The Bobbi Brown Telluride Collection: If You Like Your Makeup Elegant and Easy to Wear, Check Out Telluride

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bobbi brown telluride collection

Wearing makeup from the new Bobbi Brown Telluride collection — namely the Telluride Eye Palette, Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in New Maui, and Sheer Lip Color in Sunset Pink

Do you know the way to [SAN JOSE] Telluride?

Getting there is actually quite easy from what I understand. No matter where you are, you can literally get there in minutes.


No, really! Would I ever pull your leg?

Nawww, of course I wouldn’t, because there’s never any joking here. Not on MBB. Not ever. Everything on MBB is completely serious all of time. 🙂

No, really though. You will not have to endure a five-hour plane ride seated next to an extra chatty dude who won’t stop talking about Colorado mining rights. All you’ll have to do is roll on over to your favorite Bobbi Brown counter when the new Telluride collection arrives this July.

bobbi brown telluride collection

Six of the eight pieces in the new Bobbi Brown Telluride collection, coming this July

Honestly, I gotta hand it to Bobbi, because if there’s one thing she is, it’s consistent. Every time she releases a new collection, I know straight off that I’m going to find makeup that’s flattering and super wearable. For clean and simple everyday glam, I can always count on Bobbi.

Her new Telluride makeup collection for late summer/early fall arrives on counters this July (but for the impatient ones among us, the palette and shimmer brick are already online!). It’s a crossover seasonal collection to help you transition your makeup from summer’s hot pink glossy lips to fall’s sooty smokey eyes.

The release is inspired by Telluride, Colorado, which is one of Bobbi’s favorite destinations, and where she often finds inspiration. The tawny nude, rose gold and pinkish bronze shades are designed to deliver a summery glow like the late afternoon Telluride sun.

Sounds like good stuff, right? GIMME DAT TELLURIDE GLOW.

bobbi brown telluride collection

Swatches of the Telluride Eye Palette

The eight-piece collection includes the Telluride Eye Palette ($52); three Pot Rouges for Lips & Cheeks in New Telluride, New Maui and Fresh Melon ($29 each); a Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink ($46); and three Sheer Lip Colors in New Sunset Pink, New Natural Pink and Bobbi ($27).

The Eye Palette and Shimmer Brick will both be limited edition, so if either of those catches your eye, get them in your cart first.

If I were chilling in the real Telluride right meow, ideally poised on the balcony of an alpine resort as the late afternoon sun lights up the sky and caresses my cheeks, I’d want to be wearing this collection with a warm, rosy brown smokey eye, dewy pinkish coral cheeks with rosy bronze highlights out to HERE, and a sheer, juicy pink lip.

bobbi brown telluride collection

From the left: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Sunset Pink, Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in New Telluride, Pot Rouge in New Maui, Sheer Lip Color in Bobbi, Sheer Lip Color in Sunset Pink

But since I’m not in Telluride right now…I will instead wear this makeup while I clean my employer’s litter box.

HAHA! Actually, I wore this collection last weekend when I visited my family for Father’s Day, and I didn’t get any weird second glances from my mom, which happens sometimes, like when I show up wearing green lipstick just to scare her.


So Mom approves of Bobbi.

A few more thoughts on the pieces I’ve tried…

  • The Telluride Eye Palette This has a good mix of mattes and glitters, and I like the rose, mauve, brown, and bronzed beige. The palette is like a grown-up version of the rosy gold Urban Decay Naked3 palette.

    The shadows blend easily and seem to last a long time (I get about eight hours). Methinks this should be a great summer-to-fall transition palette. That said, if you’ve been collecting Bobbi products for a while, you may already have some similar shades.

  • Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in New Telluride and New Maui — These cream blushes have a natural-looking dewy finish and about a 5-hour wear time. The formula is very forgiving, too, as far as my pores.

    If you choose to also use these on your lips, I suggest topping them with a gloss, because they can look and feel a little dry if your lips happen to be flaky like mine.

  • Shimmer Brick in Sunset PinkThis gorgeous rosy bronze will make you sigh with delight, buuut handle it with extreme caution. I had mine in a regular ol’ makeup bag, and the individual strips popped out, waaaah! It was the first time I’d seen that happen with a Bobbi product, so be extra delicate with the pan.
  • Sheer Lip Colors in Sunset Pink and Bobbi — These are lightweight and surprisingly pigmented for something so sheer! I really like these a lot. They last three or four hours, but you’ll probably have to reapply after stuffing yourself silly with sushi (yes, I’m hungry right now).

