The Becca Beach Tint Trio Holiday Gift Set Smells Like Fruit Salad

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karen of makeup and beauty blog wearing becca beach tint in apricot
Becca Beach Tint in Apricot on cheeks

Okay, so you know the Becca Beach Tints? Talk about makeup salvation for the lazy. They’re these multipurpose, oil-free, water-resistant creams for adding a hint of scented color to cheeks and lips. Not only are they easy to blend without streaks, but you can layer them beneath blushes, bronzers and lip gloss, too.


Tubes usually go for $25 a pop, but you can save a few bucks on them with the limited edition Becca Beach Tint Holiday Set ($63). It comes with three full-size Beach Tints in Watermelon (a pink from the permanent collection), Grapefruit (a coral from the permanent collection) and Apricot (a new limited edition peach).

And the scents are delicious! The Watermelon like watermelon, Grapefruit like grapefruit — you get the picture.

becca beach tint trio review swatches photos tints with box

becca beach tint trio review swatches photos tints

becca beach tint trio review swatches photos box back

becca beach tint trio review swatches photos ingredients

becca beach tint trio review swatches photos arm swatches
Swatches from left: Apricot, Grapefruit and Watermelon

karen of makeup and beauty blog wearing the becca beach tint in watermelon on lips

karen of makeup and beauty blog wearing the becca beach tint in grapefruit on lips

karen of makeup and beauty blog wearing the becca beach tint in apricot on lips

karen of makeup and beauty blog wearing becca beach tint in watermelon
Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon on cheeks

Becca Beach Tint in Grapefruit on cheeks

The Beach Tint Holiday Set’s expensive, but I could easily see these blushes becoming an every day staple because they’re so easy to apply and they stay on all day. If you’re the type of gal who’s always rushing out the door and you’re in the mood for a splurge, this could be the perfect excuse to treat yourself this holiday.

PRICE: $63
AVAILABILITY: Select beauty stores and online soon.


Do you do hats?

I was chatting with a friend the other day about how people usually fall into two camps: hat people and non-hat people.

I’m a hat person, but mostly for convenience. Hats hide my crazy town bangs while simultaneously keeping my head warm. The gray fedora above is my newest addition, which I snagged it at Forever 21 for $13 (!).

Which camp are you in?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Nina says:

    im a hat person during the winter … a cute hat cheers me up when its cold outside! πŸ™‚

    and im also a sucker for fruity scents! πŸ˜€

  2. Vonvon says:

    Interesting set of tints!

    When I travel to cold climate, I would wear a hat/cap.
    and that’s a nice fedora and for $13, it’s a steal! Forever 21 is pretty expensive here.
    Vonvon recently posted … EOTD-FOTD- Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in OR302 Fire

  3. I Want! Apricot looks fab on you!! I like to wear hats in the winter–cute berets or knitted hats.

  4. Stella says:

    How do you apply these to your cheeks? I have two of them and I always over-apply.

  5. Bella says:

    How do you apply them evenly? I love the apricot and grapefruit ones. I’m a hat person, only in the summer.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Bella,

      My preferred way is to put a lil’ bit on the back of my hand and then apply on my cheeks w/a skunk brush. If the color’s not dark enough, I’ll then build up the layers.

  6. Trisha says:

    I’m not a hat girl. They just don’t look right on me. I blame my big head.

    And as for the Becca Beach Trio, I have a very important question: You said the watermelon smells like watermelon. But is that watermelon the fruit, or watermelon the fake scent (that doesn’t smell like real watermelon, but that everyone goes ‘hey! watermelon!’ when they smell it)?
    Trisha recently posted … Face of the Day- Back to the Beach

  7. Kelly says:

    I just got into hats a few years ago, but feel like I can’t wear them when my hair is short, lest I look like a teenage boy!
    Kelly recently posted … NP Set Holiday Smoke Signals Eye Palette

  8. JJ says:

    Wow, these look great on you! Ack, I might have to buy!

  9. gio says:

    Watermelon looks beautiful! And the scent sounds wonderful too! πŸ™‚
    gio recently posted … Beauty History- Beauty Tips from Lola Montez

  10. Debbie says:

    This may be a silly question but can you use tints with powder foundation or only liquids?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Debbie,

      I tried them on top of bare skin, liquid foundation and liquid foundation/powder. It looks best on top of bare skin and liquid foundation, and pretty good on top of a liquid foundation/powder combo if I’m careful with application. I’m betting you could probably wear it on top of powder foundation as well, but you might want to layer it beneath it rather than on top for the most natural look.

  11. Amber says:

    Those are pretty, but that price!!

    I would love to be a hat person, but I think they usually look silly with super-curly hair.
    Amber recently posted … Something old- something new

  12. Tracy says:

    I’m a HUGE Becca fan-but it’s so hard to find in Canada. I really want to try one of these beach tints.
    You look great in hats!

    • Karen says:

      Sephora used to carry the line here in the US but that’s no longer the case. πŸ™ Have you checked their store locator? Maybe there’s a place near you that has a few pieces!

  13. Shannon says:

    I love hats, but I wear them pretty seldomly. I’m maybe a little over-sensitive about hat hair πŸ˜›

  14. knownever says:

    Oh I love how these are matte so they can be much more versatile. Also, charging so much, it’s nice that they didn’t skimp on the luxury touches like a different smell for every color! We’re all too smart to think these higher price tags really just mean better ingredients and results, it’s all about that bit of luxury too.
    knownever recently posted … Militainment! Space Marines!

  15. steph b says:

    I have a bright yellow sou’wester (think the Gorton’s fisherman) that I love to wear in the rain. Totally brightens my mood on dreary days.

  16. Hat person here,I cant apply liquid or cream blush πŸ™
    House of Accessories recently posted … Flirty Fringe Scarf in Shades of Purple with Black throughout

  17. Kate & Zena says:

    I am NOT a hat–or a headband–person. I don’t like anything that constricts my head or neck is the best way I can put it. I only wear a hat in winter. People say I look cute in them, but I can’t stand the feeling! I just end up taking it off just like Zena does (i.e. swiping it off with my hand)! It’s so hard to explain how it feels from my perspective!

    I am getting into the whole scarf thing though. Maybe not around my neck so much, but I do like putting scarves on my purse. It’s fun!

  18. oooh love how Grapefruit looks on you!! I am a no-hat person. I used to have to wear them a lot when I was a kid, and they were always such un-cute hats. kinda ruined that experience for me lol
    makeup morsels recently posted … Hard Candy- Rebirth!

  19. Lowelli says:

    Love this post! I just watched a youtube video on how to apply this and wanted it! Soooo beautiful..and it doesn’t hurt that I’m addicted to grapefruit scented ANYTHING. Bascially, I will be treating myself this season!

    On the subject of hats, I always want to wear them but I never find it logical unless I’m outside in the summer. I can pull off a Jason Mraz every once in a while with a straw hat but in the fall and winter, I’m clueless. Love your hat though!

  20. Lowelli says:

    OH! What nail polish are you wearing???

  21. Kim says:

    These look great on your cheeks! I’m worried that they’d be a little drying on the lips, though.

    I’m a non-hat person, but only because I have a tiny head and they don’t look good on me. I will sport a ball cap occasionally to hide my hair (or keep it out of my face while golfing, etc) and will definitely wear a winter hat in the winter. I wouldn’t wear hats to enhance my look, though. Because they don’t! And they make my head feel matted and itchy. πŸ™‚

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