The MAC Posh Paradise Paint Pots Have Pigment to Spare

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mac posh paradise

Hark! Is that the herald angels singing or the sound of MAC Posh Paradise parading onto counters?

Huzzah! Huzzah! It’s the 20-piece Posh Paradise collection, and it officially arrives in stores and counters tomorrow (if you can’t wait, it is available now online).

The release features 10 Mattene Lipsticks, two Nail Lacquers and eight Paint Pots in luscious shades of red, pink, blue, plum, orange, bronze and gold.

mac posh paradise swatches paint pots
Paint Pots, $17.50 U.S./$21 CDN each

I’m particularly stoked about the Paint Pots, like these four (of eight) I’ve been putting through their paces for the past few days. πŸ™‚


I love how this peachy nude looks as a lid color and how it warmly brightens neutrals when they’re layered on top. Not only is it a breeze to blend and apply, but it also brightens up the dark areas beneath my eyes (blast you, insomnia!).


I think this blackened navy looks just as great beneath shimmery black shadows as it looks on its own. For these pics I swept it on my lids with a MAC 217 domed brush (was going for a soft watercolor effect). It’s quite a dark shade, though, and has been a tad tricky to apply.

Genuine Treasure

This dark brushed golden metal reminds me of antiquing and Victorian wrought iron furniture. It’s easy to overdo, especially when applying with a flat brush or fingers (looks heavy and thick). Buffing it in with a MAC 217 has so far yielded the best results — a soft wash of shimmery golden glitter. Très elegant.

Treasure Hunt

While I do like this pearly yellow shimmer, it could have been called Patches, as that’s how it tends to apply (especially when used with a brush). Warm fingers help to smooth out the color.

mac genuine treasure
Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure

mac imaginary
Paint Pot in Imaginary

mac nubile
Paint Pot in Nubile


mac treasure hunt
Paint Pot in Treasure Hunt

mac posh paradise swatches paint pots
Paint Pot swatches from the left: 1) Genuine Treasure, 2) Imaginary, 3) Nubile
and 4) Treasure Hunt

mac posh paradise closeup
Wearing Genuine Treasure and Imaginary on lids and lower lash line; Nubile on brow bone and Treasure Hunt in the inner corner

mac posh paradise

How do you feel about these colors and the MAC Paint Pots in general? I’m a big fan of their versatility.

Quest for Friday

Man, this week is flying by! Not that I’m complaining. The sooner we get to Friday, the sooner I might be able to go to a movie with El Hub. Next on my to-watch list: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

The director, Guillermo del Toro, also directed one of my fave flicks of all time, Pan’s Labyrinth (please, PLEASE tell me you’ve seen it).

I also kindasorta want to see Straw Dogs


Sure, the whole “couple in peril in the woods” thing has been done before, but it’s stars Vampire Eric, so that’s a plus.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Heidi says:

    Ooh, I may have to pick up Nubile. That looks so versatile. Love the Paint Pots!

    The last movie I saw was Midnight in Paris. I really enjoyed it. Starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and a whole slew of people portraying legendary artists and authors that hung out in Paris in the early part of the 20th century.

    • Adrienne says:

      Ooh, I loooved Midnigt in Paris!! I saw it with my girlfriend, she was an English major and loves lit, and I studied french and am in love with Paris, it was the perfect movie for us πŸ™‚
      I was really impressed with Owen Wilson, I don’t usually take him very seriously but he really proved that he can hold his own in a serious and unique role!

      • Heidi says:

        I know! Who knew Owen had it in him! I’m a fan of all things Europe and a major fan of the artists of that time period so I loved all of the references and seeing the characterizations.

  2. Oh my. I love Nubile, so pretty and feminine! πŸ™‚

    Pan’s Labyrinth was great… I saw it on IMAX and was blown away!
    Soleil Doux @ Soleil Doux Blog recently posted … Urban Decay Giveaway!

  3. Lauren says:

    I LOVE Pan’s Labyrinth! So hopefully the new movie is just as awesome πŸ™‚ If you haven’t seen it already, check out one of his other movies- The Orphanage.
    Cannot wait to purchase some of those paint pots, especially Nubile!

  4. Elle says:

    Nubile is so pretty! I think I’ll have to pick up Nubile and Imaginary.

  5. vonnie says:

    i want imaginary sooooo badly
    vonnie recently posted … "Moneyball" Movie Screening and Review

  6. Tiffany says:

    I really like genuine treasure, are the paint pots meant to be used as eye shadow or liner? Also, I love the blue floral scarf you’re wearing, where did you get it? Also, which camera/lens do you use?

  7. Adrienne says:

    Ooh, i love the way you used hem all together! Imaginary looks awesome!

    So… I’m new to paint pots. Ive only tried a Painterly sample as a primer/base, found it to be okay as a base, but no competition to my fave, Too Faced. How do you find they generally compare to other cream shadows (i’ve tried benefit, UD, Estée) in terms of staying power/ creasing/ blendability etc? I’m loving the colors, but I’m cautious when it comes to cream shadows…

  8. Emily says:

    Ooo I haven’t seen that trailer for Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark before..that little girl looks familiar. I loved Pan’s Labyrinth!