If you like your makeup elegant and easy to wear, check out Telluride. It’s classic Bobbi. Look for it on counters next month.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Michou says:

    The next few months are going to be BAD for my wallet. This Telluride collection (as well as the upcoming Chanel Fall Collection) are SO right up my alley! I may (for the first time) actually buy almost full collections!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Michou,

      Yeah, the next few months should be killer. I love summer makeup (the bright lips! the dewy skin!), but fall is a totally different beast.

      Are you already a Bobbi fan? What other things do you like from her line?

      • Michou says:

        Ohhhhh I have been a long time Bobbi fan! I just picked up the sheer lipstick in Carolina and love the neutral but mauvey pop it leaves on my lips. It’s SUCH a fall shade but works well in summer too! I also recently purchased the bronzer duo in Telluride/Elvis Duran and THAT is what probably triggered the need I’m having for the Telluride collection. I’m biracial and that causes…. issues for my undertones. Most bronzers either make me look muddy or don’t show up at all, but Telluride was PERFECT (likely because it has a slightly pink undertone).

        Wow, am I gushing much?

        Also, I only JUST embraced bright lips this year. Matte shades made it so much easier and now I own more than I can possibly wear in a summer, haha. The new Stila liquid lipsticks (in Amalfi and Venezia) won me over and I love wearing them out (even if I only have on minimal makeup) as they REALLY wake up my face! 😀

        • Karen says:

          Her bronzers and her bronzer duos are THE BEST. I went on a short trip a couple weeks ago and the only cheek product I ended up bringing was the Antigua/Golden Light Duo and it was seriously the only thing I needed.

          It’s amazing how she manages to get the undertones right with her bronzers. They’re never too orangey or ashy or weird. They’re perfect.

          If you haven’t tried it already, you’ve got to give her Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm a go. I use it every day underneath my makeup and it just makes everything that I put on top look more radiant. It’s good stuff!

          Yeah, things change when you discover the world of bright lips, and especially bright mattes. I haven’t tried those Stila liquid lipsticks; I’ll put ’em on my list and check ’em out next time I’m at Sephora. So thank you! And if you ever need any bright matte lip recs let me know; I have quite a few that I love. 🙂

          • Michou says:

            That moisture balm is not something I would even look at normally buuuuut after reading what it does I have a feeling it’ll make it into a basket in the very near future. My skin is extremely dry and I can use all the help I can get in the moisture department, haha!

            At the moment, though, I’m awaiting my first ever Giorgio Armani shipment (OMG I AM SO EXCITED I CANNOT WAIT). I picked up two flash lacquers and one sheer lipstick.

            As for recommendatins… GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL, I will ALWAYS take those. I have SO many matte ones, but could really use some recommendations for moisturizing formulas as well.

            (Side note: I’ve been reading your blog since 2009 and this might be my first ever comment string. Sorry for being a lurker for so long!)

          • Karen says:

            Hi Michou,

            The moisture balm is sooooo good. I’ve had the same bottle since February and it’s still going strong!


            I think you’ll love it (I have combination dry/oily skin, by the way).

            Ooh, excited about your Giorgio Armani haul. Which lipstick did you get?

            OK, so here’s a quick list of matte lipsticks. I’m in summer mode right now, so these are hot pinks, corals and reds. 🙂

            MAC Impassioned
            MAC Vegas Volt
            NARS Lodhi
            NARS Yu
            NARS Jardin des Plantes
            MAC Tropic Tonic
            MAC Dangerous
            MAC Pink Pigeon
            MAC Candy Yum Yum

            P.S. Thank you for reading MBB all of these years! Wow, you’ve been around since close to the beginning. It’s finally nice to meet you. Hopefully we’ll get to talk more. 🙂

  2. Laurissa says:

    I purchased the shimmer brick. Ugh, it is SOOOO beautiful. Perfect rosy golden goodness! I decided to wear it bolder on the cheeks and as a subtle highlight down the center of my face. I could NOT stop looking in the mirror. Swag was on 100!

