This Diamond Is a Girl’s Best Friend: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Diamond Black

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make up for ever aqua liner top

Freakin’ epic! I can’t remember ever getting this fired up about a black eyeliner before (maybe MAC Feline? — aka one of the most purrrfect black pencils evah), because, c’mon, it’s black eyeliner. Are they useful? Absolutely, but sometimes it’s hard to get stoked about a staple when there are so many fun, distracting colors around.


That is, unless that staple is Make Up For Ever’s new Aqua Liner in Diamond Multicolor Black ($23). When it reached out and grabbed my attention, it almost knocked me down! If you’re able to try just one thing from this new line of waterproof liquid eyeliners, please make it Multicolor Black. No kidding — this shade is the bidness in a glittery jet black.

So what are the Aqua Liners? They’re a new range recently added to the Make Up For Ever permanent line. Available in a mix of bright and neutral shades in matte, iridescent and diamond finishes, they’re a lot like the other pigmented, long-wearing, quick-drying waterproof liners that’ve been popping up over the past year. Like the MAC Superslick Liners and Stila Sparkle Waterproof Eyeliners, they sport long, skinny applicators with pointy tips, and they last a really long time, withstanding sweat, running water and occasional (hella weird) eyelid kisses from husky tabby cats (SIDE NOTE: Yes, it feels strange to have your eyelids licked by a cat).

make up for ever aqua liner ps

MUFE’s Aqua Liners have a shorter, stiffer tip applicator (very precise) than those other liners and a formula that’s less determined to settle into my fine lines.

They come in 15 different colors, and while I like them all (and eagerly plan to try more of them), Diamond Multicolor Black is the only one making my heart pound in my chest.

make up for ever aqua liner tips
From left to right: Diamond Multicolor Black, Iridescent Emerald Green and Diamond Gold

make up for ever aqua liner swatches
Swatches from the left to the right: Diamond Multicolor Black (SWOON!), Diamond Gold and Iridescent Emerald Green

make up for ever aqua liner eye
Diamond Multicolor Black (see the little sparkles?)

make up for ever aqua liner
Diamond Multicolor Black on eyes

It’s a jet black with bits of blue, pink, purple, green and gold glitter — like a basic black liquid liner with kick. SO CUTE! And despite the crazy glitter, it doesn’t look overdone or costumey on lids. It’s not the badabing! type glitter liner I’d wear to a drag queen karaoke bar (although that type of liner has a special place in my heart), but I bet it would make a clean makeup look (think cat eyeliner and matte lips) worn with a cocktail dress and high heels really sing.

The cheapie inside me doesn’t fancy the price, but I still love it in light of that.

PRICE: $23
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Sephora stores, the Make Up For Ever Boutique and also online

Love and Basketball, British-style

So, I can’t play ball worth a dayum, but I do love movies about star-crossed lovers who play hoops. I blame this on Love and Basketball, one of my favorite movies of all time.

Last night I rented a movie along those lines from Netflix called Freestyle. It’s a British Love and Basketball, except instead of college b-ball, it’s about something called freestyling, which is like hip-hop basketball dance.

Is it predictable? Yep. Is it gonna win any Academy Awards? Nope, but as with most teen films, who cares? I loved the story, the music and the characters. Considering the kind of movie it is, this next phrase isn’t much of a spoiler, but…



I’m also realizing as I get older that I appreciate happy endings more and more every day, since real life doesn’t always have them. It’s just nice to escape into a movie with characters that go off happily into the sunset. Totally cheesy, I know, but that’s the truth.

Oh, and this is kind of random, but if you decide to watch it, stick around for the credits at the end. There’s a shout-out to MAC because they did the makeup for the film. πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Audrey says:

    Ooh I love the green one!!! πŸ™‚ Pretty!!!
    Audrey recently posted … Awakening with Dior

  2. Alaina says:

    Woooow, this is pretty! I’m always super skittish about anything that isn’t pencil liner but I might just try this..
    Alaina recently posted … Space Nails!

  3. Sheila says:

    wow, I wonder why they all look exactly the same. They didn’t even try to deviate from the packaging at all…

  4. goodness, diamond multicolor black is beyond gorgeous! i want it!

    as for happy endings, I.LOVE.THEM. life can get real tough sometimes and i need fluffy endings to make me feel better :). have you seen the ending to this 80s rom-com called “some kind of wonderful?” that one always gets me =’).
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Monthly Favourites – April 2011

  5. Ariana says:

    I NEED BLACK DIAMOND!!!! lol it’ll give me the total beachy transformation especially with wavy hair and bright green eyes with stila kitten on the lids and that giving me the little cat eye super cute!!

