So Sweet, You’ll Want to Keep These Treats for Yourself: The Fresh Sugar Holiday Sets

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Fresh Holiday 2014

Fresh holiday 2014

“Sugar, above all else!”

If I were to leave my mark and carve my mantra above a doorway with a blunt object and my bare hands, that would be it, because as far as I’m concerned, sugar dominates — sugar kills it, bro! — over the salty, the sour and everything else.


Since I’m a girl who can devour a pecan pie all by herself in less that 48 hours (hey, at least when I ate those two slices for breakfast, I had the “restraint” to skip the whipped cream), I’m all about the sweet stuff, and that includes these sugar-themed holiday sets by Fresh, a brand I’ve been kind of obsessed with lately (I totally blame it all on their Black Tea Toner and Fresh Life fragrance, which will forever be my Fresh gateway items).

This year the brand has several sugar-themed holiday sets for the pecan pie-eating, doughnut-print-loving sweet tooth in yo’ life.

Fresh Sugar Legends set ($55, a $79 value)

Fresh Sugar Legends

The Fresh Sugar Legends set

The tints in this seven-piece set are sheer enough to quality as “easy to wear” but colorful enough to stand on their own, which should make them a good gift option for just about anyone with a pronounced sweet tooth…because they’re also sugary scented and flavored. One taste and you’ll be smackin’ your lips for more…MORE!

Fresh Sugar Legends Set

One for every day of the week

Perfect for gift-giving, or for keeping for yourself.

I’m just sayin’… 🙂

You could stash the travel-size 0.07-oz. tubes of Tinted Sugar Lip Treatment in a bowl by the door, and then grab a different color each day of the week on your way out (you won’t even need a mirror to put them on).

Marvel as the wind whips your hair, and yet none of the strands get stuck to your lips.


Fresh Sugar Legends Set

Lips like sugar…

The set includes sheer rouge Sugar Passion, sheer sunny red Sugar Cherry, warm nude Sugar Honey, sheer rose Sugar Rosé, sheer hot pink Sugar Tulip, pink blossom Sugar Petal and flirty berry Sugar Berry.

Fresh Sugar Dream set ($52, a $74 value)

Fresh Sugar Dream

The Fresh Sugar Dream set

Like a spa in yo’ bathroom, yo!

The brown sugar Face Polish and Sugar Lip Treatment in the Fresh Sugar Dream set perfectly pampers faces and lips, but the Brown Sugar Body Polish is what really makes this set. Brace yourself for a body so clean and smooth that you’ll swear someone else actually did the scrubbing work.

Fresh Sugar Dream set

I was so excited about this set that I opened it before taking pics!

When I took this jar of exfoliating Brown Sugar Body Polish (which smells like mouthwatering sugar cookies) and a washcloth into my shower, the amount of dirt that sloughed off my body would’ve made Pigpen say “Dayum!”

Holy crap! Must be due to the large size of the sugar granules. Those things do not mess around.

Incidentally, since this polish is oil-based, watch your step, ’cause it can leave the bottom of the bathtub or shower slippery.

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish

For serious, real-deal exfoliation that will leave you smelling like a bakery

Like the Sugar Legends set, this would be a great fit for just about anyone. It might be extra thoughtful, though, for the friend in your life who’s been overwhelmed and needs a break. You could even include a nice candle and a note, perhaps offering to babysit (or cat sit) for them.

Fresh Dare to Bare Sugar Lip Ritual set ($45, a $59 value)

Fresh Dare to Bare Sugar Lip Ritual

The Fresh Dare to Bare Sugar Lip Ritual set

Sooth and smooth your pretty pout with this lovely five-piece set. Start by gently shooing flakes away with the Sugar Lip Polish, then moisture with the Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy, and smooth your lip lines into the background a bit with the Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy Lip Treatment.

Fresh Dare to Bare Sugar Lip Ritual Set

Hey, sugar lips

Lastly, add some color and/or shine with either the glossy Sugar Shine Lip Treatment or rosy tinted Sugar Rose Titned Lip Treatment SPF.

Recommended for the girl (or guy) about town, since the pieces are travel-sized and easily totable.

Look for all three sets, along with the rest of the Fresh holiday 2014 collection, at Fresh boutiques, Sephora and online.


The Walking Dead mid-season finale!?

Ugh, I need to talk about what went down last night!

No spoilers here, but watch out for the comments if you haven’t seen the episode yet. Needless to say…my heart felt a little heavy this morning.