  3. Vijaya says:

    I always like Bobbi Brown’s stuff, but I never REALLY want it. But shimmer is always fun to look at!
    Vijaya recently posted … Aziz Ansari Book Signing+Initial Thoughts on ‘Modern Romance’

  4. Laurissa says:

    Hey Karen,

    The powder seems sturdy and on par with my other shimmer bricks. I used my fingers to apply and didn’t notice an exceptional amount of powder kicking up. I’ve yet to try it with a brush. Does your powder seem softer?

    • Karen says:

      Hmm, now that I think about it, it does seem a touch softer! I’m not sure what happened, but I’m guessing mine might’ve fallen and hit a corner or something. All the bricks literally fell out of the pan, one by one. I pushed them back in gently, and they’re all intact for now. I hope they stay that way!

      I think you’ll like it when you apply it with a brush. I used a MAC 224 today and I loved the results — sheen without too much frostiness. My favorite type of highlight!

      So I take it you skipped the palette?

  5. Pavithra says:

    That shimmer brick will replace my shattered Nectar shimmerbrick 🙁 I’ve also been on a sheer lip kick lately and Bobbi looks interesting!
    Pavithra recently posted … For That Natural Flush – Burberry Lip & Cheek Bloom In Poppy

  6. Lulle says:

    I used to collect BB’s Shimmerbricks, but I haven’t purchased one in ages. I’ll need to go see this one in person when it pops out at the counters. I’ve seen several items from this collection (including 2 Pot Rouges) on Nordstrom website yesterday too.
    Lulle recently posted … My summer beauty essentials: must-haves for skin and body

  7. Kwmechelle says:

    Naked3 is exactly what I thought about when I saw your swatches. This is quite pretty! You know, sometimes when you describe an eye look, or even a full face look for that matter, you make it sound so delicious. I’m sure that’s not the angle you’re going for. And yes, I’m hungry as well

  8. Charisma says:

    Just received the pink sunset shimmer brick today. It’s actually my first to try the shimmer bricks. Thanks for sharing to us the possibility for it to fall off. It’s beautiful on the pan and on the skin. I’m glad I got it.
    Charisma recently posted … Guerlain Terracotta Terre D’Ete Tan Enhancing Bronzer Reviews, Photos w/ Swatches

  9. Lori says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Bobbi Brown’s makeup and now might be my time because some of the pieces from this collection are screaming my name!!!

  10. Eesha says:

    I am liking the shimmer brick and eye shadow palette. But, I will have to wait for 1-2 months before the collection launches in India.
    Eesha recently posted … Méditerranée Chanel Collection 2015 – My Picks – Photos and Swatches

  11. It is always the same with Bobbi Brown: I see the makeup, I get all excited, I take a second look and think: “Well, I think I can dupe that.” and walk away to buy a green lipstick.
    I really think these are great pieces, but they don’t get me all excited.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Under Pressure – Breastfeeding

  12. I have the Pink Sunset trio – actually reviewed it a few days ago – and I am just SO in love with it! This is easily one of my favorite Bobbi Brown launches of the past few months! I didn’t get the eye palette though, but it looks lovely.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Riff, Beware, Tonic & Lounge

  13. Cherie says:

    This is a really nice collection. I have Bobbi’s candle light shimmer brick and that has been my all-time favorite highlighter. The pallette reminds me a little of Dior’s nude pink. I like Bobbi Brown’s polished looks, but sometimes I find them way too heavy on the shimmers. I definitely like her simpler looks. I’ll have to check out the cheek/bronzer.

    Just like Michou comment’s above, I too have embraced the bright lip this year. I never thought I’d look good in it or that it wasn’t too much until I discovered your blog and saw you pullin’ em off 🙂 What are your recs for bright matte lips?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Cherie,

      Yay for bright lips! There’s so many matte ones that I love; here’s a quick list to start ya off:

      MAC Impassioned
      MAC Vegas Volt
      NARS Lodhi
      NARS Yu
      NARS Jardin des Plantes
      MAC Tropic Tonic
      MAC Dangerous
      MAC Pink Pigeon
      MAC Candy Yum Yum

  14. Amanda says:

    I’ve always wanted but never tried Bobbi’s shimmer bricks. I might have to treat myself to this one. Hopefully it’s not too much for my fair complexion.

