The Forecast Calls for Gray in Dior Vernis Gris City

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dior vernis gris city

The new Dior Vernis Gris City polishes were built with busy urban babes in mind. Not only is the included brush so wide that I can cover an entire nail with it in three swipes, but the formula dries quicker than a fast-paced city life — two coats take me less than 10 minutes, tops.


Dior says that each of these $21 shades was inspired by fashion-forward cities around the world. Cities like…

  • NY 57th: A shimmery dark gray named after Dior’s New York boutique
  • Bond Street: A creamy deep bluish gray inspired by London’s famous fog
  • Gris Montiagne: A creamy dark gray named after the Paris address where the first Dior boutique opened back in 1946

dior vernis gris city nail polishes

dior vernis gris city in ny 57th
NY 57th

dior vernis gris city in bond street
Bond Street


dior vernis gris city in gris montiagne
Gris Montiagne

I tip my hardhat to the colors and dig the thin formula’s even consistency, but there’s a lot of gray here… It would be nice to see Dior’s contractors shave a few bucks off the price.

PRICE: $21
AVAILABILITY: Bond Street and NY 57th exclusively online at; Gris Montiagne’s at Sephora (both stores and online)

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  1. stacie says:

    I want them all!! I really, really love Bond Street though it is just the perfect colour xoxox
    stacie recently posted … Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art inspired nails

  2. Rae says:

    Ooh! These are gorgeous, Karen πŸ™‚ I mean – I NEVER (ever!) paint my nails, and your swatches are making me want to start. NY 57th is just breathtaking.
    Rae recently posted … Spring collections round-up- part four

  3. gio says:

    NY 57th looks gorgeous! I’m really into grey polishes right now but I wish these weren’t so expensive!
    gio recently posted … Product Review- Layla Luce Shimmering Foundation With Smoothing Filler

  4. Melanie says:

    Bond and Gris are beautiful!!

  5. Jen says:

    NY 57th is calling — no, screaming! — my name! WANT!

  6. Molly says:

    Pretty pretty- but I bet you could find cheaper dupes. I have one already for NY 57th… it was an impulse buy (and I think the brand is “impulse beauty”) for 3 for $3, and one of them is a dead ringer for NY 57th. Plus, considering how cheap it is, it’s not a half bad formula- easy to apply, two coats to opaque, fairly well-wearing.

  7. Love the grey!!! But the blue is beautiful too!

  8. AnieJ says:

    Bummer, Bond Street is less blue than I expected. Still gonna get it but I might need to get another brighter blue (still a cream I think) to get my colorful on!
    AnieJ recently posted … elf Tools I Might Never Live Without Again

  9. Mandy says:

    I would like to know some good dupes for the colors NY 57th & Bond Street! Mostly cause I can’t imagine shelling out $21 for something like nail polish… πŸ™

  10. Rebecca says:

    I love all of them, especially Bond Street, but the price… Ouch!

  11. Rads says:

    Bond Street πŸ™‚

  12. Tracy says:

    Your cuticles are still lookin sexxxxy! πŸ˜‰
    Loving the colours!
    Tracy recently posted … Maybelline Volum Express One By One Mascara

  13. Alka says:

    Wow! NY 57th and Bond Street are both calling to me…too bad these are so pricey. Up till now I have stayed with mostly $10 and under polishes with the exception of one MAC polish I bought in 2000 and am still using today. How do these higher end polishes (Chanel, Dior, D&G) compare to the mid price ones (OPI, Essie, etc) or even the lower priced ones (Revlon, Sally Hansen, etc)?

  14. Rachael says:

    Dior has answered my prayers for a great grey! love “Gris Montiagne” its darker than “dove” from Zoya which is waht I’ve been looking for, not a fan of the price but i just might have to break the bank for this one!

  15. Nina says:

    the blue is so pretty …. that would be my fave. but i like `em all actually! πŸ™‚

    i find that the thinner formula nail polishes are easier to apply actually!

  16. Stephanie says:

    I think it’s time to purchase my very first diorpolish after seeing this.
    Stephanie recently posted … Trend- Metallic and Gold Nails!

  17. Megan says:

    OPI’s “Ski Teal We Drop” from last year’s Swiss collection look similar to Bond Street–perhaps a bit bluer. Definitely close. And cheaper.

  18. Chris25 says:

    Bond Street and NY 57th should switch shades, because grays remind me of London instead of NY. Still, I love these shades!
    Chris25 recently posted … MAC Deep Truth- Cork- and Charcoal Brown Swatches &amp Comparisons

  19. I love them all but especially Bond Street!

    What a perfect sophisticated dark blue.
    My Funny Valentine recently posted … Chanel Extrait de Gloss Impertinence- Review and swatches

  20. Lala says:

    I love Gris Montaigne. I dont’ think I’ll buy it, but it’s still nice to look at your swatches.

  21. kana says:

    Totally agree on the price, but they are beautiful colors! I’m saving to take a trip to Japan so I won’t be seeing these in my near future.(saving all that i can) *cries*

  22. Tavi says:

    love these colors!!

  23. Lulle says:

    I love the Gris Montaigne, it’s a lot darker than I thought!

  24. amy says:

    NY 57 reminds me of Gris Perle from last year but more blackened.
    amy recently posted … MAC Stylishly Yours Fluideline Dark Diversion Product Review and Swatch

  25. Kathleen says:

    Love love love!

  26. Gorgeous colours! I can’t pick a favourite! recently posted … Smashbox hosts Burlesque make-up range

  27. Kim says:

    Very nice, particularly NY 57th. These might be more toenail colors for me, though. I’m usually not a fan of darker shades on my nails. I like the look but I feel like they dry and discolor my nails. Plus, there’s that darn upkeep because chips are so noticeable. I use all the excuses to justify my laziness about keeping naked nails! πŸ™‚

  28. Alison says:

    Gorgeous but I have just spent a small fortune on the new Spring Chanels!

  29. Olga says:

    Such a beautiful color!!!

    xx Olga
    Olga recently posted … Wearing Today- Stripes

  30. Hazel says:

    i’m really lovin NY 57th and Bond Street! too pricey for me though :\
    Hazel recently posted … Photo

  31. Michelle says:

    I love NY 57th. If anyone’s looking for a cheap dupe, Revlon makes one. It’s nearly identical.

    I have spring fever and can’t wait to wear some sandals with all the pretty polish shades that are available. πŸ™‚

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