    I keep on trying to pass Straw Dogs off as a must see movie…. yes it will be very educational, and …informative but really I’m like “SQUEE, Vampire Eric!”

  9. Nubile is really pretty! I think it would look great even by itself.

    And, yes, I’ve seen Pan’s Labyrinth! It was really good – saw it in the theater. I really should watch it again.
    Swatch And Learn recently posted … KleanColor Chunky Holo Purple Swatches & Review

  10. Ada says:

    haha. I made plans to see Straw Dogs this weekend just because of Alexander Skarsgard. This way I can get one more look now that the season’s over πŸ™‚

  11. Stacey says:

    I’m officially adding Imaginary and Genuine Treasure to my wishlist! I’m loving the versatility in these paint pots.

    I didn’t know Eric was in a new movie! I must watch it! And Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my all time favs too <3
    Stacey recently posted … FOTD: Burgundy Eyes….& a New Hairstyle

  12. shellz says:

    Great post..cant wait for this collection!

  13. Vijaya says:

    I’m gonna be picking all of these up!
    Vijaya recently posted … Pop.C Lenses in Dark Brown

  14. Nina says:

    Imaginary is super lovely!

  15. heidi says:

    How does nubile compare to painterly or soft ochre?

  16. Shauna says:

    Love the look you created, what are you wearing on your lips, it’s looks lovely. That new burberry mentioned in a previous post?

  17. Karen can you compare Nubile to Painterly? If they are too similar I might not want Nubile.

  18. Sarah S. says:

    Ooh, Karen, I LOVE Pan’s Labyrinth! That’s one of the reasons I know I can trust your opinions, girl, you have AWESOME taste in pop culture πŸ˜‰ Sadly, I am broke right now so I am gonna miss out on these paint pots πŸ™

  19. Kim says:

    Genuine Treasure is really pretty (of course, loving the sparkles). πŸ™‚

    I liked Pan’s Labyrinth, except the part where my inner monologue was “don’t eat it… you were warned not to eat anything… oh, of course, you ate it… darn kid”. πŸ™‚ Have you ever seen The Fall (directed by Tarsem Singh)? The story is good, but it’s the most visually stunning movie I’ve ever seen. I think you’d really enjoy that part. I’m torn about Straw Dogs. Part of me would watch anything with Alex S in it, but I think it’s going to be graphic and disturbing. That probably sounds weird since he does a lot of that in TB, but in SD I think it will be much more realistic.

  20. Beverly says:

    Hi Karen, you well the paint pots well!!! Being a MAC Addict, I will most likely buy Genuine Treasure and Imaginary. I am like Tiffany, what camera/lens do you use? I need to photograph my handmade jewelry and leather goods with a camera/lens like this! My camera SUCKS!!!

  21. Chris25 says:

    Nubile is definitely for me. I’m hoping it’s close to Perky, which I missed out on.

    Pan’s Labrynith is on my must-watch list. That list keeps growing and growing and growing…..

  22. Karen says:

    Hey gals,

    There’s been a couple of question re: how Nubile compares to colors like Painterly, etc. Here’s a comparison swatch with some shades.

    From the left: Painterly, Nubile, Perky, Soft Ochre and Layin’ Low.

  23. Melissa says:

    Imaginary and Nubile are so pretty πŸ™‚ I don’t own any paint pots so I feel like I need to finally get some. Hubby and I went to see Don’t Be Afraid..last week and if you loved Pan’s Labyrinth, you should like this one. Creepy, and Del Toro kept those Pan’s touches in there. Are you sure you are ready for another freaky one though? Seems like you are still taking Silkwood showers since watching Contagion πŸ˜‰ As for Straw Dogs….I feel like you kindasorta just need to get your “shirtless Eric” fix now that True Blood is on a break πŸ˜‰ Not gonna lie, that sounds reasonable.

  24. snoopysteph says:

    I just picked up Genuine Treasure an hour ago! I really liked how it looked layered (the MA had it layered on top of another paint pot). I also got the Naked Bliss mattene too. I was reeeeallly tempted to get the Pure Creation paint pot but I’d stare at it more than I’d ever wear it.

    Happy Thursday, Karen! πŸ˜€

  25. thepaigest says:

    OKAY anything with with him in it I want in on it!! LOL

    KAREN i just wents nuts at the MAC store. I have never owned a paint pot before. I lovvvee them all but couldn’t have all of them! Do you know if legendary is named after How I met your Mother… I asked that on the MAC wall too..

  26. Monika says:

    Love Pan’s labyrinth. I was terrified most of it though and couldn’t watch it again. Like the “Man with no eyes” haunts me in my dreams!

  27. thepaigest says:

    i’m so happy i got nubile now!!

  28. Pamela M says:

    These are nice. I like nublie. Last movie I saw was Contagion…I say wait and rent it LOL.

  29. Katie says:

    I tried Nubile under my eyes and oh my goodness….I think I might have to stock up. Because it’s a paintpot it doesn’t settle into fine lines under my eyes, it brightens my under eye circles, I can even use a concealer on top of the paintpot and it will prevent that concealer from creasing too! It’s like a better version of Benefits stay don’t stray! Thanks for the tip Karen, you’re amazing!

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