  15. Iris says:

    Those lip colours look really great!

  16. Erin says:

    Very classic. I like the palette!
    Erin recently posted … Villa Des Anges 2014 Old Vine Rosé

  17. Rachel R. says:

    The Pot Rouge in New Telluride is such a beautiful color.

  18. Lorraine says:

    I am feeling the palette and lipsticks. but the release that really has me jazzed is the LE set of repromoted gel liners! Black Scotch! Twilight Shimmer! gimme all of them – I hope you do a round up of all the shades so we have handy comparison swatches to take to the counter. pretty please? I think your boss would approve- since they are perfect for creating lovely cat eyes…

  19. Fancie says:

    The palette and shimmer brick looks niiiice! I even like the sheer lip colors. This looks like such a pretty, beachy collection
    Fancie recently posted … What’s Inside My Makeup Organizer

  20. Ellen says:

    Very disppointed!!! I purchased a similar transitional summer/fall collection of Bobbi’s several years ago called Desert Twilight. I don’t know how the SA convinced me to buy almost everything in this mauvey brwon collectios, since I have very fair skin and red hair, but it quickly became my favorite set of colors!! The blush in the bronzer/blush duo, Bahama Brown, a mauvey brown with a little golden shimmer is perfect on me, although it looks scarey dark and goth when swatched! The lip/cheek cream Honeyed Tea, is my perfect peachy brown lip; and for some reason I also bought the pink toned one, Pink Truffle, which I can add to the brown one to brighten it up. The only pinks/mauves that have ever looked goood on me. The eye palette was a bit dosappointing, but worth it for the Twilight eyeshadow it contained. I have been searching for dupes for these colors for years, to now avail! When I heard about this release, I thought it would be the answer to my prayerw!! A redo of that former collection. But from your swatches, it doesn’t seem so! It seems like she snuck some bright colors into a sunset collection. Most of the pot roughes and lip products seem very bright. Even the New Telluride pot rouge seems more pink than brown, and the Bobbi sheer lipstick seems more purple. They may swatch differently on my fair skin. but I think yours give a good idea of the tones of the colors. The shimmer brick is much too dark to use as a highlihter on my fair skin, and way too shimmery to use as a blush. The eue shadow palette seems nice, if a bit shimmery, but I will really have to test it to make sure it is not filled with colors I already have in ohter palettes. Her eyeshadow formula cannot be beat, but the palette releases the past few years have been nothing short of boring!! Ths same colors with one or two shimmery or bright colors added in. If it truly is a grown up Naked 3 then I very well may add it to my collection. But the cheek and lip offerings are not what I expected when I heard about this release, so I ma back to the drawing board when it comes to finding a dupe of my beloved Bahama Brown blush!!

  21. Lauren says:

    I’ve only had a Shimmer Brick break once over the years, which isn’t too bad, but when I mentioned it to a Bobbi MUA, she recommended keeping the little square foam pad in it. Seemed like an, “Oh yeah! Of COURSE! That does make perfect sense!” kind of thing, but I never would’ve thought of it.

    This collection is KILLING me. It’s almost as though the inside of my makeup obsessed brain was 3D printed into a collection tailored for my exact early-mid summer cosmetic wishes. Not, of course, that it’s all about me! 🙂 Just that I may buy every piece (minus the Fresh Melon PR and peachy lip shades). Maui Pot Rouge with punchy lips for summer? Rosewood mauves for fall?! A Shimmer Brick that works with both promising the glow of Sunset Pink?!? I am FREAKING OUT. THANK YOU FOR THE SWATCHES THEY ARE AMAZING.

  22. Kim says:

    I was just thinking that you needed to loosen up and joke a bit more on the site. 😉 And thanks for the snort about CO mining rights. Too funny!

  23. Laura says:

    “But since I’m not in Telluride right now…I will instead wear this makeup while I clean my employer’s litter box.”

    You are hysterical, Karen! I have silently read your blog for a very long time. I can’t stay quiet any longer. Thank you for your wonderful reviews, your hard work, and your incredible sense of humor. You make my day, every day:)

    P.S. I hope Tabs appreciated your elegant look!

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