Did you happen to watch The Talking Dead afterwards? I actually applied to be an audience member for last night’s episode and was put on the wait list, so I stuck close to home all weekend long hoping for a call, but it wasn’t meant to be… I was fully prepared to throw a few things into an overnight bag and book a last-minute flight down to SoCal.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Estefania says:

    Is it weird that as Christmas gets closer, I want to wrap presents for myself! As soon as I finish shopping for everyone, of course 😛
    That body polish looks awesome! Plus, I really like the idea of the balm bowl by the door. So chic.

    Ok. I need to know if I’m insane. If anyone watches The Walking Dead, did you feel like there was something between Beth and Daryl at ALL? I was so sure and now I’m just heartbroken.
    I thought for sure that place was going to go down. I’m surprised they resisted killing everyone in there. I think if Maggie and Glenn had been there, they might have…

    • Karen says:

      That Balm Bowl is so happening once I get a decent hallway table. I’ve been looking for one for ages that is long and skinny enough. I want one that 1) doesn’t jut out too far into the hallway and 2) is too tiny for Tabs to jump up on/

      Anywho, so I was getting a vibe between Beth and Daryl, and I could’ve seen it happening if they were given a few years in a place where it was safe enough to even consider something like romantic love. It totally bums me out that Beth went out like that… I wished she went peacefully, in a way that would’ve honored her kind spirit.

    • Karen says:

      Oh, and P.S. Can’t wait until you see The Talking Dead. Emily Kinney is a guest and the show gets very emotional!

      • Estefania says:

        Finally watched The Talking Dead 🙂 I thought it was so sweet that Emily Kinney is so attached to the show. I’m going to miss Beth so much! She was one of my favorites… I would’ve loved to see her and Daryl together, even if it was just as emotional support for each other. I think she helped him.

        The scenes with Daryl shooting Dawn out of grief and him carrying Beth out just broke my heart. 🙁

  2. Tulipthecat says:

    I saw those sets when I was at Sephora on Saturday in Emeryville. I was tempted to get the Legends set but I resisted. I ended up buying a lip scrub at Lush instead.

    I’m a season behind watching The Walking Dead. During the holiday break I’ll have to catch up.

    • Karen says:

      I’ve been to that Sephora before! It was super busy on a Saturday and kind of stressed me out, lol. Maybe I’m just used to the quiet one in Novato. How are you liking that Lush Lip Scrub? I’ve used it before and liked it.

      I hope that you, Tulip, Jazmine and your BF had fun on T-day! Did the kitties like their treats?

      • Tulipthecat says:

        Yeah the one in Emeryville gets super busy on Saturdays so I don’t really like going there. I usually go to the one in Burlingame or in Pleasanton. I do like the mint lip scrub. It’s so hard to find one with enough granules to actually scrub.

        We had a good T-day. Tulip likes Honeybake Ham and Jazmine likes deep fried turkey. Now they follow me around meowing. How was your’s, El Hub’s, and Tabs’? Did Tabs have enough gravy during T-day?

        • Karen says:

          I haven’t been to the Burlingame or the Pleasanton ones. My usual haunts are the Novato one (’cause it’s close) and the one in the Marina.

          Our T-day was great! The crab was a success. Tabs had a little and mostly just licked it and pushed it around his plate. He also had some gravy and a couple drops of butter (which he loved). 🙂

  3. _trina says:

    These are my staple! However, the small skinny ones broke off so easily since it’s a soft form. I tend to buy the full size more because of that… but would love to try them all!

  4. Gah. I am ALL OVER Fresh lip balms — ever since they were Sephora’s BI gift last year (two years ago??), I’ve pretty much had one in my handbag at all times. They’re just so pretty! And sugary! And lemony!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend, Karen! ♥
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Osmia Organics Milky Rose Soap review, photos + 15% off with free shipping!

  5. casey23 says:

    I do love your blog not because of all the detailed swatches and makeup goodies, but also for these non related, fan-girl(ish) series and movie comments 🙂 Loooved the last episode, but the problem is as soon as it is aired The Walking Dead FB page posted the spoiler!!!! I had to watch it later, so I already knew what was gonna happen but still couldn’t help the heartbreak (and may I say..some tears..)

    • Karen says:

      Hey Casey,

      OH NO! I can’t believe they did that. So not cool.

      I cried when I watched this episode too. Not as much as I did when Laurie gave birth though. During that episode I cried BUCKETS. But this made me super sad as well. I loved Beth’s light and loved that she was a survivor. I wish that she didn’t make the choice to do what she did.

  6. I skipped all the The Walking Dead talk because I was worried about spoilers… But that gift set looks really nice, love the contents!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Counting down to Christmas with the L’Occitane advent calendar

  7. The Spa set intrigues me, I heard great things about their lip treatment.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01 Always Red

  8. Kim says:

    I have the Sugar Lip Treatment and Rose (I think they were Sephora b’day gift items) and use both. The Rose is definitely sheer but not when a young boy uses it all around his chapped lip area until he looks like the Joker. It definitely shows up well on light skin. HAHA!

