The Doctor Is Into Silky Shadows: Dr. Hauschka’s New Limited Edition Eyeshadow Trio

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Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Spring 2013 Collection Eyeshadow Trio

A closeup of the new Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Spring 2013 Collection Eyeshadow Trio ($39.95), available now at Dr. Hauschka counters and online

Oh, it hurts, doctor! Right here in my heart (and my makeup bag). It’s like a yearning, aching hunger for a trio of silky smooth shadows in natural shades…

Yes, Dr. Hauschka, I’ll take one of the new $39.95 Eyeshadow Trios and call you in the morning. It’s one of five pieces from your limited edition spring 2013 collection, you say?

The Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Spring 2013 Collection

The five-piece Dr. Hauschka limited edition spring 2013 collection, clockwise from the trio in the lower left: the Eyeshadow Trio ($39.95, limited edition), Eyeshadow Definer Blush ($22.95), Eyeshadow Blender Brush ($27.95), Black Volume Mascara ($29.95) and Black Eyeliner ($17.95)

Should I take it with food? Oh, I see. It doesn’t matter. 🙂

You say that you designed the shimmery beige, rosy pink and chocolate trio to flatter every eye color and fortified the formula with botanicals like black tea to baby the delicate skin around the eyes?

Fascinating… And you used a smooth base of silk and talc powder?

Dr Hauschka Eyeshadow Trio small

The new Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Trio ($39.95)

Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Spring 2013 Collection Eyeshadow Trio Swatches

Swatches on my NC42 skin


Hi, doctor! I just wanted you to know that I followed your directions. I gave the new $39.95 edition Eyeshadow Trio a try, and I loved the soft texture. The shadows feel like flower petals on my skin, but gosh, I really had to build them up in layers to see the colors…

They’re probably the sheerest shadows I’ve tried this spring, and um…I had a lot of fallout.

I bet the shades would flatter many different skin tones, and I love how soft the powders feel, but I’m not completely sold on the pigments. I think they might be a little too subtle for me.

PRICE: $39.95
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Dr. Hauschka counters and also online

Happy Thursday, and some Whole Foods noms

I don’t know what it is about Thursdays, but I just love ’em. Maybe it’s because of the anticipation of Friday and the weekend ahead? It just might be my favorite day of the week.

Kinda random, but last night I wasn’t in the mood to cook so I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some noms for dinner from their deli and salad bar. While I was there, I found a couple of things that I really liked. First, the garlic-y kale salad…

I’m not really a kale person, either (it never seems quite right when I make it), and this was delicious. Full of flavor, and not too chewy.


I also tried some phenomenal faux meat buffalo “chicken” wings. I’ve eaten a lot of mock meat, and this was probably the best faux chicken experience I’ve ever had.

Not too sure how healthy it is after all the breading and buffalo sauce, but day-um, Gina! Just thinking about those pseudo wings is making me drool a little. Okay, a lot. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Chelsea says:

    Nice colors, shame about the fallout/etc.

    I’m headed to Whole Foods this afternoon… I love hitting up their beauty aisle. I need almond butter too though!

  2. Steph says:

    Boo, pretty colours but too pricey for sheerness and fallout!

    I think Thursday is one of my favourite days of the week too. You’re right about the anticipation of Friday!
    Steph recently posted … Culling the Stash, Part 1

  3. Sarah S. says:

    OMG meatless buffalo wings? Omnomnom says this vegan!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I think they might even be vegan, too. I just had some for lunch and they were SO good! MMMMM. 🙂

      Have you ever had their vegan Sonoma chicken salad at Whole Foods? It’s pretty good.

  4. penelope says:

    Have you tried Dr. Hauschka skin care!? It’s amazing.
    penelope recently posted … Sana Soy Milk Face Masks

  5. Ruchita says:

    The colors look pretty in the pan, but too bad about the fallout. I’ve only tried cooking with kale once, but I’ll have to try it again b/c it’s so healthy. Lately, I’ve been loving swiss chard. It’s really yummy sauteed with some olive oil, white wine and lemon.

  6. gio says:

    Too bad about the sheerness and the fallout. I expected better for the price.
    gio recently posted … QOTW: Can You Have Too Many Sheer Lipglosses?

  7. Eli says:

    The palette looks really sleek. Sadly, this king of lids attract fingertips like hell, so better keep it in a pouch 🙂
    Eli recently posted … Manhattan Couture Carnival Eyeshadow Cream

  8. Monica P says:

    I’m so not a vegetarian, but I’ve recently been eating these mock chicken patties and love ’em! I guess it’s easy to make veg meats taste like chicken vs ground beef?

    Monica P recently posted … Kicks at Zara

    • Karen says:

      I’ve read that too. Although finding good mock chicken is hard! For me, some are either way too chewy or too squishy. I heard that the brand that Whole Foods uses is called Beyond Meat, and it’s supposed to be the best faux chicken out there right now.

  9. Aw, too bad about the poor pigmentation and fallout–I was really curious about this one too. I had never read any other reviews for Dr. Hauschka’s cosmetics line and the colors were just so pretty :/

    Oh, and that kale salad looks SOO good! I LOVE love love kale–I went through this weird kale period a few months ago where one day I up and decided I was craving kale then proceeded to incorporate it into every single meal (and snack–have you tried the kale chips? Yum!) for about 3 weeks 😛 Will definitely have to make a Whole Foods run sometime this weekend!

  10. Kim says:

    That’s too bad about Dr. H. I know them mostly as a skincare company. I’ve been meaning to try some of their products since one of my work buddies got a job with them as a sales manager a couple of years ago. I don’t mind the sheerness of the shadow, but I’m not keen on the fallout. I’ll pick a skincare item to try. 🙂

  11. Jennifer says:

    OMG This is one of my favorite brands… EVER!
    Jennifer recently posted … Fragrance Friday: Mariah Carey Dreams

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