Today I Was Gud and Grumpy With a Side of Cherries: Gud From Burt’s Bees Floral Cherrynova

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Life is just a bowl of these…

Hey, friend. Typing right at‘cha from the trenches of my living room couch. I just finished a slow, arduous 5-mile run — arduous because I really wasn’t feelin’ it, but I’m glad I did it anyway — and now, in my freshly showered state, I’m basking in a post-workout high, babbling in print and breathing in the scent of Gud From Burt’s Bees Cherrynova Body Wash on my skin.


But more on that in two seconds. 🙂

I’m also half watching Avatar on TV, eating a big bowl of cherries and trying, so far unsuccessfully, to deter Tabs from scratching my Pier 1 chair.

You know the old saying, “Life is just a bowl of cherries”? Well, I’m feeling that way now thanks to Cherrynova, but earlier today? — MAN! I was grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.

grumpy tabs in the closet
Grumpy with a side of grumps!

I dunno… I’m just really stressing over what to do with the rest of my life. After five years as the executive assistant to an international plus-size kitty supermodel, I’m starting to wonder, “Where is this job taking me?”

Stir in my natural tendency to worry, add a dash of insomnia, and you’ve got yourself a woman on the brink of FREAKING OUT!

But then I took a few deep breaths, talked to El Hub on the phone, pet Tabs, checked the blog, read through some comments, and slowly calmed down enough to hop on the treadmill.

Running usually takes the edge off…

So here I am, fresh out of the shower and eating a bowl of cherries. And kinda smelling like a bowl of cherries, too, courtesy of Floral Cherrynova.

gud body wash

I’m still loving Molton Brown’s Pink Pepperpod, but sometimes it’s a little too much of a smack on the booty, if you know what I mean. A little too much zing.

It’s great when I need a pick-me-up, but after a long day filled with fretting and an extra hard workout, I prefer the gentle caress of something like Cherrynova.

The scent of cherry blossoms and almond milk fill the air from the lightly moisturizing wash, turning my bathroom into a fancy-schmancy spa (if I close my eyes).

And the best part? The large 10-ounce bottle only costs $7.


Gud job, Burt. 🙂

Floral Cherrynova also gets two very enthusiastic paws up from Tabs, since Gud doesn’t test their products on animals (they also kindly leave out the parabens, pthalates and petrochemicals).

PRICE: $7 for a 10-fluid-ounce bottle
AVAILABILITY: Available now at drugstores, Ulta stores and also online

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Louise says:

    Oh man, we all have those days ( Honestly I’ve had quite a few lately). Hang in there Karen!
    Louise recently posted … Today I’m Wearing… An Effortless, Glowing Summer Makeup Look

  2. Advah says:

    Eep this is what the inside of my brain sounds like, minus the cherries. Which sound really nice, I’ll have to check if we can get it in the UK!

    Oh, also – *squeezy hug*, Karen 🙂

  3. Vonvon says:

    Cherries! I love cherries!

    Karen, I have been feeling pretty down all the time this year…… But life has to go on….. First half of the year, almost gone….. Now look forward to the second half of the year, shall we? Hugs!
    Vonvon recently posted … Photos: From My Birthday & Sephora Birthday Gift Of Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo

  4. Nina says:

    I got a sample of this in the mail and I liked it. I should grab a bottle!

    PS – I have a bag of cherries in my lunchbox today!

  5. NeenaJ says:


    It is honestly beyond me why some magazine hasn’t snapped you up as a contributing writer.

    I would love to pick up a magazine and see makeup/life bits that reflect your viewpoint: fun with a dose of adventure and humor. Seventeen? Yoga Journal? Jane would have been perfect!

    Anyway, I think you should put yourself out there because you’re really talented, have legions of loyal fans/followers/pseudo-friends (whatever you call us regular readers) and bring a unique view to the table.

    And hey, you could always pop out a kid, LOL!

  6. Ruchita says:

    I have seen this brand at Target before and have been curious about it. The Cherrynova body wash seems lovely. I’m adding this to my list!

    Glad you were able to calm down a bit. I’ve found that petting a kitty usually helps. Sometimes I feel stuck in a rut sitting in my cubicle every day. Hopefully Tabs will provide a good reference for any future endeavors. 🙂

  7. Marian says:

    Don’t sweat it, kid. You’re doing “gud” and you’re right where you should be!

  8. musical says:

    Hear ya’, lady K! Hope that today is brighter, perkier and happier for you! Like you said a few days ago, a new lotion/shower gel does wonders :). Deep breaths and a dose of Tabby hugs, and i know you are fine!

    Lots of love and good vibes your way from SoCal!

