True or False: Benefit’s Lash Lovelies False Lashes Feel as Good as They Look

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Today my mad love for Benefit bumped up against an annoying reality. As much as I wanted to love the brand’s new Lash Lovelies false lashes, I just couldn’t make ’em work.


Ticked me off, too, because I think the designs are super cute.

Three of the nine Benefit Lash Lovelies

I had grand plans to try on three of the nine designs today, but after wrestling with two of them, Prima Donna and Big Spender ($15 each), I didn’t have it in me to try the third.

Benefit’s clear Lash Glue ($8) doesn’t do these designs any favors, either, and I think it’s what finally drove me over the edge. I hope so many issues with the stuff that I don’t even I don’t even know where to start. Thin and runny? Yup, and it makes the glue difficult to control. It kept dripping off the band, down the length of the lashes, onto my lids and even below my lash line. And it looks pretty janky when it dries (like all thick and crusty).

I could probably stop right there, happily, and just never use this glue again, but there’s more. It also stings… Yup. I think the lemony/glue-ish fumes make my eyes burn a little. I’ve tried a few different false lash adhesives over the years, and this was the first one that bothered my eyes.

Big Spender Lash

Prima Donna Lash

Pin-Up Lash

Wearing Big Spender

Wearing Big Spender

Wearing Prima Donna Lash

Wearing Prima Donna Lash


Because of how much cute I think these lashes are, I might give them one more try, but I certainly won’t be using the same glue. And even irrespective of the glue, I still wanted these lashes to feel softer. They’re a little stiff and plasticky, and I had a really hard time getting the inner ends (the sides closer to my nose) to lie flat, no matter what I did to coax them into place.

Lucky for these lashes, they sure are good looking, especially in their pretty packaging (seriously, isn’t it some of the coolest packaging you’ve ever seen for false lashes?). And that’s the only reason I think I’ll give them at least one more try.

PRICE: $15 per set (a pair of lashes); $8 for a tube of Benefit’s Lash Glue
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Benefit Brow Bars and boutiques

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Vijaya says:

    Unfortunate about the stinging lash glue! That’s horrible!
    Vijaya recently posted … Final Fantasy Inspired Look: Paine

  2. Prerna says:

    They look beautiful, but my inner $-saving Indian in me says “$15? Next!” gahhhh.

    And I just noticed the packaging! Okay that receives a +1 in my book LOL.

  3. Soo says:

    what if you tried trimming them a bit to ease up the application of the inner ends?
    Soo recently posted … Sun Moon Stars Trio Eyeshadow in Paradise Love from Vincent Longo

  4. Katie says:

    Karen – you are gorgeous! I can sense your discomfort in these photos :-(. Have you tried the UD lash glue with these lashes? I find most falsies are really hard to actually wear!!

  5. Daisy says:

    Sometimes the trick is just in the glue. I swear by the Duo glue, to be honest. It also helps to wait about 10 to 15 seconds before sticking them on, that way the glue has time to become tacky and will stick better.

    Believe me, nothing irritates me more than when a bad application ruins the entire look I was going for, and I just grabbed a handful of the Benefit lashes today from Ulta, so hopefully I can make them work for the weekend with the Duo glue.

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