The Givenchy Le Prisme Eye Quad in Candide Garden: Thanksgiving in March

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Givenchy Candide Garden Le Prisme Quad

Today an eye quad made me nervous. And hungry. For turkey?


The Givenchy Le Prisme Eye Quad in Candide Garden($56), the lone quad in the new Givenchy Naivement Couture Collection for Spring/Summer, made me a little nervous because of how sheer the colors looked swatched on the back of my hand. I tried not to write too much into it before getting them on my lids, but before I could talk myself down, a word popped into my head that worried me even more: Thanksgiving! That’s what the orange, yellow and brown shades reminded me of, and I contemplated putting the quad down right there…

Don’t get me wrong — I love the holiday. In fact I’ve always been a fan. I’m down with the colors of the harvest and falling leaves and those cute cartoon turkeys, too, but was I ready to wear those shades on my lids? In March?

Apparently, I was. 🙂 And I’m so glad. This wee little quad with its four powder shadows is actually pretty darn good (if not great, except for the price).

Yes, it takes three or four layers for the colors to really come into their own, but once I got them on my eyes, the shimmery brown, orange, gold and matte peach shades didn’t make me feel like Thanksgiving at all. I was too taken with them to think of turkey anymore.

I was surprised that despite my applying multiple layers, the shadows didn’t exhibit fallout beneath my eyes, and they also blended like a dream along the way (I used my MAC 217).

In these pics I’m wearing the darker orange shade on my outer lids, the gold on my inner lids, the peach along my brow bone and the brown shade along my lash and waterlines. All told, the eye portion of the look only took about 10-15 minutes to do.

Givenchy Naivement Couture Prisme Eyes in Candide Garden

Givenchy Naivement Couture Le Prisme Eyes in Candide Garden

givenchy naivement couture swatches
First four swatches: Le Prisme Eyes in Candide Garden ($56); swatch on far right: Phenomen’Eyes Mascara in Black ($29.50), also from the Naivement Couture Collection

Givenchy Naivement Couture Prisme Eyes in Candide Garden on Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog

Givenchy Naivement Couture Prisme Eyes in Candide Garden on Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog
Additional makeup worn in this look: Dolce & Gabbana Volumized Lashes Mascara and Chanel Le Sourcil de Chanel on eyes; Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sea Star Bronzing Blush on cheeks; and Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick in Candide Tangerine on lips

Candide Garden is one spendy product, and while I wouldn’t have minded more pigment for the price, I still think it’s a good example of a luxury product done right. The shadows blend easily, stay put all day long, and don’t look heavy on my lids. If you already miss Thanksgiving and don’t mind a splurge, this could be your next quad.

PRICE: $56 (!)
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Sephora stores and also online

What happened to hump day?

I can’t believe we’re already closer to Friday than Monday. What’s up with that? I wish I could say I did something thrilling today, but the most exciting parts of my day were the few miles I ran on the treadmill and the mini-cupcakes I ate when I was done.

Hope you had a great day. Talk to you soon. 🙂


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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The rules are kinda neat. Just arrange the toiletries in your beauty cabinet into something kinda artistic — like a heart, a shape or maybe something abstract — and take a snapshot. Submit your pièce de résistance on the Clarins Facebook page for your chance to win. Voters will select the picture they like best.

The contest starts today and ends on March 30, 2011. Good luck!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh Karen, these colors look sooo pretty. They remind me of tropical fruits for some reason…bit of papaya, bit of mango 🙂 Looks great against your complexion.

  2. Vijaya says:

    So pretty! I think I’ve reconsidered not wanting this. The eye makeup you did make me think of the tropics, and the yellow looks a bit brighter on you than it looks like it would be in-pan.
    Vijaya recently posted … Shiro Cosmetics- A Series Of Tubes Part III- The Samples

  3. Kaelin Chan says:

    Ooh how I do miss Thanksgiving. Just this past one I flew out to Hong Kong to see my extended family. The colors look stunning, I’m definitely considering getting this for my mum’s birthday. It looks just like her cup of tea.

