Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi-Gift Set: A Royal Bargain!

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Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set

Oh, destiny, art thou doomed to repeat thy makeup mistakes?


Every year I stock up on makeup sets under false pretenses, intending to give them away as gifts, but year after year I end up keeping one (or two or three!) for myself.

Never again… Yes, I’ve found a cure!

Tarte’s Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi-Gift Set ($40) lets me gift unto others while indulging upon myself. πŸ™‚

With 15 glosses spread out among three different sub-sets, there’s more than enough makeup here to satisfy my inner makeup monster (if only for a moment).

Each of the three sub-sets is based on a different color theme (nude, bold and glitter) and comes with five tubes of gloss, with the idea being to keep one set for yourself (hey, I can do that!) and give the other two away.


Glittering Green Goddesses: Wearable nudes

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Glittering Green Goddesses closeup

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Glittering Green Goddesses swatches
Swatches from left to right: creamy beige, creamy peach, creamy rosy pink, creamy blueish pink and shimmery peachy brown

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Glittering Green Goddesses box

Dazzling Divas: Glittery bling

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Dazzling Divas closeup

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Dazzling Divas Swatches
Swatches from left to right: shimmery bronze, shimmery gold, shimmery light pink, shimmery violet and shimmery fuchsia

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Dazzling Divas box

Twinkling Trendsetters: Bolds and brights

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Twinkling Trendsetters closeup

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Twinkling Trendsetters Swatches
Shimmery golden coral, shimmery warm golden pink, shimmery fuchsia, creamy raspberry and shimmery tomato red

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Twinkling Trendsetters box

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set boxes-side

I like the breakdown of products in the sub-sets, but couldn’t they also be broken up to mix/match? What about mixing to make new sets to flatter the intended recipient’s skin tone? Hmm…

As for their quality, Tarte makes some of the best in the beauty biz — comparable to my MAC and Chanel faves, even.

Why Tarte Crown Jewels?

  • Long-wearing (about four hours)
  • Non-sticky
  • Wide range of pigments (from super sheer nudes to full-coverage)
  • Medium-to-high shine
  • Highly moisturizing
  • Fine glitter particles, non-gritty
  • Free of parabens, phtalates and preservatives
  • Light brown sugar scent and taste

Talk about really maximizing those beauty bucks! It’s $40, which breaks down to about $13 per set, or $2.67 per individual gloss. While they’re not full-sized glosses, the tubes are still pretty big for minis.

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set Twinkling Trendsetters in-hand

Tarte Crown Jewels Lipgloss Multi Gift Set all


And why stop with holiday gifting, right? What about Crown Jewels in party favors? If you’re throwing a baby shower or bachelorette party, I bet a few of these would go great in the gift bags. Getting married this year? What about bridesmaids gifts, too?

I think the beauty brains at Tarte have a hit on their hands with Crown Jewels. Sometimes, it’s nice to both give AND receive. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+

Let me know if you’d like to see some swatches.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiffany says:

    I like your idea of mixing them up, because it seems like, especially in the first 2 sets, a lot of the colors within the set are similar!

    • Karen says:

      Yeah! You can keep the ones you want for yourself, heh heh heh!

      • Steph B says:

        That was my first thought too. No one wants two nearly identical glosses so you are really doing them a favor! :). And the colors are gorgeous enough that your giftee would never know you kept the best for yourself!

        I do a lot of baking for the holidays so I’ll put together a bag of cookies wrapped with a nice ribbon and tuck something like one of these mini-glosses into the ribbon.

  2. Molly says:

    Oh so delicious. I want to try that lovely pink with gold sparkles in the second set… and the red one in the last… and, well, all of them πŸ˜‰

  3. Marisol says:

    Those look great and it would be a great gift to distribute among my tweenage nieces who by the way think it’s hilarious that their 30 year old aunt loves Twilight.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… This is what a make-up no buy looks like =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Marisol,

      I bet you’re the “cool” auntie (there’s always one). How old are your nieces? Is it weird to bond over R. Patz with them?

      • Marisol says:

        My nieces are 10, 12, 13 & 19. They are all more into Jacob which is great for me. I tell them that they are less competition for me… LOL

        One of my other nieces who is 15 yrs old, loves Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass. I think Chuck is pretty damn hot so I tease her all the time about it too. By liking some of the things they do, it keeps the lines of communication open. The 19 yr old talks to me more than she does her parents cause she thinks that they don’t understand.

        FYI – in Mexico, a niece or nephew is either 1) an offspring of a brother or sister and 2) the offspring of a cousin. Some people tell me that those who I call my nieces and nephews are really my second cousins but I have always called them my nieces and nephews and I am their Aunt to them.
        .-= Marisol’s last blog post… Channeling my inner 15 year old =-.

        • Karen says:

          That’s how it is in the Phil. You don’t even have to directly be related to somebody, either, LOL! It can be a cousin’s cousin twice removed — as long as you’re older by at least 10 years you can qualify for Auntie status.

  4. GIMME GIMME GIMME *makes grabbing motions*

    why do you do this to me, karen? i didn’t feel the need to buy any more lippies (i bought a tube of guerlain kisskiss extreme in rouge infini the other day) but now i do… sucks for my bank account since i’m already owing close to 1500 big ones for my costume maker πŸ™

    i would keep all of these for myself…
    .-= ines + cha cha’s last blog post… 10 Minute Meal – Artichoke & Palm Heart Salad =-.