    PS: I am yet to see Gud products at my locals CVS stores-where did you buy yours?

  9. Katherine G says:

    Running takes the edge off for me, too. I agree with another comment on this post – with your awesome way of writing and great reviews, magazines should be clamoring to have you as a beauty writer. I think at some point we all wonder what is going to happen next in our lives. Based on my own experiences, I tend to get the panicked feeling when someone says something to me or asks a question along the lines of jobs/school. I might not get the feeling then, but it sure hits me later. Hang in there, and remember you’ve got lots of fans on here that love your writing!

  10. Kim says:

    Oh, that sounds delightful! I’m a fan of cherries and cherry-scented products (except that Cherry Blossom perfume from BBW? Not a fan!).

    I hope when you decide about the rest of your life, you’ll still leave some time to blog. 🙂 And, you know I’ll read anything you’re writing. Even though I’m not hugely interested in makeup, I still try to check in every day, just to see what you’re up to. You can make changing the cat litter sound like a good time. 🙂

  11. Kris says:

    I have the GUD “Blood Orange” body wash & love it.

  12. Amy says:

    Sorry your day started off crummy and grumpy! No fun. I feel ya on that, though. I dropped some cupcakes my hubs wanted me to pick up, and after that, well…all downhill!

    I may need to stop off at Target and pick up some of this body wash. I’ve given it a sniff, but it just sounds so nice and soothing that I might need to pick up one.

    Stay gud and awesome! 🙂

  13. Barbara says:

    As a fellow insomniac I feel your pain. I have no trouble falling asleep-it’s the waking up in the middle of the night and then the worrying takes over. Karen – it’ll all seem better after some sleep!

  14. Phyrra says:

    I hope your day is brighter. The cherries and almond together sound nice.
    Phyrra recently posted … Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Review

  15. Leah says:

    Hang in there Karen! You are definitely not alone. I don’t know if I get a vote but I hope you’ll keep on writing. You always make me smile on my own bad days. Today is the Summer Solstice so why not go take Tabs on a nice walk and get a little extra sunshine!
    Leah recently posted … Happy Birthday!

  16. Sophie says:

    Haha. You’re a Gemini, aren’t you, Karen? Sounds pretty normal for us G-girls. I get the same way often enough to recognize the symptoms. ^^ ^^

  17. Patty says:

    That sort of mood happens to all of us at times, so that’s when I try to think of all the good things in my life and appreciate and be grateful for them.

  18. mn says:

    Hey girl- I know what you mean. Sometimes I get the ‘what am I going to do with my life’ feeling too. I work from home and my contract is coming to an end so I’ve been considering whether to go back in-house (not looking forward to geting out of sweats and dealing with people face to face every day- especially first thing in the morning). Anyway, point is, we all go through this and I think you are handling yourself very well. Give yourself room to feel what you feel and then deal with it.
    By the way, regarding insomnia… consider looking into Enzymatic, Fatigue to Fantastic Revitalizing Sleep Formula. It’s a supplement, all natural, etc. I’ve had terrible issues in the past and I am very against taking meds, I don’t even take aspirin… this helped me get my body back in synch. They also have one for energy which is comprised of all types of vitamin B.

  19. Agata says:

    Karen, feel better, I know everyone has days like that but look how many readers you have and we all love you!

    Gud is currently my favorite body wash, I just finished a bottle of the Vanilla one, and bought the Pear one, they smell gorgeous!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Agata,

      Thank you for this. 🙂 Sending you (and everyone here) a virtual hug.

      Oooh, I’ve yet to smell the Pear version! Making a note to do that next time I go to the store…

      Have you tried any other items from the line?

  20. Agata says:

    You’re welcome Karen! Sending a virtual hug back!

    I have only tried the body washes. My husband bought it for me when it was marked down to 2.99 at our local grocery store and since then I have been hooked on those 🙂

  21. A.T. says:

    My favorite Gud scent is Pearanormal Activity (apparently only at Target til, what, Autumn perhaps?), though I dig their Blood Orange too, I think.

    I only have the Shampoo at the moment, but I was surprised. I expected the contents to be harder to dispense from the bottle due to the packaging, but the plastic involved is perfect and allows me to squeeze as much or as little as I want, easily. It’s also nice on my hair – the other shampoo I’m working through leaves my hair feeling really brittle, so Gud is how I make it up to my hair.

    I’ve been really impressed with Burt’s Bees since I started experimenting with them last fall, so I’m happy Gud seems to be treating me well, too.

  22. I so want to try this, one of my fav scent combos 🙂
    Beauty and the Scientist recently posted … Zoya Kalista

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