These Burberry Beauty Lip Glow Glosses Drench Lips in Moisture and Shine

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Wearing Burberry Beauty Lip Glow Gloss in Nude Rose No. 14

If the punchy pink Lip Covers Burberry bestowed upon counters for spring/summer 2012 were a little too pigmented for ya, not to worry, Burberry beauty. The line’s added two new long-wearing Lip Glow glosses ($27 each) that sheer look neat.


Semi-sheer Hibiscus No. 13 and sheer rosy pink Nude Rose No. 14 are like tropical waterfalls, drenching lips in moisture and shine, and what they may lack in pigment (say, compared to the epic holiday Lip Glows), they make up for in casual elegance.

I like wearing them on top of the Lip Covers for added shine and to extend the staying power of both products, but I also like how uncomplicated and pretty they look on their own.

Hibiscus No. 13

burberry beauty spring 2012 (7)
Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss in wands in Hibiscus No. 13 (left) and Nude Rose No. 14, $27 each

burberry beauty spring 2012 (8)
Swatches from the left: Sheer Eye Shadow in Pale Barely No. 22; Lip Cover Lipsticks in Tulip Pink No. 27, Devon Sunset No. 28 and Primrose Hill Pink No. 30; Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss in wands in Nude Rose No. 14 and Hibiscus No. 13

These last on my lips from 3-5 hours, although they do this abracadabra thing around the 2-hour mark, slowly transforming into a clear gloss from that point on.

I dig their stylish packaging and yummy violet flavor and scent, but for $27 a pop, it would have been nice if these colors stayed truer longer. Still, they make a great first impression, and I think that counts for a lot.

PRICE: $27 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at select Nordstrom counters and also online

Good morning and happy Thursday!

I’ve been meaning to share this new snack obsession for a while and figured I should do it before I get through the entire box.

Four words: Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies.


They’re like less salty Goldfish crackers in cheesier little bunny costumes, awww! — cheesier, as in more cheddar, and they’re free of artificial preservatives, too.

How’s your morning coming along? Good, I hope. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jen says:

    Hibiscus looks really good on you (and it matches your hair!). I think that it’s a “coordinating shade” with Primrose Hill Pink (which has a matching nail polish in the same name from Butter London) which also looks really good on you.

    I would get Nude Rose if had more pigment, but I won’t because I can’t justify that price for a clear gloss. But Devon Sunset I will get.

    Thank you for the lovely pictures Karen! 🙂

  2. Emi says:

    Hibiscus is SO gorgeous – I love it! And I don’t even wear gloss very often. And omg – Annie’s bunnies are so good. totally addictive!
    Emi recently posted … Interlude: Makeup organization!

  3. gio says:

    I love the look of Hibiscus. It looks great on you!
    gio recently posted … QOTW: What’s The Worst Blush Brush?

  4. Kate & Zena says:

    Aw man, I could NEVER give up my salty Goldfish when I crave them (or my even saltier Cheez-Its.) I love my salty stuff. I love cheddar, but I love salty more! Love my cheddar, yummy, super salty Goldfish. One thing I am super finicky on is buying cheese that isn’t for toasted cheese sandwiches; it has to be Tillamook. I suffer from migraines, and companies like Kraft and Sargento use cows that are given growth hormones (lots of it) for their cheeses. I can’t tolerate the growth hormones; they give me mega migraines. Tillamook doesn’t use growth hormones on their cows, so I can eat them until I turn blue with no migraines. Expensive, yes, but oooooooh so good.

    Those Burberry’s look beautiful on you.

  5. Kim says:

    I still love the color of Hibiscus but you’re right about the price tag for the wear time. It’s a bit disappointing. You’ll be proud to know that I was looking for something in my coat pocket today and came across three lip products. I have the darn things stashed all over the place. 🙂

  6. I like Hibiscus (a wearable red! Can this be?), but for 27 bucks I’d want something that lasts for a while!

    The Cheddar bunnies are so cute! They sound delicious!
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny recently posted … Swatch & Review: KATE Gel Eyebrow in BR-3

  7. Shannon says:

    wait – how did you get those cool red stripes in your hair???

  8. Jian says:

    These are stunning!!! Thank you for the heads up on these products!


  9. Chris25 says:

    I LOVE Annie’s Organic cheddar bunnies! They’re so astonishingly good.

    Oh yeah, and the glosses are pretty. 🙂

  10. Nina says:

    gorgeous lipglosses! for the price though, id want more wear time!

  11. Arummmanis says:

    I love the hot pink/red streaks on your hair. Is it permanent, or is it hairr mascara?

  12. Kellie says:

    I LURVVVEEEEE cheddar bunnies. I literally can’t have them in the house….I will eat the whole box in one sitting.

  13. AO says:

    Love those glosses. I got them recently. Cannot stop buying them. Ok. I will…once i have them all i think? hmm. I need help… nah i just need more money lol. Another great review Karen. 😀

  14. Neeraj says:

    I love the way Burberry comes out with their smarter versions of conventional lip colors. Hibiscus is so beautiful and can add a fresher dimension if some of Fall’s lip colors could be used as stains underneath.
    Spring is my favorite season to see some of the smartest and boldest and brightest colors.

    I love Goldfish but these bunnies look very cute too.

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