  6. phuongk says:

    hi karen, i know these are liners but have you tried to use it as a sheer wash of color on your lids? i would love to know if its possible to use it and how well it works as a liquid eyeshadow of sorts. πŸ™‚
    phuongk recently posted … Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

  7. Belladatura says:

    Girl, you are so bad for my pocketbook! I’m getting the black and green fo’ sho’.

  8. Vijaya says:

    That green is calling my name. =D
    Vijaya recently posted … Lazy Sunday- Choosing to Buy From An Indie Makeup Brand

  9. PS says:

    your make-up looks awesome in that picture!

  10. Heidi says:

    Oh, those multicolor sparkles are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  11. Nina says:

    now i know what to get w/ the sephora gift card i got for my birthday! πŸ™‚

  12. voodoogirl says:

    so which do you recommend more? this or the one from stila? πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      I like both for different reasons. For thinner lines, this one. For thicker lines, Stila and MAC. I think it depends on what look you’re going for!

  13. Rae says:

    Okay, LOVE the multicolour “black.” Talk about gorgeous!

    ‘Side from the shade ranges, how do these differ from the Stila and MAC liners you mentioned? I don’t suppose you have a favourite of the bunch, would you? πŸ™‚
    Rae recently posted … Summer obsession- Clarins Crystal Lip Balm

  14. Inday says:

    Ooooh I luuurve the black and green! And may I say, gurl! your eyebrows are fierce! ( I have like 5 eyebrow hairs, sad face) Also – new highlights?

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Inday. Have you ever tried Benefit Instant Brow? It’s great for filling in sparse spots:

      And yup, I got those highlights about a month ago. They’re lightening up and showing up on pics finally!

      • Inday says:

        Your hair always looks so good! Your posts on loving your hair actually inspired me to grow out my hair again. I have very wavy hair which is practically no maintenance when it’s long, but wanting a “chic-er” look (for want of a better word) I got a bob that requires blow drying and straightening daily – ugh. Luckily, it’s down a bit past my shoulders now and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel beyond my dryer and straightener, lol.

        When I read that review I was so excited but I just can’t afford a $20 pencil every month =( I’ve been using MUFE Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector, have you ever tried it? It works wonderfully, but I still wish for REAL brows (with actual hair) LOL

  15. Jessi says:

    Holy moly, that black is teh awesome! The green and gold look similar (aka almost identical) in color to the ones I have from MAC, but Black Diamond is something I need in my life.
    Jessi recently posted … Im Partial to Peach and Crazy for Coral With Sleek Makeups Avoir La Peche Collection PIC HEAVY!

  16. Beatrice says:

    I don’t know if I could even call the black liner black. That shimmer sports every color of the rainbow! SO PRETTY! I’d be excited about it too!!!
    Beatrice recently posted … Is Victorias Secret Mineral Bronzer Gold Baked Into A Pan

  17. sara says:

    i MUST own multicolor black. as if i need another eyeliner.

    and OH MY GOSH i thought my husky tabby was the only eyelid licker! it is weird, isn’t it?! but strangely satisfying…
    sara recently posted … explodingdog-more friends

  18. Rita says:

    I grabbed three of these two weeks ago (4,5, and 11 – green, turquoise, plum-ish). I like that they give a very thin line, but I think the Mac’s formula is better (does not budge). Somehow these come off on the outer corners (I have teary eyes), and some glitters, although very few, are on my face.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rita,

      Hmm, interesting. I didn’t have the problem with the corners, but maybe that’s because my eyes haven’t been tearing much lately (thank goodness for allergy meds).

      What do you think of the shorter, firmer tip?

  19. Vera says:

    I just watched Freestyle last night. lol B-girl is a cool movie, too, if you like breakdancing. =)

    • Karen says:

      Oh, I haven’t seen that one! I love breakdancing, mostly because I suck at it and know how hard it is to do! It took forever and a day for me to learn how to six step…

  20. Anna Feruglio Dal Dan says:

    I just got the one in purple (the lighter one) but that’s beside the point – I think Tabs licking your eyelids is the cutest thing EVER. My younger one runs up to me and does nose-to-nose in the mornings, which is also pretty damn cute, but none of them are much into licking. The occasional tender, careful bite, yes, but no licking.
    I did have a cat who would carefully lick every centimeter of the hand of the people she liked. It was very ticklish and most people found it horrible, but I knew it was love, even if it did feel like being affectionately but thoroughly sandpapered.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Anna,

      It was kind of out of the blue and very cute! He normally is a love biter, so getting “groomed” by him was very special. I doubt it’ll happen again, but hey, at least it happened.

      How many kitties do you have? What are they like? Tabs is my only, but on occasion I think of getting him a younger sibling. He might be too much of an alpha though…

      • Anna Feruglio Dal Dan says:

        I have two cats, a fact that my elder cat strongly disapproves of. The second was a bit of an accident: i used to foster feral kittens – well, I fostered two: the first one stayed two weeks and went to a loving forever home, the second was so grown up already when she came to me that she remained pretty scared and nobody would ever adopt her. She only bonded with me.