  5. Paris B says:

    Thanks for the swatches! I got these from the Sephora F&F sale mainly for gifting as we don’t get the brand here but I was so curious about how the colours looked (just in case I “needed” a color or two) teehee…
    .-= Paris B’s last blog post… DIY Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub : Beauty in your kitchen! =-.

  6. Glosslizard says:

    Oooooh, I like the Trendsetters bold colors! Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of makeup-lovin’ friends (outside of the blogosphere), so I just have to stick to buying makeup for me! C’est la vie! πŸ˜‰

  7. inday says:

    oooo, lip gloss (googly eyes) i have a drawer full of sheer shiny lovelies, but there’s certainly room for a few of these babies in there!! but my favorite part of any of your posts is the pictures of them on you karen! perhaps if you have some time tonight between numbers on the “dwts” finale, hahaha?? thank you muchas!

  8. amy says:

    I am so tempted to get this set and my favourite is the bold and brights set. I would be tempted to keep all of it for myself because i need more “variety” in my colleciton. This set is too cute.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… Tarte Treasure Chest Tier 3: Lipglosses, Review and Swatches Part A =-.

  9. These are really pretty to look at but I would prefer the color to be more pigmented. Personal preference!
    .-= Blovet Beauty’s last blog post… MUFE & Random Makeup =-.

  10. shely lee says:

    Oh wow they’re so cute! I like the set twinkling trendsetters the most out of the three. If only we have it here…….
    .-= shely lee’s last blog post… Essence of beauty brushes =-.

  11. Marce says:

    Now I want to kill myself…well, not really kill myself. But last year for the same price you could get 10? minis in a clutch…but the minis were like, really mini, LOL But I totally prefer these. Just for that awesome coral, hell yeah! Great swatches, Karen, thanks for sharing =)
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… MAC Haul – Look – Contests =-.

  12. kat says:

    tarte cosmetics are on sale in gilt.com. The prices are unbelievable! i want them all!

  13. Mariah says:

    Oh dear sweet Lord!!! These look delicious! I got their big gloss kit last year (the one with the cute clutch?) and fell in love with Tarte glosses! These look fab! And SO MANY!!! O.O

  14. kat says:

    OH ! and urban decay is on sale on hautelook! get baked palette is 14 buckaroos!

  15. Rae says:

    Those are so cute!! Perhaps if they end up on a sale site post-holidays, I’ll have to cave and pick up the set πŸ˜›
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… D&G L’Imperatrice =-.

  16. Tavia says:

    These all look gorgeous Karen. My favorites seems to be creamy rosy pink, creamy blueish pink from the Glittering Green Goddesses. I love those nudes and even their size cause I tend to wear small purses lately. πŸ™‚
    .-= Tavia’s last blog post… Updated: MAC Cosmetics Warm & Cozy Γ’β‚¬β€œ Winter 2009 Collection + NEW PHOTOS =-.

  17. Kristen says:

    I am so in love with this set! I can’t wait to gift it for the holidays.
    .-= Kristen’s last blog post… Pop Beauty Evokes Pin-Ups and Caberet Dancers for the Holidays =-.

  18. Anh says:

    Ooh, these look pretty pigmented. I’m going to look into this next time I’m in Sephora.
    .-= Anh’s last blog post… 11.19.04 =-.

  19. Christy says:

    I almost got this, but I need to use up some of my stash.
    .-= Christy’s last blog post… Volturi Twilight Cosmetics Labyrinth Loose Eye Shadow & Enrapture Lip Gloss Review & Swatches =-.

  20. Shiny says:

    Wow, want! I really like the bold set… the rest I could part with. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for this.

  21. Karen B says:

    I love these! Especially the fashionista and green goddess sets. If only I could get my hands on these… I’m leaning more towards gloss these days, but I will not forget my love of lipstick πŸ™‚

  22. Haha I have the same problem about hoarding makeup that are supposed to be gifts. From this set, I can imagine keeping around half. πŸ˜€

    .-= All Women Stalker’s last blog post… 8 Cute (and HOT) Photos of Taylor Lautner from Rolling Stone =-.

  23. Erica says:

    I just bought this & after reading your review, am even more excited to try some of the colors! I’m gonna mix & match my gift sets like you suggested. Thanks for the swatches & thorough review!!!

  24. Jocelynn says:

    I dont know if anyone posted this yet but on tarte.com they are having a 40% off everything I was able to get the glosses 40% off with the code CYBERMON9 and if u spend more than $25 u get free shipping. I was able to use the code last night !!

  25. Meri says:

    It’s a good steal, however I’m afraid it’s too small..It’s only 0.08 oz right ?
    .-= Meri’s last blog post… Smashbox n UD haul =-.

  26. First of all. . .THANK YOU for the picks in your hand! I am trying to get an idea of sizing because I am divvying up similar Tarte glosses for a gift (the Love of Lipgloss set at ULTA). They look around 3″ long or so . . . is that about right? I’d LOVE the help. So glad I found your review!!!

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