original ozone as a lip liner, so I might have to get this since you get so much more for the price!

  3. judyo says:

    i am also a lip rubber/smacker/etc. and this would be great. thanks for this opp.

  4. How interesting that it comes in pencil form :-O I’m intrigued.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Zoya Delight Collection & Zoya Naturel Satins Collection

  5. Majick says:

    I have the original lip pencil and like it a lot. I love however that I can get more product for the original price. LOVE that.

  6. Lulle says:

    Would it help with gloss that settles into lip lines? If it does then I need it!
    Lulle recently posted … Make Me Gorgeous Lipstick from MAC Is Beauty Collection: a bright coral for summer

  7. Agata says:

    I am not sure if I am sold, it would be great if it worked great in all three departments. If it’s good as a lip primer, I probably don’t need that. A makeup eraser would be great though!
    Agata recently posted … Mac Boca might be my new favorite MLBB shade

  8. angie says:

    Karen, what about as an eyeshadow primer? any creasing?

  9. Erin says:

    How does it work on pores?
    Erin recently posted … Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum Review

  10. Daniel says:

    Maybe it can work as a brow-setting wax pencil, don’t you think? I’ve never user Ozone, the little pencil, but I imagine it has the texture to help brows stay on their place. I’ve also heard it works for fine lines.

  11. Kwmechelle says:

    I do like it’s lip priming powers. Kinda giving it the side eye for its makeup removing, face priming powers. But I dunno. If a big pot o’ gold can appear at the end of a rainbow, then I suppose anything’s possible

  12. Rachel R. says:

    It’s always nice to have another format of a good product.

  13. This is such a multi tasking product.. but would prefer to use it as a makeup corrector.. we seriously need more of these because you know when your mascara touches your lids or the wet liner transfers to crease area.. gaahh!! You need a magic wand to make all the coorection 😛
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Essence 3D Eye Shadow Irresistible Choco Cupcake Review, Swatch, EOTD

  14. A magic makeup eraser pen? I would be sold…
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … On my plate – Vegetable Hot Pot

  15. sk says:

    I am confused. Can you sharpen this pencil? The whole tip was used up in less than a month. It doesn’t look like it glides up. How do I get more product out? It looks like it has a metal or plastic thing around near the tip so how would you sharpen it?

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