        I dutifully took it back to the shelter, where she shivered terrified in a corner of her cubicle for two weeks, after which I brought her home again, to the utter disgust of my resident cat. Despite being very shy and looking like a creature of darkness and night (she’s all black with yellow-amber eyes) she is the most loving, affectionate little creature I’ve met. Can shake the walls purring.

        As I said, my previous cat, Zip, is not thrilled. She’s very jealous and my vet advised against getting another cat. But despite the bitterness, they do spend a lot of time chasing each other, which may be play or mild fighting, but since they only have a roof garden any kind of stimulation is good for them, I believe.

        Cats have likes and dislikes, but in general don’t feel lonely unless they have been bonded from childhood. I know cats who have been driven to distraction by a new addition and cats who were utterly happy about it… depends on the mix of personalities. Getting a second cat would have been selfish on my part (there is no limit to how many cats I would have!) if it hadn’t been for the fact that Jam would have had a very hard time of it if I hadn’t taken her back home.

        (Jam loves her big sister: keeps trying to make friends, which doesn’t please Zip too much.)

  21. Ilene says:

    Hi Karen-I love reading your blog, it is one of the first things I do every day. I also love the movie Love and Basketball too. I think I have seen it over a dozen times. I was wondering if the liner can be worn on the water line?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Illene,

      I’m so happy to hear that the site is a part of your morning routine. πŸ™‚ Oh, and all this Love and Basketball talk is making me want to watch the movie again! πŸ™‚

      Regarding the liner, I personally am not a fan of liquid liner along the waterline (I feel like the line’s too harsh on me), but I have friends who use products like MAC Liquidlast on theirs and love it. Let me ask around and I’ll try to get the answer for you today.

  22. Ruchita says:

    That black is very pretty. I need to practice my liquid eyeliner skills, but once I feel more comfortable this is definitely one I will try!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ruchita,

      You can do it! Maybe start with something easy use, like LORAC’s Front of the Line Pro liner.

      • Ruchita says:

        Thanks for the LORAC reccomendation! I will keep that in mind for my next Sephora visit. I love the simple look of black eyeliner, so hopefully I can master it one day. πŸ™‚

  23. Jennie R. says:

    You’re makeup looks so beautiful in these photos. Foundation, lips, eyes, everything!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jennie,

      Thanks, babe! I’ve been using a new foundation and powder combo. πŸ™‚ If you want more info just let me know and I can post the link here to the products.

  24. Kim says:

    Totally sparklicious in your swatch but definitely not over the top on your lids, at all! What an awesome black with a twist. Is it as easy to apply as Front of the Line? It looks flawless in your pic.

    I haven’t seen either of the b-ball movies you mentioned but I have to pipe in with Hoosiers being the best b-ball movie of all time. Heck, I’ll give it the best sports movie of all time. I’ve seen it a dozen times, at least, and still cry every single time. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      You know, I’ve never seen that movie! I love me some inspirational sports flicks though. Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve watched Rudy; it’s almost embarrassing.

      • Kim says:

        Oh, Rudy is great, too. I think you’d really like Hoosiers. Gene Hackman is phenomenal, as he is in everything. The acting is excellent all around and the story is really strong. I actually used to cry every time I heard Bill Conti’s The Final Bell (from Rocky), though, so I’m a bit sappy. πŸ™‚

  25. larie says:

    those are all gorgeous – especially the black and the green!
    larie recently posted … Getting Ready for Summer- Tarte Smooth Operator

  26. Marina says:

    OMG i NEED the black one in my life!

  27. Myr says:

    Wow…totally did not expect the accents.

  28. Erica says:

    Um, my Sephora is opening TODAY, & I will cut a bitch that gets in my way of the Diamond Black. πŸ˜€

  29. Kendall says:

    Any idea on how diamond multicolor black compares to NYX glitter liner in Disco Queen? I’m wondering if it makes sense to own both or if layering the glitter liner over black would look similar. Thanks!

  30. Phyrra says:

    The black looks awesome! I just had to pick up 7 & 9 (the black purple & iridescent fuchsia).
    Phyrra recently posted … Lorac on Hautelook!

  31. Ooh wow, nice colors! Wonder if they act like MAC Liquidlast liners? I’m not a fan of those coz they’re a bit too thick for my liking. My upper lashline looks like the skin of a chameleon whenever I apply the liquidlast. =S
    Bun Bun Makeup Tips recently posted … How To- Depot Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in 5 Minutes

  32. Soo says:

    oh maaaan that black looks absolutely stunning!
    Soo recently posted … Shot of the Day

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