  4. BeautyMaven says:

    I have to admit I’d been skeptical of orange for eyes, but ever since seeing the color on the models in the Derek Lam show I’ve been curious!! These colors look lovely on you! I tried a shade from my e.l.f. palette, and the orange looks surprisingly flattering with green eyes. Who knew?
    I also love your orange lipstick post a few back~ my next makeup purchase will definitely be a fun orange lippy. Thanks for the great review and awesome pics! =D
    BeautyMaven recently posted … No worries!!

  5. Orange for eyes is everywhere now!

  6. JJ says:

    Gorgeous makeup! You look great!

  7. gio says:

    These colors look very pretty but I wish they were moe pigmented, especially considered the price.
    gio recently posted … QOTW- Do you prefer your lipglosses to be sheer or pigmented

  8. Lulle says:

    I swatched this quad last time I went to the store, because I loved the colors in the pan, but I found them really not pigmented enough, especially when you considered the price…
    Lulle recently posted … Le correcteur-illuminateur Elf – review

  9. Eva says:

    it looks wonderful on you!

  10. karo says:

    je t´aime Givenchy!
    These colors are very pretty!

    Your earrings are soooooo cool! 🙂 I like it so much!
    karo recently posted … Blue Eyes – Smokey Eyes

  11. Beautiful peachy colours in time for Spring!

  12. miléna says:

    It’s gorgeous on you!!! Not sure it would suit any skintype though =)

  13. miléna says:

    I meant “every” of course, scusi, not very native speaker here =)

  14. Kim says:

    Oh, Karen. You know how desperately I wanted this from the promo pic and now that your review is so good, I don’t know how I’m ever going to resist!!! Even looking away isn’t helping! 🙂 I’m going to try some deep breathing exercises and hope that my age-challenged memory will forget about it. Not likely, though.

    Btw, you are SO winning that Clarins contest. I forgot to mention how much I loved your Benefit powder pic the other day – you always have the best artistic product photos. You definitely have to include Tabs; it’ll be a shoo-in. 🙂

  15. Camikatze says:

    btw did i say, hoooow preeetty you look today, your skin is amazing, and that glow of yours is to die for…makes me want to take holidays 😀

    • Camikatze says:

      first comment didnt show up :/ (stupid internet)
      thanks for the review, Karen. These colors look amazing on you 🙂
      I was looking for shadows which arent too pigmented, but still good enough (and not irregular as matte shadows tend to be sometimes), to blend nicely and stay all day long.

      I guess i will have a look on that palette, can’t wait until it get released over here too 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Thank you, Camikatze! 🙂

  16. Tiffany says:

    these shades look great on you! I wonder if I could pull off orange eyeshadow. it’s supposed to be good for blue eyes, you know, opposites on the color wheel and all.

    that Clarins contest sounds interesting – I wanna see the pics that people submit!

    • Karen says:

      That’s good to know. Blue eyed babes, heads up!! 🙂

      If you pop on over the Facebook page there are a few pics up… some of them are pretty cute.

  17. Nina says:

    such pretty pretty colors! perfect for spring and summer! 🙂

  18. larie says:

    Pretty palette! And you always have the most awesome earrings!
    larie recently posted … Bliss Fabulous Every Day Eye Cream

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Larie. I got those a while back at Forever 21. I’m all about the costume jewelry… that way when I lose it I don’t feel so bad, haha!

  19. Andreea says:

    This looks really pretty on you – I guess one should apply such bold colours very soft, then it works out. Thank you for this lesson!

  20. Heidi says:

    Very pretty. It’s really surprising how many different skintones and eye colors can wear orange shades.

  21. Anne-Marie says:

    Wow, your skin looks amazing in these photos, especially the close-up. *Envy* !

  22. Marian says:

    Oh, Karen….I really LOVE this! It’s gorgeous and would be great with an orange lipstick! I find it very summery and tropical.

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