    Poor Beth – I had a bad feeling it would be her because everyone was so “we’re rescuing Beth! Maggie, she’s alive!”. Plus, she’s been the moral compass and we all know what happens to those characters. I’m crossing my fingers that Tyrese or Gabriel are next on the list. The kinder/gentler approach doesn’t seem to be working. Rick’s One Strike policy is much more suited to dealing with the people they’ve been running into. 🙁

    • Karen says:

      LOL, I can see one of the twins doing that and you guys totally cracking up, haha!

      So, I’m super bummed about Beth. So bummed that the only way to comfort myself is with cheese. Emotional cheese eating. It is a real thing!

      Um, were you kind of disturbed by Rick in the opening scene? It made me sad when he shot the officer and said, “Shut up.”

      • Erin says:

        I felt Rick’s actions were more in line with wanting Beth and Carol back so bad, he wasn’t going to let this a$$hole who sabotaged them c*ck it up. It was harsh to be sure. I was almost afraid he was going to leave him to be eaten on purpose. My husband said “waste of a bullet” and he just would have hit him again with the car. I guess at this point cars are more important than bullets when you get a nice one! Especially with a PA system and flashy lights!
        Erin recently posted … Review: English Laundry Fragrances

      • Kim says:

        Definitely – those two are endless entertainment! 🙂

        I’m so torn because I was frustrated with Farmer Rick but I also don’t want to see him lose his humanity. I know the old Rick would never have suggested a plan that involved stealthy throat-slitting over some kind of dialogue (or run someone down, shot them and said “shut up”). I’m trying to believe that after all the times they’ve tried to be fair and trusting – and they’ve lost people they love for it – that he’s just had enough. BUT that he’s still willing to give new people ONE chance. He tried to make that officer comfortable and gave him water, etc. He even gave him a chance to stop (despite the fact that he attacked Sasha). I guess at one point, if you want to survive and protect your loved ones, you need to say “I’m eliminating this threat”. The tipping point seemed to be when he listened to the group and didn’t go back to kill Gareth and Co., and then they came back and threatened his group again. It could have been Carl or Judith that they took and feasted on. If Rick becomes someone who just kills without cause, I’d be really upset. But, for now, he seems to be willing to give people a chance. Even after Beth, he could have gone wild and probably wiped the hospital group out but he didn’t. And I hope he doesn’t go back. PS Totally hear you on the emotional cheese eating. I do it all the time. And I have a WIDE range of emotions. HAHA!

        • Karen says:

          I hope that Rick doesn’t get to that point. I don’t think he will, as long as he has moral compasses around him. When the moral compasses of the show get written off (it’s bound to happen eventually… SAD FACE!!!) I think that Rick has the potential to go there. You know what makes the show so great yet so stressful? The fact that you really never know who’s going to get picked off next. All I have to say is I hope that Judith makes it. She’s like a shining, hopeful light (much like Beth). If she becomes zombie food I will probably be done with the show for a while.

  9. Erin says:

    I love the Fresh balm in Berry. I’ve sampled Tulip and didn’t like it as much as the coverage seemed patchy on me. Finances considering, I’d like to get them all. I think my next full size will either be Cherry or Petal.

    As for the Walking Dead, I was fully aware that either Beth or Carol would not be making it out alive. As for potential relationships, I think with Beth and Daryl it was more a mutual respect and deep friendship. They both helped each other grow significantly as people in a short amount of time which is always incredibly bonding. In Carol’s absence, if enough time had passed, I do think that it may have gone the romantic way. I feel bad for Maggie as she’d partly already grieved for Beth in a slow and quiet way, never knowing if they would find her. Her hope was restored after the DC fake out by knowing her sis was alive. I’m interested to see how she will recover. I will miss Beth all in all, as she added an interesting dynamic to the show.
    Erin recently posted … Review: English Laundry Fragrances

  10. Johnna Quick Owens says:

    The Sephora Birthday gift set a couple of years ago started my addiction to the Sugar products, I just couldn’t believe how wonderful they were! I have the very last of one sitting on my desk now, I hate to say it but I am down to digging the last little remnants out of the bottom of the tube. I guess that means that I need one of these sets! I wish they were a little more budget friendly, but I know that the products are worth every penny. Maybe I can put one in my stocking…

  11. I recently tried out my first Sugar Lip Treatment (in Berry) and I absolutely LOVE it! I have the lip treatment set on my wishlist
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … VIDEO : Everyday Winter Makeup Tutorial

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